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  1. On 12/16/2019 at 6:36 AM, tochiro said:

    I experienced a bug with my Helix at my latest gig Friday night - My foot switches are all in snapshot mode and when I changed from one preset to another the switches kept the snapshot names of the previous preset, although the name of the preset changed to the new one on the screen.


    10 hours ago, MatthewMcGhee said:


    Did you figure out any solution to this? I'm hoping mine doesn't do this during a gig. I've been experiencing the same thing. 


    Fwiw, I had a freakout issue with switches going a little haywire during last gig.  I have my Helix Floor setup to run in snapshot mode (8 buttons) and Bank up/down.  What I did was switch the global settings to up/down buttons = presets so I could just advance through my presets by song according to set list.  For whatever reason it was not advancing correctly so I switched back to bank up/down mode and every time I would tap on the bank switches it would go to the last bank no matter which bank I was currently on.  In addition to that, the mode button (#6, top row counting from left to right), was dead.  i.e., I could not toggle between stomp and snapshot mode.  Fortunately for me, the particular gig only required me to hit snapshots which I've programmed extensively.  The latter problem of the mode switch (#6) wasn't revealed until I fired the unit up at home to troubleshoot and try to get it configured correctly.


    Where I'm at now with this issue is I backed everything up and did a reset (the button 5 & 6 one) and that got all the switching back to normal and the mode button is working again.


    Next I went ahead and updated HX Edit and my Helix Floor from 2.81 to 2.82.


    I've got some Christmas gigs, BIG ones starting tomorrow and then a couple worship services on Christmas Eve so I'm spending some quality time running it through the paces to make sure it is working properly.  At last gig where the button chaos happened I'm just really glad I wasn't in a situation where I had to go to stomp mode.  Love this thing and when it's working right it is truly amazing but when stuff like this happens it can be a disaster.

  2. 2 hours ago, SaschaFranck said:


    I totally agree on all points and none of the patches I'm actually using has an Amp+Cab block in them.

    Yet, when quickly looking for sounds, that block is pretty handy as it provides a (more or less) matched cab instantly, whereas you'd need to look one up separately using just the amp block (you usually don't want to run a Marshall style amp through a Jazz Rivet cab, do you?). Which, btw, is also why it'd be cool if we could save the default settings ourselves (or even block presets in general, which would as well come in handy for other more complexed blocks such as the delays and reverbs).

    Fwiw, I have a "default settings" patch dedicated to my favorite effects settings.  The nice thing about the helix is that i can copy and paste a block from one patch to another with settings from the original block kept in tact.  But yes, being able to save user setting defaults would be nice.  Saving multiple user defaults would be even better.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Fugit said:

    perhaps doing the update, followed by a factory reset (fs 9+10, power up) and then restoring your back up will do the trick?

    I am able to do both copy and swap via capacitive touch with no issues on LT 2.81.

    That appears to have taken care of the problem but not at first.  After doing the reset, touch copy snapshot still didn't work.  Then I went ahead and loaded on my backup.  Still no-go.  Then I powered the unit off, waited a minute, and the powered it on again.  At this point Helix went through "rebuilding presets".  After that, the touch copy snapshot worked.


    Doesn't instill a lot of confidence when a user has to do a rain-dance get an update loaded and working properly.


    Sincere thanks again for your help.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Fugit said:

    perhaps doing the update, followed by a factory reset (fs 9+10, power up) and then restoring your back up will do the trick?

    I am able to do both copy and swap via capacitive touch with no issues on LT 2.81.

    Thanks for the suggestion I'll give it a try and report back.

  5. I had just rolled back to 2.71 a day or so ago and am going to try this latest update to see if I can actually gig with it.  Fingers crossed as I like a lot of the enhancements but the bugs have me concerned.  Losing the touch copy snapshot with 2.80 was a disappointing surprise.  I actually use that quite a bit after getting accustomed to using snapshots.  The main thing that drove me to update to 2.80 in the first place was several instances of alternate tunings on Variax randomly carrying over to other alt tuning presets.  Anyway, appreciate the fast turn on updates.

  6. On 7/23/2019 at 2:13 AM, jimmons2002 said:

    After updating from 2.71 to 2.8 I have noticed that I can no longer use the touch sensitive foot switches to copy a snapshot from one location to another.  (i.e. while touching foot switch #2 I could touch foot switch #5 and get prompted to copy snapshot 2 to 5).  The simultaneous touch still prompts me to swap snapshots.  Is there a setting I am missing?

    I 2nd this.

  7. On 8/1/2019 at 10:44 AM, misakul5 said:

    Bugs after udtate to 2.8 (Helix LT)

    soft touching button to copy snapshot doesn´t work at all. Only swap work. :( Without hx edit, you can´t copy snapshot!!

    Big troubles with EXP1/2 pedal snapshots doesn´t hold EXP(green or red) state which has been saved. So when I have volume on green and wah on red I can do volume swell on all four snapshots. But when I want to save for ex. to snapshot 4 solo with wah, the red state is still ON on all snapshots :(((( Unpossibe to use now...

    The non-working soft touching button to copy snapshot is same for my Helix Floor.  I ended up rolling back to 2.71.

  8. Not sure how old the OP is as the date stamp is without the year but I have had the same issue with my JT-69 and Helix Floor.  Never had a problem with my old HD500X.


    The latest episode was at a gig last night where I have a patch setup for acoustic intro and then an electric solo section which is switched via snapshots.  Have used it before successfully and also have had glitches with random tuning.  For some reason the acoustic snapshot at the intro of the song was de-tuned a whole step and then when I switched to mags for the electric solo it was of course in standard tuning.  The other band members didn't readily notice because there's no other instrumentation at the very beginning of the song.


    I've had this happen several times before where it seems as if the Helix or Variax is remembering commands from a prior patch from previous use and then when the unit is powered on again it's somehow misplaced or not reset.  What's weird is that I had at least 10 other patches and multiple snapshot changes prior to the event in question.


    I play in a Pink Floyd tribute band and these types of things are disastrous to our show.  Beyond cringe.  We were cruising along just fine until this happened and it really killed the momentum and energy pretty much the rest of the night.

  9. Just wanted to post a thank you to the OP.  I just acquired a Helix floor unit a few days ago and am in the process of rebuilding a lot of my patches form the HD500X that served me well for a long long time.  Also a big thank you to Line 6 for making available the Legacy models.  I was a bit disappointed at first that some of the versions on Helix were missing what I thought were improvements on the HD.  e.g., tone control on the Arbiter Fuzz, mid control on Tube Driver, etc.  Problem solved.  If I hadn't found this posting it likely would've been quite awhile before I knew of the legacy models if ever!


    This thing is deep!, but I'm already seeing where it will make my life easier with my live performance situation.

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