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  1. That's a bummer... I've had mine for 9 days now and I've done a bunch of edits, was able to save my presets (on a Mac Book Pro), updated the firmware twice and knock on wood, I haven't had any trouble at all.  I thought I had an issue, where I was editing one effect and all of the sudden another effect would open up and I was changing a parameter on that effect instead of the original one I had opened.  It turns out I was touching one of the footswitches on the bottom row with my arm while I was reaching up to the knobs.  Those switches are super sensitive...


    Hope you get it sorted out... I'd be pretty frustrated too

  2. Did you get your Mono yet? How did it compare to the Gator. What strikes me with the mono is the quality and strength. Heavy rivets, extra stitching, added padding etc. The handle is a beast and needs to be. The Helix got pretty heavy carrying it around Sunday.

    Yes, I have both the Gator and the Mono cases right now. The Gator is a nice case and for those who don't want to spend the extra money it's definitely a good solution.....but I much prefer the Mono. It's a better built case, much stronger, better handle and better shoulder strap. I am using the Helix (and case) at least twice a week, sometimes 3 times a week. I'm not sure the Gator would hold up to that much use...but it might.

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  3. Guys. Call Andy at Sweetwater and get one of these

    He recommended it to me and it is awesome. I got the last one but they are getting more. Super quality and near perfect for the device. It has abs in the sides, back, etc in addition to the padding. It is not super cheap but is very protective and easy to carry. I have had numerous Rondo cases. No issue with them, but I prefer this for ease of carrying. If I had gotten from Rondo I would spend the extra $40 and get the heavy duty 1000 model.

    I believe in Mono cases enough that even before I received the Gator GClub 25 Control case (which is $70.00 cheaper) that I ordered last soon as I found the Mono M80 Pedal Tour case, I ordered one. I received the Gator case today and the Helix fits great, but I guarantee the Mono case is worth the extra money.

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  4. Everybody keeps trying to compare the Helix and the AxeFx. The AxeFx is still twice as expensive as the Helix. The AxeFx and foot controller cost $3000.00, the Helix is $1500.00. Even without the foot controller the Axe Fx is still 50% higher than the Helix. If line6 charges for new amp models, I'd be willing to bet that it's going to cost a lot less than $750.00, keeping it well below the price of the AxeFx.

  5. From D.I.




    WhoWatt 100

    Soup Pro

    Stone Age 185

    Tweed Blues Nrm

    Tweed Blues Brt

    US Small Tweed

    US Deluxe Nrm

    US Deluxe Vib

    US Double Nrm

    US Double Vib

    Mail Order Twin

    Divided Duo

    Interstate Zed

    Jazz Rivet 120

    Essex A-15

    Essex A-30

    A-30 Fawn Nrm

    A-30 Fawn Brt

    Mandarin 80

    Brit J-45 Nrm

    Brit J-45 Brt

    Brit Plexi Nrm

    Brit Plexi Brt

    Brit Plexi Jump

    Brit P-75 Nrm

    Brit P-75 Brt

    Brit J-800

    German Mahadeva

    German Ubersonic

    Cali Rectifire

    ANGL Meteor

    Solo Lead Clean

    Solo Lead Crunch

    Solo Lead OD

    PV Panama

    Line 6 Elektrik

    Line 6 Doom

    Line 6 Epic

    Tuck n' Go

    SV Beast Nrm

    SV Beast Brt

    Cali Bass

    Cali 400 Ch1

    Cali 400 Ch2

    G Cougar 800




    Was glad to see that it already had the bass amps that were in the HD Bass Amp Pack. The G Cougar 800 sounds really good!

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