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  1. Just as an addendum to this thread - I tried all sorts of things to get it to be loud enough but in the end I was runnng everything maxed out all the time (using the regular Powercab, not the Plus version) - I was also getting some nasty clipping sounds that were ruining my experience. This is with a moderately loud rock covers band.

    The Powercab just wasn't loud enough so I ended up selling everything and getting a Kemper powerhead (600w) with a Matrix FR212 cab and I hardly ever have it above 10-15% volume. It's a real shame as the Helix/Powercab sounded great but for me it just couldn't cut it in a live band scenario.

  2. 9 minutes ago, phil_m said:

    Yes, most likely you're missing something or something isn't right. Do you have the output on the Helix set to line level?

    Yes. Next thing I guess I'll try an XLR instead of Jack lead - could that help?

  3. I got this yesterday and turned the channel volumes on my helix, made sure the input wasn't padded and turned the powercab up to half volume... and it was about as loud as my solid state 10watt practice amp on full volume. Turned it up all the way and it was only just loud enough to hang with a soft hitting drummer. If I increase the output on the Helix by 15db (max) it might just be loud enough but then I'm running EVERYTHING on max all the time and there's nowhere else to go. Anyone else experienced this? It sounds great (if a little dark/muffled) but It just isn't loud enough and that's a huge problem for me. Am I doing something wrong here?

  4. Please forgive my ignorance here...

    DEVICE: HD500X

    As I understand it, I have set up an amp with effects in the Edit program on my PC - for example, Phase, Chorus, Wah on EXP1 and Vol on EXP2.

    It is saved so that the Volume is on, Wah off and all other effects off but assigned to buttons.

    If I use the patch live and turn the Wah on and the effects, do I need to then turn them off before going to another patch in order to make sure they aren't on when I go back to the original patch?

    Or if I turn them on, then switch patches and go back will it be reset to the default I set up in the Edit program?

    Is there a way to switch between these two methods of using the patches?

    I hope this makes sense!



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