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  1. but it's not the same as saying it's not possible to change to another preset without 2 presses as was originally implied by more than one poster.


    Well, it is possible in some cases, not possible in some (if you're in 8 or 10 footswitches mode and need to jump to a non-adjacent preset, you can't in 1 press). So yeah, it kinda is...

  2. Sure, but the 2nd post - a day before you entered the thread - said 'you can immediately jump into any of those 8 presets'. For some reason a couple of the other posters seemed sure that this was somehow not possible and kept talking as if the device was somehow crippled, causing confusion.


    This is not what is talked right here.


    The Helix is *not* capable of assigning a preset change on any footswitch like most MIDI controllers would do.


    If you want to have something like:


    FS8: Klon

    FS9: Delay

    FS10: Jump to preset 4D

    FS11: Jump to preset 12A


    You just can't.


    Well, actually you can, but with a workaround that has been discussed on another thread since this one (MIDI cable between MIDI in and out of the Helix).


    For those of us used to control our rig with high-end MIDI controllers, not be able to customize our layout as we want on a preset basis is a step back. BUT it is possible anyway with the MIDI cable workaround, I just think IMHO that it should be something doable without this workaround :)

  3. Thanks Nurn.. that helps on the Para EQ... what about the "Simple" EQ.   (fingers crossed hoping it's at least 10 bands that I can set myself).


    Don't think so. I don't have the device (yet), but I think that it won't be the case. But you just have to chain several parametric EQ to do the trick no?

  4. Ah, gotcha. There are lots of higher-end MIDI controllers that can spit out SysEx and System Common messages to control literally every function within a Roland product (as Roland's MIDI implementation is DEEP). It's quite a bit different with an all-in-one system, where everyday programming needs to solve 95% of what your average person will throw at it. Admit it—you and I are probably in that last 5%. (It's a compliment!)



    For the record, these are the types of threads that I find the most fun. Cheers!


    Didn't see the first part (or the last part) of the message, happy to see I'm not too annoying with my questions :)


    My band is an experimental/noise/progressive band with long songs that may have a lot of parts in it. I often use the same base tone, but use a lot of different delays settings. And on stage, I don't like to have to "dance" with footswitches, so I have programmed my rig to have the less presses possible.


    It would have been nice to be able to do that kind of "high-end MIDI controller" stuff on the Helix, but as I must have a computer on stage anyway for other reasons, so I'll manage to do that with a software. In any case, the Helix will simplify my setup anyway (it will replace a Gordius Little Giant, a M13, and a few pedals because I was too limited in terms of number of effects in the M13). And as I will feed it into two amps (Orange & Koch), the fact to be able to have different effects sent into each amps plus add a few effects on my backing vocal mic will be a great improvement! Can't wait to receive it. Hopefully quickly enough as I go in studio end of december :)

  5. I'm not sure if any product does what you want, but try this:

    1. Connect a MIDI cable from Helix's MIDI out to MIDI in. Be sure to set Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > MIDI Thru to "Off."
    2. Assign a MIDI CC message to various footswitches. Don't use a Helix's Global CC (listed on page 48 of the manual).
    3. On the Controller Assign page, set feedback to respond to the CC message selected in step 2. You'll likely have to fine tune the CC values to recall the desired delay feedback values.

    Sometimes ease of use means purposely avoiding edge case functionality, while retaining solutions (MIDI loopback) for guys who are willing to dive a bit deeper.


    Thank you for your answer.

    A lot of MIDI controllers are doing that (Gordius Little GIant, RJM Music Mastermind, ...), and that's why currently I'm using one to control a M13, as the M13 didn't allow me to do a lot of these things. Simple things like activate a boost and start to record a loop at the same time (meaning with one click).


    If we could program a little more the Helix, that would really be the perfect portable all-in-one solution. For now I will get rid of my MIDI controller, but it's only because of either your workaround with the MIDI cable, either I will use it connected to a PC with Bome Midi Translator, that will allow me some more complicated MIDI programming.


    I understand the choices you have to made between simplicity and possibility. But as you seem to aim at the pro musicians, maybe a little more footswitch programming would be something to consider? You pitch the Helix as the center of our rig, but there's a lot of missing features for that. Just have a look at the Gordius Little Giant manual. THIS is a rig control center :) ... (EXP pedal reassignment, variables, timers, ...) (but it lacks scribbles)


    Also, another question, I remember having read something on that, but I can't manage to find it again: I know you can send several MIDI messages on preset change, but what about footswitches? Can a click on a footswitch send several messages? If yes, great. If no:


    1/ Is it something planned in the future?

    2/ Your workaround doesn't work if you need to set several parameters at the same time with different values. I will have to connect it to a PC to program having one signal received and several sent back.

  6. Warning: Rabbit Hole...


    For advanced users, you can stay in Stomp mode (either 8 or 10 stomps) and assign a MIDI PC message to any switch (1-5, 7-11, or EXP Toe) to recall any preset (and then custom label them after the presets). You'll need to run a MIDI cable from Helix's MIDI out to MIDI in and make sure you set Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > MIDI Thru to "Off" to avoid MIDI feedback. Currently, any PC value reverts Helix to the associated preset in Setlist 1, but this is a known bug—Normally, Helix should maintain the current setlist unless first receiving a MIDI bank select change (CC32/LSB).



    Nice workaround, thanks :) That's exactly what I need. But ideally it should be doable without a MIDI cable don't you think? Maybe in the future?

  7. Actually, in my case this would still not behave how I would like it to. I'm looking for the preset switches to function just like a midi controller would. I'm assuming the Helix would be able to select presets from the 8 banks listed without having to hit an extra button or tap dancing while playing a song with multiple different presets.


    Can anyone confirm this?




    ... Maybe by having a switch send a program change? Can the Helix send itself a MIDI command? 

  8. a lot of users would complain about how complicated it is.


    I thought that was a 1500$ products aimed at pros? If this is indeed the target, I don't see pros complaining about being able to tweak things a little more. I sure would not.


    In any good recent MIDI controller you can make your layout as you want, I'm disapointed it's not the case (at launch?) with the Helix.

  9. OK, if I'm right in my two previous posts (I'm hoping not ^^), does this workaround would work:


    - having the delay feedback assigned to a midi controller (So it can respond to another MIDI-sending device, we can do that right?)

    - having the delay mix assigned to another midi controller

    - having switches sending a MIDI command to a PC with a MIDI software like Bome Midi Translator. Then, the PC sends back different values for the delay mix  and feedback parameters.


    That's not ideal and seems to go against the Helix "ease of use" paradigm, but if that could work, I could live with it, and it stays easier than my actual setup! :) ...

  10. I'm thinking about it, but I can't seem to see why you would made such a choice. It's really restrictive!


    Does it mean you can't even do like on the M13, having a set of three blocs, and only one can be active at the same time?


    On the M13, I solved my 6 state delay problem by having three delays on the same columnn, each having two states depending on the expression pedal position (up or down). It's not perfect, but it was close enough... so I can't do that with the Helix? (without having to press more than once to change from a state to another)

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  11. So if you've got a song in which you use the same delay but with 6 different set of values for mix and feedback, depending on the part of the song.


    You can't have 1 footswitch assigned to the first set of values, another for another set, etc.?


    That's a really common case for me, so how can I achieve that with Helix?

  12. Maybe I'm missing something. Pressing FS6 (MODE) toggles between Preset mode (no pressing BANK necessary) and Stomp mode. You can also run hybrid, with presets on the bottom row and stomps up top (or vice versa). You can also switch BANK UP/DOWN to PRESET UP/DOWN (hold both switches for two seconds), and can sequentially increment/decrement through your setlist while in either mode.


    If you've got a long song with lots of changes, etc. you may need more than 4 switches, and more than 1 preset for the same song. So, even if it's not a big problem, it's annoying to have to switch mode and have an extra "click" to do. I'm using the Gordius Little Giant controller in my present rig, its flexibility is so awesome for that kind of stuff.


    So yes, the ability to mix stomp/midi with presets is kind of rigid right now: you can't have on the bottom row a mix of presets and stomp/midi switches. That's a little annoying.

  13. Is the helix not designed for a live set? Only recording? We bought this helix to not have to switch between two pedals. So far it is doing a tremendous job but it still has two steps in order to change a tone for a new song. We play live performances which requires us to change the tone on the fly. Changing an effect is fine but sometimes we need to alter the whole sound to fit the song. Instead of just hitting "Bank" to go the presets we have set. Maybe a firmware update can add that option? Not every song is going to have the same sound which is why it needs to be accessed in order to properly change it without having to be a few seconds ahead of everyone else without messing up. 


    It would be nice indeed to have the possibility to assign a preset change to a stomp footswitch. Maybe you can submit the idea on Ideascale?


    In the meaning time, I will do what phil_m said: my Helix being connceted to a PC, I will use that to simulate this functionality.


    BTW, I use Bome Midi Translator on the PC, awesome piece of software (

  14. That's kind of problematic indeed.


    ... on the same subject, what exactly does the volume button affects?


    I will be using Helix as a replacement for my M13, meaning I won't use amp modelling (on stage anyway).


    If I use an empty preset, with no effects at all and no global EQ, and set the path output to 0db, on what position shall I turn the volume knob to have exactly the same volume/signal as the dry guitar input?

  15. As I don't want to make any assumptions....  Can the expression pedal control more than one parameter at a time?


    Specifically I'm looking to create a very specific effect that uses Delay and Reverb and also some control over levels and feedback...  the controller would adjust the Frequency of the delay as well as the level of Reverb and it may need to have a couple of other of the parameters tweaked at the same time.    Basically..  creating a Hyperspace Pedal if you know what that is.


    Again. to be clear.. not switching between paramaters.. but as example... as the pedal moves it slows down the delay's frequency, and increases the reverb's depth.


    Yes, it can. Up to 8 parameters I think.

  16. <deep breath>

    Amsterdam units have been sent to the Yamaha distributor and should head out to dealers early next week.

    Newark units shipped to dealers today.


    Great news.


    Unfortunately, I placed my order 3 weeks ago at my local store, so I don't think I will be in the first wave of shipment. Do you have any idea when the next wave will be?

  17. You don't have to waste a path on a tuner—just a Send block. Keep the Dry Thru parameter set to 0.0dB (the default), and Helix will always send signal to your Tuner. Nothing to engage at all.


    Actually, if you have two band members sharing Helix, you can add two of the same Sends so you can share the tuner.


    Perfect! Thank you :)

  18. Yep, I do want it on all the time.


    A parallel path just for the tuner? With the two amps with each one its effects and the mic (see my previous post) would I have one left?

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