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  1. Hey Spikey, have you tried Helix amp models, no cabs/IR's, into the stereo returns of the Vetta? Like just using it for the solid state power amp and Celestions?


    I'm thinking of picking up one of the older Line 6 solid state combos or maybe the HD147 for this purpose and wondering if they will function this way. I could get other brand SS combos, but I might as well represent with Line 6 ;)


    I tried that before I sold my Vetta II Combo.  It worked fine.  I used a Vetta preset that I had created to use it with the HD500X.  Once I remembered to insert a dummy plug in the Vetta input jack it sounded great.

  2. any ideas on what the pencil holder looking things to either side of the small pouch were intended for? 


    Actually, in the TGP thread they mentioned that they put those there because they look cool.  You can use them to fasten items with caribiners as well.  I think I'll just put .44 magnum cartridges in mine to go with the tactical look.

  3. When I set mine up that way I just split the path after the preamp.  On one side of the split I'll add a cabinet or IR and send it out the XLR jacks to the PA.  On the other side I'll send it out to the amp.


    I don't think you can get around needing some duplicate post fx unless you're willing to run one side of the split dry.

  4. UPDATE: Mono to Mono 1/4" adapter worked! Noticed the sound quality is a bit less "full" when using the wireless vs. direct cable connection, but it can be tweaked with EQ to improve it.

    I sure wish the G10 worked (out of the box) with all my guitars, but at least now have a fix that will resolve the basic problem.


    Someone previously suggested you include an M-M adapter. I think that would be a good idea as I had to spend $7 more to make the G10 work for me.


    Glad you got it going.


    I don't think it would be wise for Line 6 to include the adapter, therefore raising the price of the G10, since most guitars don't have any problems working without it.  I've now tried mine on 22 different guitars and only encountered an issue with 1 of them.  5 minutes working on the guitar's output jack with a solder gun fixed the problem.

  5. Helix won't 'hang' if it gets close to the DSP limit on either path.  If you can insert the block, Helix will run it just fine.  You can tell when you're getting close to running out of DSP when you're trying to add blocks because some of the selections will be grayed out.

  6. Thank you !!! Simplest and most direct info I've received yet. Was surprised there wasn't a manual in the box, just a very nicely put together cheat sheet that isn't much help past wiring it up and turning it on.


    There should have been a USB stick in the box that has the manual on it.  I'd recommend downloading the latest version from this site though.

  7. I know I can probably find the answers if I look here long enough, but I've already poured over 2 hours worth of material on youtube and frankly, I just don't have the time or patience lol.


    Just unboxed my Helix and love the presets but I have some questions/concerns:


    1.) Why aren't the footswitch buttons changing the channels simply by touching them as they're advertised to do?


    2.) How do I get to a "new preset" with a blank slate to start from?


    I haven't plugged it into my PC yet for any downloads or other support, was noodling with the controller as unboxed for now...and I am using the 4-wire connection method with a Mesa DC5. Thanks !!!


    1) The footswitch buttons aren't supposed to change channels when you touch them.  They are supposed to select whichever item to which they're assigned.  If I have a footswitch assigned to a distortion and another assigned to a chorus, touching the footswitch for the distortion will select it and bring up it's parameters in the display.  If I touch the footswitch for the chorus, it will become the one that's selected in the display.


    2)  What silverhead said

  8. I'm assuming it's working with other guitars.  I'm not sure about the blinking green light but I'd try a mono male/female adapter.  If it works, the guitar's output jack is probably reverse wired.  It's an easy fix.


    Here's more info:



    I've tried mine in 24 guitars now and only ran into the reverse wiring problem with one of them, which was also an Ibanez.

  9. Hey Guys and Gals...


    Here's my implementation of the TRIO+ with the HELIX... Lots of wires!!


    Since everything is mixed to the XLR outputs, this set-up is mostly for rehearsing/ riff-writing... but, I routed the pre I.R. guitar signal to the 1/4" outputs for stage monitoring of the guitar signal with a tube amp and guitar speakers.


    There are [2] full FX loops, used to take the TRIO+ in and out of the HELIX signal chain, and a single FX return for the TRIO+ MIXER output which carries the Bass and Drums.

    • The TRIO+ Guitar signal is processed by the HELIX to allow FX/ CAB/ MIC on the recorded/ looped Guitar Signal and returned to the HELIX for output via the balanced XLR outs via FX LOOP 2.
    • When there is a cable plugged into the TRIO+ AMP Jack, the TRIO+ MIXER output carries the Bass & Drums separetely... these are mixed to the balanced XLR outs via FX LOOP 3









    Here's my satellite board for the TRIO+...




    This Pedal Board has a Back-To-The-Future theme which includes a custom B-T-T-F decal, mini Flux-Capacitor and integration with the following components...
    • Digitech TRIO+ Band Creator Looper
    • 9VDC Power Supply
    • Custom FS3X Footswitch
    • FX LOOP Break-Out Box
    • Flux Capacitor

    more info here...



    Let me know if you have any questions...






    This worked out to be awesome!!!  It took me a few to set it up and modify a copy of one of my presets.  At first I didn't get any sound, but then I realized I should have only put a Return 3 block in instead of a FX Loop 3.  I've got my own template now based on your example.  Thanks for taking the time to diagram that out.

  10. Hi!


    What is the best way to connect trio +,helix and stagesource l2t?


    I'm a bit lost. ...


    I think you could set it up like the diagram above by a2dconverterguy.  Just don't create a path 2B and send it all out L6 Link to your L2T.

  11. OK, I scored a DT50 head for real cheap and its on the way. I couldn't pass it up. I had previously messed with a DT50 112 combo from GC, but returned it after a couple if days. I'll be using this head with my Recto 2x12. I didn't try that before. I have a lot more experience with Helix this time around too.


    The DT Helix templates (new with 2.0?) look like a good start. It seems like you could load up several preamps in the same preset and use Snapshots to toggle them on/off, as well as change DT power amp MIDI commands. Has anyone tried this?


    Nice.  My DT25 head sounds great into my Recto 2x12.  


    I'll have to try out the new presets.

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