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  1. hi used this mixer for the 2nd time at gig.ive watched the videos on youtube.at the begining we had the mains.during the night the mains werent working.we had to turn the monitors around to the crowd to have sound going out.im sure its something i must have done turned the mains off some how.anybody have any ideas?

  2. hi.i just got a Gator G-Tour Pedalboard LWG.ive read where you dont have to take the foam out of the top,then i read you have to cut it.what have you guys done to make it fit

  3. i was having trouble keeping my break music on a usb .i wanted them to play in my order i numbered them looked good on the pc the stick,but as soon as i would put it in the m20d they went random.so i figured it out i tired a new usb stick sandisk.it kept all the songs in order .i hope this helps anybody that is having the same problems as i was.

  4. On 2/28/2016 at 6:20 PM, Greggerboy said:




    I second this comment. Everything in the bottom can stay intact. Just pull top foam out and trim a few pieces with scissors for extra cushion. Pic below of mine.


    man all your pics cant load.i really wanted to see your case


  5. On 12/31/2015 at 7:05 PM, Greggerboy said:

    Gator G-Tour Pedalboard LGW is dead on. Solid build with wheels and removable pedal riser. Can't imagine much better.

    Cut the supplied foam with scissors and added some velcro for good measure, 5 min setup.

    Room for cables underneath.

    I'm 5'7" with t-rex arms, and it rolls great upright for me.


    so this case works out for you ?was there any problem with the heighthelix to the top of case looks like close measurement

  6.  for out side playing i saw  that ceba makes sun shield was wondering if anyone here uses them and if so what do they think of them?i have some gigs coming up that are out side if anyone has idea's to shade the helix.let me know thanks again

  7. ive heard this but where  or how do you make a octave pedal?so i can assign it to a button.thanks looking for the leslie west thing

  8. thanks.my ipad has internet.but when i put the linksys cisco ae1000 in and tap the m20d it says unsecured network and it will say its connected but then it will dis connect?and what i was saying before.if i get this thing to work all i need is the ae1000 and it will connect.without and wifi from the bar?i did notice that when i plugged the ae1000 in my laptop the light woud light up on the 1000 but when i put it in the m20d it doesnt light

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