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  1. I've had trouble with it since the beginning.


    Wouldn't seem to stay in tune, which is weird for a "floyd rose" type trem.


    Also noticed that no mat​​ter what I did the low "E" and "A" strings would go sharp by almost a full step when I tightened the locking nut down and the high "E" and "B" would somehow go flat!


    I finally got tired of it and got out the old metal file and did some work on the nut and got it a bit better.


    Then I went ahead and ordered an R10 size locking nut from Floyd Rose.


    It got here yesterday. First thing I noticed when I took the nut off the JTV was that it was damn near "hollow" and weighed almost nothing next to the Floyd nut. What I mean by "hollow" is that it only is solid in the "middle", it has the outer edges of the bottom sticking out for the correct height. So right away you're not getting full contact with the entire nut!


    Once I replaced the crappy nut that came with the guitar and put the real Floyd nut on it...the tuning problem is gone. What a joy to tune now! And it stays in tune as well.


    I tuned it up, clamped the locking nuts down and only had to tweak the fine tuners just slightly...the way it's supposed to be.


    Just wanted to give my experience on this in case anyone else is having the same problem with a defective nut. Just get the Floyd Rose "Pro" series locking nut size R10 and your problems are solved.


    Finding the tuning less than stellar myself. Was the install easy? Just two screws right?

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