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  1. Thanks!!! :)


    Now I'm embarassed... I don't have good access to the back of the device and I was so confident that all Return were the bottom row that didn't even reconsider the connection scheme, so I did all posibilities having in mind that top row was sends and bottom row was returns... now looking at it, it is is kind of a weird layout they did, anyway it works fine now....

  2. Hi,


    I'm doing some test with my newly aquired Helix and I cannot get Send 2 and 4 as well as Return 1 and 3 to work at all. So basically if I do a Mono setup with Send 1 and Return 2 it works, but not if I do the same thing with Send 1 and Return 1 and none of the FX Loop Mono block works.


    Is my Helix defective or am I missing something obvious here?





  3. Thanks, but that's real bummer I was building this setup exactly for this reason, so I could send the result of the variax input to the Kemper. Looks like I would have figure things out otherwise.

  4. Hi,


    I'm trying to set my Kemper, so I send the Send 1 as Instrument and received from the Kemper the SPDIF output. So the send part works, but I cannot figure out how to activate SPDIF as input of path 2. In Helix Edit the option is not showing up, any clues?



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