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  1. Can I use L6link and FX Return from the DT50 at the same time?

    The idea is: control the DT50 per L6link from the POD HD, and switch the HX Stomp through MIDI from the POD HD.

    But, signal flow would be

    Guitar - HX Stomp - DT50 FX Return.


  2. My advice would be: keep anything digital or keep anything analog until you hit the poweramp.

    I have used analog overdrives or boosters with digital preamps,  it never sounded as good as with an analog (all tubes) preamp. 

  3. I would always prefer hardware vs software. Just plug the guitar in and jam along. And I like knobs and switches, not clicking around with the mouse.

    But I would get/keep both, Helix and Native, just for editing later on the computer.

  4. I can only answer from a HD500 perspective. A lot depends on the poweramp, with a tube poweramp I would use the Helix preamps, with a neutral poweramp I would use the full amp models. The 2x12 can only sound like it does, a closed 2x12 will never sound like an open 1x12. How loud do you play? Will the tube poweramp be cranked?


    I would use the full amp models with a neutral poweramp, no cabinet modelling (because you use a real cabinet), line level from Helix into the poweramp.


    I was never satisfied with my HD500 through a digital poweramp and a 4x12, and then I bought a used DT50 head :-)

  5. crossthestyx, if you are still not happy with your tone through the guitar cabinet, maybe get a used DT25 or DT50. They are a perfect match. Sure, you may even consider a regular tube amp, and the DT50 is a heavy beast to lug around, but if you like to have the flexibility of the POD, for me these are the two best solutions:


    POD with FRFR (and don't get a cheap one)

    POD with DT25/DT50


    I haven't tried a POD through the new Powercabs from Line 6.

  6. I used the POD HD500 in front of my amp, for wahwah, compression, chorus, boost....

    It is possible, but you have to get the levels right. I used it with these settings:

    studio direct, all FX in path A, mixer at 0 db, pan in the middle, path B muted, master volume at 100%.

    It also is a very flexible midi-controller, if your amp can handle midi.

  7. my advice would be, from my experience:


    if you love your Marshall Amp, keep it, do NOT get a POD, use analog FX or something like TC G-System. I use my POD HD500 only as MIDI-Controller because this bad boy is a tone-sucker. In my opinion the POD HDs are not made to work with a tube amplifier, it is always a compromise.


    If you want to have the flexibility of a digital guitar rig, buy a POD and a FRFR System.


    I unplugged everything from my tube amp last week at band rehearsal (POD HD in front, G-Major in FX Loop) and it was like night and day.

  8. I don't understand this discussion. I would not buy a 1500 Euro product, if I don't like the sounds it can produce without any updates. So, try it out, buy it or not. We can not just hope Line 6 will give us the amps we are missing. For me this is like buying a new car and expecting to get a reload of gas every three months...

  9. Their are thousands of ways with the pod....

    I would try to plug into the FX Return of your Marshall, and use the Marshall just as poweramp. I had a Valvestat 8080 years ago, and I think the ampsimulations in the POD are as good as the preamp in your VS100. The 4CM is a tonesucker, I would not recommend it.

    Statr with the Blackface, the Soldanos and the new Marshall, I like them most in the POD.

    It takes time to handle the POD :-)

    And read this guide, lot of really helpful information http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/

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