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  1. Is there a Windows tablet that works perfectly with the editor? I much prefer to create patches with the editor but want a touch screen ala the H9 editor. Looking for something cheap as this would really be its only task but it has to work well. Thx


    Posting this in case it's helpful to anyone...took me most of the day to find a workaround 1f642.png:-)


    I was trying to figure out how to use MIDI CC from the Helix to control the Performance Switch in the Rotary Algo on my Eventide H9. I could set up a MIDI CC toggle switch and map it to the Performance Switch function, but when I do that - instead of mimicking the Performance Switch 100% (Fast/Slow; hold for Brake) it would only toggle between Fast and Break.


    BUT - if you assign an expression pedal as MIDI CC controller to the performance switch...it works. Toe down is brake and heel down toggles between Slow/Fast. You can use Min Value 0 and Max Value 127 for full range, but it seems to feel a little better to me if you set the closest possible max/min values for on/of (63 & 64).


    What David Lynch would call a "happy accident" because I kind of like working it with the expression pedal better than hitting a switch. A little more like a real Leslie.


    Now...you might ask, why not just assign max/min rotor speeds to the expression pedal and skip the performance switch function altogether? Because it doesn't ramp when you do that. I just glides in between fast and slow and in a rather un-Leslie-like way.


    This does indeed work. I would love to be able to just use the performance switch(properly) with a button on the H9. Guess nobody has figured this out?

  3. I'm wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to set up the helix to bypass and activate the H9. It works. Problem is when I switch patches the light is always reversed to how I want it. Bypass is not lit and bypass is lit. I've tried messing around with dim and lit settings but can't seem to get it to work properly. Same thing goes with the hotswitch button on the H9. Is there a way to lock it so it stays lit correctly?

  4. brueski, can you alter the tunings via a knob on the bass like the JTVs have?

    I'm afraid not. I also have a variax bass and use it with the Helix. It's a pretty amazing piece of gear! I use it almost exclusively in the studio. It's a shame there is no proper variax integration short of the being able to power up the bass. It would be awesome to see integration implemented in a future update. I also wonder if they have any plans to create a new variax bass?

  5. When I use a Variax to switch tunings(snapshots) with the footswitch it makes an audible clicking sound thats heard in the speakers. Even if I click same footswitch whuch im already on(snapshot)  you will hear an audible clicking sound. Am I missing a setting that can stop this? 

  6. the big thing you're missing, is that you can record the dry tracks and reprocess the entire thing through a while different setup in software....

    you can use a dry track and a pair of headphones to create tones from your living room that you can transfer to your helix for live use....

    you can also use any of the effects elsewhere in your recording at relative ease... add compression or reverb to the odd track....


    but yes.. pretty much what you said at the end of your post. :)

    Perhaps you could answer this? Will there be a way to control the Variax without the Helix via native? Ie the standard dongle that comes with the JTV? 

  7. Thanks to everyone this newb is on his way!  :D Cant thank you guys enough! 


    Can I get the H9s to always slave to the Helix's tempo? 


    H9s hold 99 presets. What happens when I run out of those? Like how would I load presets 101 and beyond?

  8. I'm at my computer right now, so here's a screenshot of how to set up the instant command to control an H9. In this case, my H9 is set up as MIDI Id 3. If you are using two H9s, give them separate IDs and then send a separate command for each.




    You set this up on the default snapshot for a preset, or on each snapshot in a preset if you want the H9 to switch from snapshot to snapshot.


    The H9 wants a MIDI PC message (not a CC, as tomas infers above) to switch settings. You simply issue a PC message with the program # set to the H9 bank. The H9 counts from 0, so in this case, PC #5 loads what shows on the H9 as bank 6.


    One other thing - if you are connecting your computer to the H9 via USB, it ignores all MIDI commands coming over the MIDI ports. You have to unplug the USB cable to get it to work with commands coming from the Helix.


    The H9 has some additional MIDI capabilities to map PC messages to different settings, but you'll need to read the manual for details on that. I like to keep it simple, but if you are doing a lot of MIDI automation, the H9's extra capabilities could come in handy.

    Thanks for the reply! Followed the instructions as per your setup. H91 is set up to midi channel 3 and H92 is set up to midi channel 4. When I scroll up with the PC message nothing seems to happen on the h9. If I save pc5 it won't load that with the saved preset

  9. Then, in each preset (and possibly, individual snapshots), have the Helix send out instant commands to each of the H9s to recall the H9 presets you want.


    I'd hook up each H9 in its own FX loop, rather than chain their audio. That way you have maximum flexibility in where you each one in any given Helix preset.



    I also have instant commands changing H9 parameters with snapshot change :)



    Not automatically unless preset 001 on helix is alos 001 on the H9s. You have to send commands to change presets on H9 when recalling Helix presets. Pretty easy though.


    MIDI/cables connected. Anyway I could get a more detailed description of how its actually setup for ya'll?  :unsure:  :unsure:

  10. I've got the same setup. Helix + 2 H9's. It's a great combo. It's really cool how easy it is to play with different signal paths without mucking about with cables. 

    Awesome! Anyway you could describe your MIDI setup in detail? Im confused to how to hook it up even. MIDI out from helix to first H9 ?master? MIDI in to H9 MIDI out to second H9 MIDI in?


    What channels do you have them set up as?  Is the first one the master/second slave? Sorry a bit of a newb with this stuff

  11. Thank you all for taking the time to respond! Really! :)  A few more reads of what you guys said/having the Helix here to test everything should help. As long as I can save a Helix preset to automatically launch my saved H9 presets(FX loop) then im golden.

  12. Hi all. 


    I have a JTV89f, two H9's and planning on getting a Helix to replace my HD500x. Questions:


    I know Helix has the capability to control the H9's via MIDI. I want to create patches that combine elements from both the Helix and the H9's. So my question is.... If I build a patch in the Helix using saved presets from my H9's as fx loops will the Helix automatically recall said presets in the H9 when I load the saved patch in the Helix? 

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