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  1. I understand your frustration.  I only did the mod because I prefer not to use an adapter (which worked fine).  It's got to be one of the easiest wiring mods as it only took me about 15 minutes (that includes warming up the iron) and I'm an amateur at soldering.


    BTW, my other Ibanez worked fine with the G10.  It might be some specific models or it could even be which of the 2 posts on the output jack the tech felt like soldering the ground wires to, as either way it doesn't affect the output of the guitar; a ground is a ground.


    It might be pretty difficult to put together a very comprehensive list of which guitars are having difficulty.  They'd probably have to compile data from all support tickets that were submitted on the issue but I'd bet that the majority of people experiencing the problem aren't going as far as to log a ticket.


    Since you don't want to do the mod, I guess your options are to return the G10 or use an adapter.


    Anyhow, I hope you get it sorted out to your satisfaction.

  2. Same problem. Two (similar) guitars:

    • Guitar manufacturer - Ibanez
    • Guitar model - RGIX20FESM
    • Does it fit and turn on? Yes
    • Do you hear audio? No
    • Does the adaptor solution resolve the issue? Haven't tried (no adapter inc.)
    • Guitar manufacturer - Ibanez
    • Guitar model - RGIT27FE
    • Does it fit and turn on? Yes
    • Do you hear audio? No
    • Does the adaptor solution resolve the issue? Haven't tried (no adapter inc.)

    I haven't had the time to read through the entire thread, but this kind of a 'limitation' should be clearly marked in the product description on sales pages, not something you need to discover via Google after you've bought it and it doesn't work. Total BS in my opinion.


    For the record, it does work with some of my other guitars -- and the setup with the Spider V 120 was very cool -- but the fact that it works with by $150 tele knockoff and not my much nicer Ibanez' may well be a deal breaker.


    Of the approximately 30 guitars I've tried it with, the only one I ran into a problem with was my Ibanez RGIR27FE (almost identical to your model).  Switching one of the ground wires to the other ground post on the output jack fixed the problem.

  3. Hi Guys


    As it turns out I was bought one for Christmas. So two things. Firstly it definitely is OK with a Clapton Strat. Secondly, it came with the adapter shown in the pic above in the box so problem solved either way.


    Nice one Line 6.



    Hope you all had a good Christmas and have a great new year.


    Awesome!!  Thanks for posting.


    I guess Line 6 must have decided to start including an adapter even though very few seem to experience any problems.  If my experience is typical, based on mine and my friends guitars, the percentage of guitars experiencing problems would be about 3%.

  4. I didn't think about using my DAW for that. I definitely will with an IR loader that I have. Also how do I get to pedal edit mode?


    Footswitch 6 (top row, right hand side).  Hold it down to enter pedal edit mode.


    I don't want to start another thread for this question so I'll just ask here, can you access the actions button from helix editor? To make a y path and all that good stuff.



  5. I've had quite a bit of fun playing my Majesty with the Helix.  I run a stereo Y cable (TRS on the Majesty end, splits to 2 mono plugs on the Helix end).  I run the magnetic pickups into the Guitar In and the Piezos into the Aux In.  I set up a path for the Mags, which goes to my DT25, and a separate path for the Piezos, which goes to my Alto TS110A speakers.  It sounds amazing!  


    Someone suggested, but I haven't tried it yet, to set up an expression pedal to fade/blend between the 2 paths.


    The Majesty is an incredible guitar.  It's in the top 3 of my collection.  I spent a considerable amount of time playing them in guitar shops over a period of a year and a half before I made the purchase.

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  6. I have all 128 IR slots filled.  The Glenn Delaune and Fremen patches take up most of them.  I also use the Orange IRs from, the Zilla & Suhr IRs from 3Sigma and the Taylor acoustic IRs.


    I would really like to be able to store more of them on the Helix or an easier way to cycle through my IR collection on the editor.

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  7. That must be the input 1 & 2 connectors then, you're right Zooey, they do look like XLR type fittings but the middles are different. There's only the one main XLR connection on the speaker. I'll try a quarter inch lead into those two inputs.


    Alto calls them Mic/Line combo inputs.


    I would imagine the Helix probably sounds better going out to two speakers in a stereo type setup, so how is it intended to link up to the two Alto's quarter inch lead from Helix to first speaker, then XLR cable from first speaker to second speaker?


    I run separate XLR cables from the Helix to each speaker for stereo.  It looks like your method would work fine if you just want to send a mono signal to each speaker.


    Are there any real sound quality advantages if you try and stick to just using XLR over quarter inch leads?


    Although I'm not sure how much difference it makes, the XLRs are balanced and the 1/4" are unbalanced. 

  8. When selecting the audio device, make sure the audio system is ASIO, the ASIO driver is ASIO Helix, the first input is Input 1, last input is Input 8, and the same for the output range, Output 1 and Output 8.


    It shouldn't be necessary to arm any track for recording to select the input to that track (but you have to arm it to actually record something). If the above is done, there should be an Input Mono -> Input 7 selection available for any track you want to change.


    This is what I ran into as well.  By default, the ASIO driver was set with the first and last inputs and outputs as 1 and 2.  Changing this to 1 and 8 fixed my problem.

  9. Sounds just like my Music Man Majesty.  I run the magnetic pickups into Guitar In on one Path and the Piezo pickup into Aux In on the other path.  Then I add the appropriate effects, amps, IR's, etc.. that I want for each path.  To set up one of the paths for Aux In, toggle over to the far left of one of the paths, which is the input block.  Rotate the joystick until it says Aux In.


    Works really good.

  10. Question for you, Fremen, and or anyone else who would like to respond, for a George Lynch/Dokken sound, which of Fremen's presets do you think is best?


    I'm not at home right now but I'd probably start with one of the Plexi presets.  Lynch used to run a treble booster into a '71 Marshall Super Lead and later switched to a Randall RG80 (which is similar to the Super Lead).

  11. I agree that it's a stated limitation and not a design flaw.  I also definitely understand your hesitation to purchase one without knowing for certain that it will work on your guitar.  Hopefully someone with that exact same model will chime in with an answer.


    You might be able to check for compatibility visually, if you can see how the output jack is wired.  This might require removing the pickguard though.  If the battery ground wire is connected to the ring and the other ground (audio) is connected to the sleeve, the G10 will work.


    phil_m:  Is there any way to test this with a trs cable and an ohmmeter?

  12. Hi All


    Thinking of getting one of these but this thread has me a bit worried. 


    Anyone know if it works with a Clapton strat which has active electronics?


    I'm not going to buy one if I then have additional expense just to get it to work.





    I currently have 23 guitars with output jacks, 6 of which have active electronics.  With the exception of my Ibanez RGIR27FE 7-string, all of them worked perfectly the first time I plugged in the G10 and the Ibanez worked with the adapter.  I switched a wire to a different contact on the Ibanez's output jack and now it works fine without the adapter as well.  I've had several friends bring over their guitars and all of them have worked so far.  I'm not positive about the EC Strat but even if you had to have someone switch the wire for you, it wouldn't be expensive.  I'm a novice at soldering and it only took me 5 - 10 minutes, not counting letting the soldering iron heat up.

  13. Now 


    Dang, that Vetta II combo is still a sexy looking amp.  I looked at the back and it has stereo inputs that should work well for Helix.


    It looks like the Vetta is using a version of Celestion Classic Lead 80's, which will have some guitar speaker/cab character of their own. If/when you go to test them together, try the Helix full amps with no cabs/IR's.   Try them with the cabs too.


    With Helix, a solid state amp and traditional guitar cab with Mesa Black Shadow C90's (custom Celestion Classic Lead 80's), I was finding Helix amp models with cab/IR blocks too dark and without cab/IR blocks too bright. But...


    ...I tried a cool trick by putting in a cab/IR block, but splitting the path to have a parallel path with no cab around the cab/IR block.  This passes a bit of the amp-only signal too.  You can adjust the cab/no-cab path mix on the split.  This will give a bit of both worlds and really sweeten things up.


    But as stated above and many times in other threads, the Alto's and L6 Stagesource speakers are great, straightforward FRFR solutions.  I'm just throwing this out if you are feeling experimental and cheap  ;)


    P.S.  I own a DT50 too and actually prefer Helix full amp models>solid state amp>guitar cab over Helix preamps>DT50>guitar cab.







    Now I'll end up spending the rest of the day experimenting with my Vetta II Combo.

  14. I've got a pair of Alto TS110A speakers, a DT25, a Vetta II and a Peavey 6505+ MH.  Each of these can be set up to sound really good.


    That being said, 95% of the time I'm going into the Alto speakers.  FRFR (or close to it) is just so easy to use and most of the presets I've downloaded or purchased were set up that way to start with.

  15. This is awesome, thanks! I'm kinda new to all this, so pardon me if my question reveals my ignorance. My mixer has a phantom power button dangerously close to the mixer on/off so I am scared silly to use XLR outs. I output the Helix with 1/4" outs to the Mixer instead. So could I just mix drums and guitar and use those outputs?  I wouldn't mind diving into two output paths, so is there way to connect Helix outputs to the XLR without causing damage to the Helix if I or someone accidentally engages the phantom power? I was reading a thread on that subject but admit I didn't completely understand it.  Maybe some sort of box I can insert between the devices? Thanks!


    Some folks are using the 1/4" outs into a DI box and then running the DI's XLR out into the mixer.

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