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  1. I have used my POD HD with Studio Monitors, and always thought it sounded steril. My cheap and good sounding solution is one of these: http://www.thomann.de/de/the_box_ma120_mk_ii.htm
  2. ts020572

    Power Amp for POD HD Rack unit

    I use a POD HD 500 with this Poweramp through a 4x12 with Celestions V30: http://www.thomann.de/de/harley_benton_gpa_400.htm It stays really cold, even after one hour of loud playing, so you may put this amplifier in a small Rack with the POD Pro. It replaced my Carvin V3 and a G-Major, they get much love now at home. Does POD with Poweramp sound as good as my V3? A clear no! Is it as easy to dial in? No (and the V3 is not easy to dial in at all, many, many knobs). Does it sound good enough for me to have fun playing it? Of course! I love the flexibility. Does it sound good enough for my bandmates? Sure, they do care more about what I play.
  3. ts020572

    Looking for advice on good home speaker solution

    I bought a cheap stage monitor from Thomann, this one: http://www.thomann.de/de/the_box_ma120_mk_ii.htm sounds relly good and has kind of a dirty sound, not too much detail like my studio monitors. It sounds more like a guitar amp with it.
  4. ts020572

    HD500X - No new features...no updates?!

    It is funny how customers want always more. I bought my POD HD500 for what it was at that time. Would someone buy a car and complain a year later that there are no new tires for free? ;) For the price, the POD is a great product. Some midi footswitches (Voodoo Lab or Rocktron) cost more than a POD 500!
  5. I added a Mooer Hustle Drive. The modelled amplifiers react good with the volume pot from the guitar, but the modelled drive pedals don't. The Hustle Drive gives me that, with added gain and thickness. And it is so small that it fits in my POD case.
  6. ts020572

    Hd500: One Pedal For The Fx Loop

    I use a Mooer Hustle Drive in the FX loop. It is small enough to fit in my HD500 case, between the G30 and the power supplies.
  7. Maybe someone has tried that before: has the POD HD 500 Power Supply enough power to use it with the POD HD500 and the G30 Receiver at the same time?