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  1. Thanks, this was my mis-understanding. I thought that without the VDI cable, I just had a regular guitar.


    I appreciate the clarification.


    No worries.  I'd have been upset too if I thought the modeling features were useless without the VDI cable and they didn't included one.  Reminds me of an instance a long time ago when I bought a printer and it didn't come with a cable.  Of course, it actually was worthless without one.


    BTW, I believe you can use a standard Ethernet cable but you would want to be very careful, since it doesn't have the protective ends, to not move around much.


    Enjoy your Variax!!!  Lately I've been having a blast with mine set up to open C for some Devin Townsend stuff.

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  2. Glad you got it sorted.  I'd just trust Line 6 on the matter.  I'm sure they tested everything and there's not really much more that you can do.  


    I don't gig but I'm amazed to hear that the DT25 had a hard time keeping up with your band.  I know mine gets super loud.  Is your band exceptionally loud or is there a chance that the DT25 was in low volume mode?

  3. I used to have the HD500X and I still have my DT25 head.  They make an awesome combo.  I preferred just using the L6 Link between the two.  I've run the DT25 head with several different cab configurations (4x12, 2x12, 1x12)  with no problems.  Just make sure you plug the cab into the correct output on the back of the DT so that the ohms match up.


    Enjoy your Dream Rig!!

  4. I'd have to take a look at your actual patch to be of much help with the 4-cable method.


    To assign both functions to the same footswitch, toggle to the send/return block and touch a footswitch for 2 seconds, select ok.  Toggle to the amp block and touch the SAME footswitch for 2 seconds, select ok.

  5. There are lots of different ways to accomplish this switching.  This one is from the mega-thread over on TGP and was originally posted by LeicaBossNJ.


    It can be a little wonky, but you can set up an A/B/Y:
    1. Make the split block into an A/B block
    2. Assign a controller to a footswitch that toggles between "A100" (top path) and "B100" (bottom path). 
    3. Assign a second footswitch to the split block (touch and hold) - this will toggle between A/B and Y (both amps play)

  6. I've been a customer since my HD500X days and I own all of his Helix stuff.  The latest high-gain pack is my absolute favorite, especially the Splawn and Victory models.  BTW, these models have incredible clean sounds as well.

  7. I highly recommend the combo, especially for your application.


    I have a plink-free JTV-69 and it sounds and plays great.  I have other guitars that get played more frequently but I never travel without the JTV.  It's just covers too many bases to even think about leaving it at home.  I currently have over 20 guitars and if I had to whittle that down to just 3, the JTV would definitely fill one of those spots.

  8. I'm totally willing to give up a couple hundred bucks in resale value if it means that thousands of folks, for whom the flagship product was out of reach, get to enjoy the Helix experience.  I believe that Line 6 is just trying to make Helix technology available to the masses at various price points. 


    People are still going to buy the product they want and can afford.  If they want scribble strips and additional I/O they're going to go for the full-blown Helix every time.  If they're interested in Native as well, the Helix makes more sense financially than the LT.  It will be a little more difficult to sell them used, partly because people who were watching for used units as a possible backup will probably jump at the LT.


    As for me, I'm hoping for a future hot-rodded version.  Then my current Helix will become my backup.

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