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  1. It’s due to the ribbon connection that connects these buttons to the PCB inside coming loose. Happened to mine and It must happen sufficiently often because the Line 6 repair centre knew immediately what the problem was without looking. If your guarantee is still valid then send it in for repair.  If it’s out of warranty and you’re  brave enough it’s got to be a very easy fix by simply opening it up and pushing the connector together.

  2. On 9/28/2018 at 12:58 PM, mbrooks0711 said:


    It's upon bootup, but it has happened both right after a specific patch and after 1-8 days of working fine. Editing everything/anything I want on the unit doesn't affect the real time operation. It's just once I save, play it for a while, then come back the next day, the switches stop responding. At first I thought it had something to do with HX Edit, so I created my preset manually this time off of a fresh factory reset. It worked fine for 8 days and now it's back to doing the exact same thing. I am using more features than I ever have before in the signal chain (an expression controller, moving parameters with snapshots, renaming snapshots, changing color rings, etc.) but thats because I'm trying to trust the HX effects to be my only effects solution. Those features are EXACTLY what makes me want to use it, but if it really can't handle everything the feature sheet says it can, I'll have to find some other product(s) that will. I freaking love this effect, but the idea of showing up to a gig and having to rebuild everything I've worked on is terrifying. 


    I’ve had exactly the same problem. It started a few weeks ago and I found a number of similar reports online when I was trying to find out what was happening. I contacted Line 6 at the time and opened a ticket but because it was an intermittent problem that went away after a factory reset I left it at the time thinking it was now ok. The problem is now back and this time it’s much more frequent.  I can go a week without any difficulty but without any reason and usually on startup it will freeze and none of the switches will work. If I reboot while holding footswitches 4 and 5 it resets the globals only and this usually fixes it but not always and that’s the main problem because the only fix at that point is a a full factory reset and that wipes out all my presets. I have my presets saved and can reload them but I need my PC with HX Edit to do that and that option is not available to me when I’m gigging. Since this recent change in behaviour my last few gigs have been a challenge because I just don’t know if it’s going to freeze on me during the gig. I’ve stripped my presets down to only the ones I use on a gig and have completely rewritten them from scratch in case one of the files was corrupted. I don’t add or edit anything on a gig day just in case. I’m now having to carry my old Boss MS 3 as a backup.  Basically this is just not sustainable. The HX is a brilliant wee unit - it does everything I need in such a clever way and sounds terrific but if I can’t rely on it I think I’m going to have to reluctantly give it up until Line 6 manage to debug what is still clearly very buggy software. I will open another ticket and report back. 

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  3. My amp doesn't have a switchable FX loop. I dont mind using the FX in front of the amp In fact that's what I want to do for these particular patches If I put the send/return block at the end of the chain I assume that routes everything through the amp's FX loop and therefore it's bypassing the amp's preamp section. Is that right or have I got this wrong?

  4. This may seem a bit crazy but I sometimes prefer to be in a straight into the front of the amp set up and I'd like to be able to switch to this during a gig while mainly playing patches in a 4 cable method configuration. There is obviously no time to switch my cables around during a gig. Is there a way of doing this? I assume I can probably get close to this by varying the position of the FX block and if so where should I put the FX block in a patch chain to best achieve this?

  5. Joe - it's wonderful to know that there are people out there who know how stuff works. Makes us all feel like no matter what happens some one can sort it out - looks like you're that guy! I'm going to stick with my cobbled together solution of a small rubber grommet on the jack to keep the jack in position half in half out. It's very stable and has worked well on a couple of gigs so far. Not an elegant solution but it works. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question so well.

  6. Couldnt get my Transatlantic TA15 to change channels until I pulled the jack at the helix end out about halfway and then it works fine. It's a pretty stable connection so I just use it that way and it's not really a problem but I'd like to have it working with the jack fully in if possible. Any suggestions?

  7. You're going to have to bear with me here as I haven't got my head round how to set trim manually despite all the good advice here. The following is what happens when I put a guitar with a signal from an amp head through a load box line out directly into a line input on the M20D.  If I set the red trim low and then go to the green level and set that reasonably high I get a distorted clipping sound.  If I set the red trim high - even full up - and go to the green level and set that anywhere from low to full on I get no distortion whatsoever.  So is the best way to do things manually to set the trim level as high as you can and do what my ears tell me or am I going about this the wrong way?

  8. Have just got a Stagesource L2T and am trying to explore using the 2 channels and the line input simultaneously to build up multiple layers from the JTV.  Am trying variax cable output > HD500 > Line 6 Link > line input side of L2T at same time as 1/4 inch jack output into channel 1 on the mixer panel on L2T.  Am putting a small amount of delay on the HD side to thicken out the sound. Anyone who has done this before got any tips towards getting the best sound and anyone used all 3 inputs at once for whatever reason??

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