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  1. 1 hour ago, codamedia said:



    For example, you can set a single string on a Variax to change pitch with the push of a button, or assign it to a controller.

    YES this is the ONLY thing I care about. So the Firehawk can or CANNOT do this? 




    AT 15 MIN


    So can you or cant you do it with snapshots/foot controllers? ughhhhh. I dont see any snapshot ANYTHING in the app so I think the person who suggested this might be wrong 


  2. 5 minutes ago, Kilrahi said:


    Seriously? That's the ONLY use you can find for it?!


    Still, if that's it, there's sadly no Variax only device. Cheapest way is probably the Firehawk FX. On a deal you can grab for under $400. Still has effects though because that's its primary purpose.

    I used it for other things but im back to real amps and prefer other fx. Love the tuning stuff though. Different strokes brugh. That looks like a good option. Thanks! 



    EDIT: Just to be clear it will work the exact same way as the Helix for per string tuning etc? I wont lose any functionality that way?

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  3. I find I am really only using one feature of the Helix and that is using it with my Variax and having the ability to change tunings(or just the note of one string) on the fly with the footswitch. Question is this.... Is there any other way to do that without the Helix hardware? For such an expensive piece it dosnt seem worth it for me to keep it given what im using it for. 

  4. On 5/27/2018 at 10:27 PM, cruisinon2 said:


    You've just described every electronic device on earth that has ever died. Everything works fine until it doesn't. If I sneeze 4 times while loading the dishwasher, and then it craps the bed and floods my kitchen, it doesn't mean there's a correlation. That's "after this, therefore because of this" reasoning...if you threw the thing at the wall and then it stopped working, OK... but I fail to see how merely hanging it up could induce a malfunction.

    Thank you for that absolutely pointless dribble. I now feel enlightened to attack the day..... 

  5. 4 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:


    It's rather unlikely that any one maneuver pulled the connections loose... stuff like that tends to happen gradually, and could easily be the result of not having been seated properly in the first place.  Mine is almost 5 years old now, been to countless gigs with no similar issues. Sounds like you've solved it anyway. I wouldn't loose any sleep over it.

    Maybe? Maybe not..... It was working, I hung it up and it didnt anymore. The connections in general are not great. They all wiggle around. I would call that poor design.

  6. I took off the back plates and the connections were quite,... loose especially the high Estring. I just unplugged and replugged everything and its back to working. However, this thing is definitely not Road ready! This happened from simply hanging my guitar! Unless The connections are properly secured I think this is going to keep happening so I’m gonna figure out a way to do that. Not really what I expect from a guitar that cost me nearly $2000 Canadian. 

  7. On 5/16/2018 at 3:02 PM, phil_m said:

    Apart from putting both of the H9's in the same stereo loop, I don't think there's any other way to do it. If you do that, you could but each of the other pedals in their own mono loops and put them anywhere you want in the chain.


    How would I go about doing this? H9's have 2 ins and outs obviously but im lost beyond there lol 

  8. I currently have a couple of H9's hooked up to the FX loops in the Helix. I find when I'm switching snapshots using the FX sends I get an audible click. I dont notice it when using the built in FX. Is this normal? Can it be avoided somehow? 

  9. Would LOVE to have an editor on my IPAD pro. Love how easy it is to edit patches using my H9's. Leaning over is killing my back!



    Another cool option would to have a small hardware controller that you could plug in to the Helix allowing you to place it on a desk etc. Replicate just the buttons on the Helix. 

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  10. I updated the the latest firmware. Not sure what happened but it hasnt happened again. I will keep an eye on this thread. Thank you guys for the knowledge. People on this forum are cool as $hit 

  11. Hello All.


    I have a couple H9's hooked up via MIDI and they are routed properly. If I load a preset with the helix the H9's follow suit when programed in the command center.


    Problem I'm having is when I switch snapshots its changing the presets on my H9's! Totally random up and down. Driving me absolutely mental. What gives?  Am i doing something wrong? Is this a known bug? 

  12. Thx for the response! Guess thats the route ill go.


    Could I not put both LOFI pedals before of after each of the H9's? Signal is always passing through them... I just engage them when I want. 

  13. Hi all. 


    I have two H9's hooked up to my stereo FX loops. I want to add two more mono LOFI pedals(Zvex and Chase Bliss). What would be the best way to do this? I def want them to be left and right in the chain. 


    BTW. Lofi/tape warble is something L6 should implement for the Helix(please :))

  14. Assuming you are referring to a Variax AND referring to recording the dry guitar, you don't. You just need to make sure the Variax is the input. And remember, only USB outputs 7 & 8 send a dry signal so you have to make those your source in Reaper. You also need to set the source for USB 7 or 8 for your Reamp source in the Global settings. In the case I'm describing it would be the Variax. See page 54 in the (dare I say it) manual.

    Yes sir a variax. Huh.... tried that and it didn’t work. I will certainly try again. That’s how my routing is setup. Perhaps because I used the multi input?

  15. HI everyone. I understand how to re-amp using my helix and reaper as my software. I’m wondering if it’s possible to re-amp just using the VDI cable or do I also need to send a quarter inch cable into the guitar input on the helix as well. Cheers

  16. I have tried mine with two different OTG cables and neither worked reliably with the Editor.  I am surprised enough people have not tried connecting with tablets to compile a list of ones that work well with the Helix.

    Was going to be my next suggestion. Anyone have a Windows touch screen that is working properly?

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