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    hi all i thought this from the first time i used it.its to ify,i thought that this new 2.20 would have fixed it
  2. hi i cant find out how to clear delete patches in my setlist.anybody help?
  3. mapletop


    how do you delete or clear patches from setlist
  4. i just got these patches,they are really good .thumbs up
  5. mapletop

    output signal

    hi,wondering if the sound man says my signal is to hot for the mixing board how do i turn down the trim?
  6. mapletop


    thanks for all the help
  7. mapletop


    hi does anyone know if or how you can make the helix sound like b3 organ and use the pedal as a controller to make it work to make the leslie go fast and slow useing the pedal?
  8. mapletop

    down load folder

    is there a way to make downloads say of custom tone to go into a folder on my desk top.instead of the down load folder?
  9. well i read lot pp say it had enuff bass and i liked the weight of it
  10. i got a alto 210.man its got power and bass
  11. mapletop

    play back music

    thanks for all the help.
  12. mapletop

    play back music

    how do you guys patch in playback music?i have the helix and a alto 210.should i hook the ipod up to the 2nd jack of the alto it has a volume,or patch it in the helix?do you guys use anythng else like drum buddy or the digitech trio plus?looking for difff setups and ideas.thanks Have one to sell? Sell now Digitech Trio + Plus
  13. thanks so much that worked .havent hooked up the helix yet but ,its more then i had
  14. im new to the helix and lost.loli just got my helix new its got the 2.12installed but im trying to get the editor on my laptop and i cant seem to understand how to.sorry i know most know it inside and out.then i want to down load patches off the tone chart,any help thanks
  15. hi im new here also.got a spider jam off ebay dont know how od it is.firmwear says 1.04.dont know if i should update after reading all the problems ppl are having afterth ey do.i dont loaded a lot of patches off custom tones on a 8 gb sd card.so after reading ppl are saying in need a 1 or 2 gb card?how after i put tones on that card do i go about loading them in the amp?and if i do update firmwear how do i do that ?ty mapletop@h.t.mail.com
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