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  1. Trying to do my firmware update right now and it's failing - see the latest thread. I will try that when I'm done. Those lines were not in the book I got with my Firehawk. I just downloaded the newer pilot's manual and I see that's where those explanations are. You guys are awesome with the help here. I've read the forums and everyone wants everyone to succeed with this new gizmo. So cool...thanks.

  2. My update failed. Downloaded and installed updater. Downloaded update to my computer. Hooked up the power cable and USB to my Firehawk. Turned on the Firehawk and it showed up on the updater.  It gave a choice whether to use local file or update to latest 1.1. Also showed the factory firmware. Tried both ways, local and patch and both failed. Switched off Firehawk and held down A and C as the instructions said and powered back up. Firehawk LED says Updating....

    Tried both ways again and failed. Got a feeling this is not good.


    Error message said


    Updater software is not adding version parameters, so these instructions may not be complete. -please file a bug.


    How do I file a bug?



  3. I hear the music in the phones but no guitar. Shouldn't I hear both coming from the amp if the phones are not plugged in? I do have send and receive both showing in the settings. You have to tap advanced to show both. I played with the Master Vol(red and white modes), still no guitar in phones. The guitar is still only coming out of the amp. The music in the phones. There must be a setting I am missing.

  4. Just got mine last weekend. Finally had a chance to fiddle with it. Trying to play a song from the music library to jam along. From what I can tell when I put the phones on the music is there but not the guitar. Tried the large dial button in red mode and white mode. I have the back switch in amp position(depressed). I may just be doing something wrong. At first I thought the music would be coming out of my amp with the guitar mixed...adjusted by white mode on large dial. Somebody steer me right?

  5. I just unboxed my Firehawk Saturday and took care of the preliminaries. It hooked right up to my Android Dragon Touch M8. I have edited a few patches so I know it works. I haven't saved anything though. Will get more time to fiddle next week. Tried the tone finder and that worked too. No connection drops so far. The Dragon Touch is not on the list and still works.

  6. Good idea. Thanks. I just unboxed mine and took care of the preliminaries(bluetooth - Dragon Touch Android tablet works just fine, loaded driver on PC, etc.) on Saturday. Played around with the first two banks and liked most of the patches. Agree about the lag. We can always turn off effects to change tones instead of patches. Haven't fiddled too much. The parents are in town and my rig is in the living room. They're old, enough said. Thanks again for the list.

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