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  1. Is anyone else experiencing Cloud error after editing, saving or deleting tones from Firehawk Remote app?  There is a notice that says that the action will be completed when the network connection is restored. Then an unexpected error occurs. I definitely have network connectivity so I’m wondering if there is something up with the Line 6 cloud.

  2. I just had this problem and after reading a few blogs on it I attributed it to corrupt tones probably picked up from the cloud. The tone probably developed on equipment not compatible with Firehawk v1.20. My question is how do you "test" the tones for compatibility? And if you get the load error does that indicate a corrupt tone?

  3. I have the cabled power kit and I am suspect that it may have damaged my JTV69. I don't plan on using it anytime soon until I confirm. I have since bought the Firehawk FX and will use the VDI to power the Variax. My advice is to put the $100 toward something compatible like the Firehawk or HD500. It's not worth the risk. Or go with the ABY. I have a Morley as well and it works great. Anyone interested in a practically new cabled power kit...

  4. So Charlie - I started a thread a couple weeks ago regarding frying my JTV 69 twice to which you replied that I should use a VDI and not a TRS. This thread got me thinking. I am using the XPS-AB with a TRS cable. Do you think it would be safe to use the XPS-AB with a mono 1/4? And power the guitar using the battery? Powering the Variax through thr TRS is a bonus but I can live without it.

  5. I am using the Line6 Variax Cabled Power kit. It came with an XPS-AB, a PSU and a Planet Waves TRS cable. The Pilot's Handbook calls for the XPS-DI which was discontinued years ago. I discussed my set up with the Line 6 Technician the first time the electronics crapped out including the XPS-AB and he didn't identify it as a problem. Is the XPS-AB A problem or not?

  6. Has anyone had issues with their JTV69 frying boards? Twice now I've fried the main board. It's still under warrantee so it's getting fixed for free but I'm starting to question the reliability. I am using the ABS To power it up through the supplied1/4 cable. My technician insists there is nothing internal to the guitar that would cause this. The issue starts with what looks like an internal com issue where I can't access the guitar models or alt turnings until I play with the selector switch then they work as normal. Eventually I cannot turn off the guitar by pressing the model selector. To turn it off I unplug the cable. At that point it Will not turn back on. It's in the shop now so I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this. If there's a hardware fix I want to let him know. I have a feeling that I'll just keep blowing through boards.

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