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  1. So whats a nice feeling easy to play bass for Helix these days, for a guy that plays guitar?


    Just bought my wife a Sire Marcus Miller M3.  $329 delivered, plays and sounds great and has selectable active/passive electronics.  The active electronics run at 18V and the bass weighs 7.5 lbs.


    My Epiphone Thunderbird IV and Yamaha 5-string are feeling left out.

  2. I've found a few really good deals at GC's in the past, mostly on some used gear.  I've also always been able to get them to knock a bit off the asking prices just by talking to the manager.  The Platinum GC in Las Vegas is awesome BTW.


    I prefer ordering on line for several reasons:

    • No sales tax
    • I live 4 hours from the nearest guitar store
    • Better selection
    • Usually better deals

    And I love the extra warranty that Sweetwater includes for free.

  3. 12c BAS:Cougar 800

    12d BAS:Tuck n' Go

    13a BAS:SV Beast Nrm

    13b BAS:SV Beast Brt

    13c BAS:Cali 400 Ch1

    13d BAS:Cali 400 Ch2

    14a BAS:Cali Bass

    14b BAS:Cali Plus

    32a BAS:TBTV Bass

    32b BAS:Treasure

    32c BAS:Dommyz Go 2

    32d BAS:Tame Bassa


    Is this what you're after?  These are from the Factory 1 setlist.


    19a BAS:BassFest '02

    19b BAS:Hang Out

    19c BAS:Brit Bass

    19d BAS:Tile Growl

    20a BAS:Ballixiz

    20b BAS:Phat Rat

    20c BAS:DangeRuss

    20d BAS:Liberator

    21a BAS:2 Much Tuna

    21b BAS:Boots Bass

    21c BAS:Incubass


    And these are from Factory 2.

  4. If I'm running wireless with the Relay G10, it's designed to mute as you're unplugging it.  If I'm running wired, I prefer a Planet Waves Circuit Breaker cable which has a manual switch on it.

  5. I bought the pack this weekend. They are mostly way too much gain for anything that I play, but the basssman will make it to my gigging set list. I need to play with a few of them to see if I can tame the amount of gain down a bit.




    Like Rocco_Crocco says above, check out the built in snapshots.  The Friedman goes from crystal clear cleans all the way up to high gain.

  6. ok



    ok  so what do I need.  a midi cable.  a midi interface ( I read to change the dt settings you need this)


    You can get by with a MIDI cable and Helix but life is currently much easier if you set up the DT first with a MIDI interface.  I use the M-audio Uno.

  7. Actually, this raises an interesting question. Can a specific FX send\return block only be used once in a chain. The conundrum for me with my external looper is always whether to put it before or after my chain. Before, and you get the dry signal which allows you to alter by adding\removing effects. After and the FX are obviously stamped on the captured loop. For different scenarios each is advantageous. In the past I've had to physically recable, but it just strikes me maybe there's a virtual way. So what I'd propose is have external looper pedal in FX Send \ Return 1. Then add block 1 output and return both at the start of the chain and at the end of the chain. Then just activate\deactivate as appropriate. My senses tell me that you can only use a single instance of the send return per preset, but you never know.


    DI stated in the mega-thread over on TGP:


    Sends, Returns, and FX Loops can all be either mono or stereo. Multiple instances of the same Sends can be created, but only one of each Return can exist in a preset.


    Sends can act as Output Blocks and Returns can act as Input blocks if desired.

  8. I just spent the last hour playing my BE-OD into my Friedman runt (on clean channel). Definitely a killer pedal! Sooooo much gain on tap. I've got the internal gain trim all the way down and the pedal gain most of the way down, and it's still got a ton of gain!


    It almost behaves like an amp and cab model; strangely. I will load up Glenn's boutique BE100 patch and give them a listen side by side.. From what I remember, Glenn's patch is very Friedman realistic! The Runt drive channel has a toggle switch to go from regular gain to higher / BE100 gain territory, and the BE-OD into clean channel can be dialed in quite close, so I would imagine Helix can get you there too!


    I'm looking forward to your results.


    I went ahead and bought Glenn's boutique pack a couple hours ago and I'm completely blown away by the tones.  The BE-100 patch is incredible.  Actually, all of them sound amazing.  I didn't want to stop playing but I have to work tomorrow.  I can't wait to spend more time exploring them.

  9. I can say for sure Glenn's Booteek patches are good.  The Friedman is great but the others are stellar too.  I am really looking forward to the Bias Distortion Pedal coming out soon.  It will let you profile pedals like a Kemper and I'm sure ther will be lots of great profiles posted.  May be a great addition to the Helix...



    Wow!!!  This is the 1st I've heard of that pedal.  If it lives up to the hype, it will be a game changer for sure.

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  10. Try using the Helix preamps into the DT.  Even with everything turned off via DT Edit you're still using the DT's power amp and actual cabinet.  If you're running full amp models then your signal path is Helix preamp -> Helix power amp -> DT power amp -> DT cabinet.  This would mean you're stacking power amps.  Sometimes that sounds fine but sometimes it doesn't.  It's worth a shot.

  11. The ultimate solution would be the ability to save the IR's as part of their corresponding presets (bake them in).  


    I definitely agree that something needs to be improved.  128 is not enough; just my Delaune, Fremen and Chris Beaver IR's can use all of the slots.  That leaves no room for my 3 Sigma, cabIR, Taylor acoustics or other IR's.  I'd even be wiling to sacrifice 1 or 2 of the setlists for more IR storage.



  12. I also just got a first generation variax this year. A 700. About 6 months later and I can honestly say on all the promises it made except one I am blown away on its performance. I love all the sounds accept the 12 string models. They seem to have tracking issues with bends and quick runs, but that is small potatoes as can be, as I already have electric 12 string whose sound I more than truely love. There is also a problem with 2 of the piezo saddles that seems to be common problem where they lose tone and volume.


    So it appears a bridge replacement is one of the options with the saddle issue. Has anybody here done this and does it seem to work in fixing the problem?


    There are several discussions on this forum regarding replacing the saddles.  I believe GraphTec is a popular choice.  Some of those discussions even have videos showing the process.


    I got mine used but can I still register it? Is there any advantage to registering it?


    You might need to register it to use Line 6 Monkey to update the firmware.  I'm not positive about this.


    I read about somebody who owned one and he updated the firmware. What does this mean? What are the benefits?


    You can use Line 6 Monkey to update to the latest firmware, which includes updates to the existing models.  You can roll back to previous firmware releases if you're unhappy with the newer versions. 


    Can I still get workbench for it? Is workbench windows 10 compatable? Is there anywhere I can see and read up on all the options it allows me to create? Can it do nylon strung guitars? Ovation sounding?


    You can still get Workbench.  It will allow you to create your own models choosing pickups and body styles and putting the pickups anywhere you want, even on top of each other.  It also allows you to adjust the string volumes.  I've yet to hear anyone pull off a convincing nylon string model.


    Its kinda mind blowing. To have this one guitar that fits the nitch of every sound I ever wanted...and its really swèet looking too.


    It's an awesome guitar.  I'm assuming you have some sort of interface to hook it up to your computer; either the footswitch that came with them or a Line 6 effects unit with VDI.

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