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  1. Thanks a lot for taking the time man, but this guitar has been out of warranty for ages anyway. Graph Tech actually sell the individual piezo inserts for the saddles of their Ghost Floyd Rose, and since mechanically the Ghost Floyd on my 89-F is totally mint it makes sense to go that route. Cheers.
  2. Hey Brue58sky, Thanks a lot man, I think this might well be the post I read a couple of years ago but couldn't manage to find again. Cheers.
  3. Hi everybody, I've had a JTV-89F for 5 years, among several other Line 6 products that I own and enjoy, and after I learned how to set it up correctly in Workbench HD I've always been happy with it. Together with my POD HD500 first and my Helix Floor now it's my guitar-equivalent of a gold plated Leatherman tool. My problem at the moment is that after 5 years of sweaty and sometimes beery gigs the piezo pickups are starting to fail. There's no visible corrosion anywhere and the powder coating held up surprisingly well, but humidity might very well have deteriorated them internally anyway. I've swapped the piezo connections around to check, and the volume problem follows the piezos, so at least I know the board should be fine. With the individual pickup volumes in Workbench HD all over the place now, when they used to be pretty close when it was new, I'm unfortunately at a point were I can't gig it anymore. And I indeed do miss those instant 12 strings, acoustics and alternate tunings. Instant Nashville tuning, anybody? It made my life so much easier, and it messes with the head of so many people asking themselves who's playing what that it's a lot of extra fun to play a Variax on stage too, lol. I've already tried to clean the piezo inserts and the contacts to the board with a good quality no-residue contact cleaner, used sparingly, reseated the saddles on the trem plate, and I change my strings quite regularly, but no joy. So I was wondering if any of you peeps went through the experience of replacing their piezo pickups on a JTV-89F, especially if it was the individual piezo inserts, and if they could share the details with me. Forewarned is forearmed after all. I've already found a set of complete Graph Tech saddles online but they're quite pricey, and I'm almost positive that it's possible to replace just the piezo inserts on the Graph Tech Floyd, as I remember reading about it somewhere in at least two separate occasions. I'm also almost positive that I've already seen this exact same question asked and answered, possibly here or probably in another forum, but I couldn't find it anywhere anymore. If anybody, and I was thinking about dear Mr Sarkissian in particular, has an exact part number and possibly an European vendor from whom to order them online to suggest it would make my day. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Keep on rocking.
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