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  1. 2 hours ago, SteveFrance said:


    This is exactly what i'm thinking.

    And yes, i think it's a bad strategy !

    Of course, it's a good product that will attract new customers but that's just another (light) modeler among so many others......But nothing tell that those customers will stay with L6.

    The Variax Owners are more linked to the brand and really believe in the  modeling world. This new stomp box don't prevent them/us to go elsewhere.

    The two last devices don't provide a VDI port. The HX FX  corresponds to a stomp box so it's not incoherent to be absent

    What does it mean ? Variax is surrendered ? We have enough money to throw that we just have to buy the more expensive device or the old ones ?

    I'm really disapointed, i feel like i was wrong to trust in their products, there's no cheaper new solutions that works as that i have !!!!!


    VDI would have been nice but it would have blown up the size of the unit.  I can still use my JTV-69 with the HX Stomp via the 1/4" cable.  True I have to manually switch models but it's not a big deal for me.  It wouldn't surprise me to see Line 6 come out with some sort of separate Variax interface that could integrate with the HX Stomp; They are reserving a couple of the USB paths for something.  Also, I keep expecting to see a new Variax based on the Revstar guitars.

  2. 11 hours ago, pott24 said:

    Just got some time and tried it. It works. Mixing Mardhalls and non-marshall models work pretty well! More to come.

    The AX8 doesn't allow you to do that. The HX Stomp does. So much to explore just from that...


    It does, however, seem to use a TON of CPU... I only managed to put an OD and 2 x amp + cabs on my preset. Not even a Reverb fits.


    One option is to merge the 2 paths after the amps and share a cab or IR.  That frees up some room for a couple of effects.

  3. 19 hours ago, pott24 said:

    Hi! Before I start some more threads, a few high-level questions...


    * Can FS1 + 2 be re-assigned, the way 3 (+ 4, 5) can? Right now, it seems not, but is it ever planned?

    * Can the Tuner be decoupled from the Tap button?

       * I'd like for the Tuner to ALWAYS be available on a long-press of FS3, but I do not need the Tap button at all

       * I'd settle for re-assigning the Tuner to a long-press of FS4 or FS5 but that's not in the options




    FS1 & FS2 cannot currently be reassigned.

    The tuner can't be decoupled from the tap button but tap/tuner can be reassigned to FS4 or FS5.  FS3 can be reassigned to do quite a few things too.

  4. I think you can do all of that.  From the manual:


    TIP: Okay, this one's for the power users: If you move a Split > Y block all the way left, set its BalnceA to "L100" and its BalnceB to "R100," you can process the L/MONO and RIGHT inputs independently. In addition, if you route the Mixer block to Path B (Send L/R), you can process two instruments simultaneously, each with its own mono input, stereo processing, and stereo outputs!


    I tried this with a guitar and bass and it worked fine.

  5. 9 hours ago, Ed_Saxman said:

    What about using an iPad as MIDI controller?



    You can even go wireless using the Yamaha BT01.


    This is my new "main screen" design, by the way:






    I'm not really an iPad guy either but I do have one compliments of my job.  I'd love to know how this works.  I know just enough about MIDI to have my Helix control my amp.  This .jpg looks really nice but I have no idea how to put it to use.  BTW, I do have the camera connection kit for the iPad.

  6. You're welcome.


    I'm not too familiar with the FH.  Does it allow separate FX send and FX return blocks or is there only an FX loop block?


    If it allows separate blocks, I'd put the FX send before the FH amp and the FX return after it.  That way it totally bypasses your FH amp when using your Vetta preamp.


    If it only allows a FX loop block, I think you would want the FX loop in front of the amp block, and disable the amp block when the FX loop is engaged, because otherwise you'll be running through your Vetta preamp and then back into your FH and through it's amp as well.


    You might look on CustomTone and see if anyone has posted a 4 cable method patch or template.


    And I wouldn't worry about the stereo cables if it's working.

  7. I just set up all my guitars to play buzz free with the action as low as I want it to be.  It's not very difficult and there are tons of videos and books on how to do it.

  8. What things do you wish you had known about Helix before buying (e.g. routing, DSP memory, modeling, using external pedals, IRs etc).

    Nothing.  I knew the capabilities of Helix when I bought it and it's delivered them plus much more due to the free updates.


    What patches, IRs, etc do you recommend?  

    There are a lot of great patches out there (Glenn DeLaune, Chris Beaver, Fremen, etc..) and I really enjoy all of them.  My favorites would probably be Glenn's Boutique Amp Packs and his HighGain Amp Patches.  I also recommend learning to use the stock cabs before going down the IR rabbit hole.


    What specific types of FX pedals or individual pedals (if any) are you keeping to use with helix?  Do overdrives work the same as on an amp?  Will it clip the signal or respond normally going into the Helix?

    The only pedals I use with Helix are a Trio+ and a BeatBuddy.


    If I set the amps and cabs to sound like they are playing full tilt will they still sound that way at quiet volumes through headphones or the FR/FR?

    For the most part; some minor EQ tweaks will help though.


    I intend to use an ALTO TS212 FR/FR and a PC with USB for interface.  I'm mainly getting this as I'm living in a place that needs much lower volume than even my small amps can pull off.  The only modeling amp I ever had was a little 15w Peavey Vypyr.

    One of the solutions I use, and more than any of my others, is a pair of Alto TS110A PA speakers.  They work great at any volume.


    Thanks again.  I've read quite a bit and watched some videos I just want to get the nuts and bolts before I finally pull the trigger.

    Good luck.  It's the best music related purchase I've ever made and I've been at it since 1985.

  9. Cool! I used a Pitch Black tuner forever, right up until I got Helix. Great unit, I still keep it for use as a bench tuner. I was running a standalone "satellite board" for a while, but it ultimately got to being kind of a hassle. So I consolidated onto a Pedaltrain Terra.




    (Helix is not hanging off the board, trick of perspective...) Guitar is straight into Trio+ with the rest of the board in its loop. FreqOut is in front of Helix. The two treadle pedals are home-brew expression pedals built in a RotoVibe and Wah enclosure. Bit Commander, Shoe Gazer (and the NS-2 Noise Supressor), and the Erupter are each in their own Helix FX Loop. The remaining loop is the last block in the chain and is used to send back to Trio+ FX Return and then bring the Trio's output back. Everything out via XLR to an Atomic CLR cab. 


    Very cool.  This has given me some ideas about changing how I currently integrate the Trio+ into my rig.

  10. I think the magnetic pickups are different.  The modeling is the same.  The JTV's were designed by James Tyler who is a well respected luthier.  I have a JTV-69 because it's my favorite Tyler designed Variax and the Standard didn't exist when I bought it.  If I were to choose today, I'd be happy either way.

  11. Are you sure he used Variax? I believe he was/is using Helix, but I've never seen him with a Variax. Same with Jared Scharff, lots of Fenders, offsets, and more recently Supro's. 


    You're probably right.  I think I got confused.  Same thing with Garbage and Pete Thorn.  Definitely yes on Helix but I can't seem to find any Variax confirmation.


    Castellano is using his Variax for some of the Blue Oyster Cult live songs.

  12. Super easy from the software.  Just right-click the preset, select copy, right-click where you want it to go and select paste.  


    I believe you can also just drag the presets up and down the setlist in the software.


    On the unit, press SAVE to open the Save Preset screen.  Use knobs 4 and 5 to choose the location you want to move the preset to.  (Helix manual, page 16).

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