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  1. I need some help to get the best - and maybe least complicated - setup for using my HX Effects with two tube amps, only for FX (delay, reverb, chorus) in both FX loops.

    The amps will not be running at the same time. I would like to use the HX Effects as MIDI controller for both amps, one at MIDI Ch 1 and the other at MIDI Ch 2.

    I started with the idea using Path A and B at the HX FX, panned hard left and hard right, but I guess I could just use one path, even if I use Input 1 and 2, and Output 1 and 2?

    Connections are:

    Amp 1 FX send to HF FX Input 1, HX FX Output 1 to Amp 1 FX return

    Amp 2 FX send to HX FX Input 2, HX FX Output 2 to Amp 2 FX return


    Thanks in advance.

  2. I would share those presets, but the settings are stored at the DT50. The Stomp is just sending MIDI CC 122 and the values:


    0 = Channel A Voicing I

    1 = Channel A Voicing II

    2 = Channel A Voicing III

    3 = Channel A Voicing IV


    You have to use DT Edit.

  3. I started using my HX Stomp into Poweramp-In of my DT50 amplifier. First, I thought that it might be too much work with all the MIDI setup. But: I used DT Edit to change the Topologies I, II, III and IV to my needs (no mic, no cab, no reverb...) and programmed four HX Stomp Presets named Top I, Top II, ... as a starting point with the MIDI command for the DT50s Topologys in Command Center. Done!

    Played a preset with Topology IV and the Diezel Preamp, nice!!!

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  4. Besides the better amps, much(!) better overdrive/distortion pedals, it is just much faster and simpler to get a good sound out of it.

    Keep the POD HD500, it is a really flexible MIDI Controller. You could just buy the HX Stomp (if you do not need the missing features between Stomp and Helix) and control nearly everything with the HD500.

  5. I have played my DT50/HD500 through a 4x12 in rehearsal room for about 2 years. Last weak, I switched back to my Carvin V3 with the same 4x12. It just sounds so much more full and brutal, I am wondering if I do something wrong with my "Dream-Rig"?

    HD500 is connected through the Line6 Link Cable, I played at the same volume (with my bandmates), I start thinking it is just the tube preamp versus digital preamp that is doing the magic here…


    Any ideas?

  6. pianoguyy made the most important point:

    The POD will give you a "recorded" sound, because of the microphone and the cabinet that is simulated. If you like the sound of your CDs through your monitors, than you will also like the sound of the POD. But, metal guitars are doubled, compressed, whatever… so you will never get that Metallica "wall of guitars" with only one guitar track. But you can always double your tracks, this is where the fun starts :-) And also a very good exercise for your timing.

    For Metallica sounds I would start with the Threadplate or the Soldano simulations. Try different cabinets, mics, before you start using to much EQ.

    On ‎5‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 3:27 PM, Cturri10 said:

    I have considered buying the pod go or helix stomp (with external footswitch/expression pedal)

    I have the HX Stomp with the Mission Engineering Expression Pedal. Nice combo. If you don`t use MIDI maybe the POD Go is the better solution. For playing live I think the POD Go would be better, the HX Stomp looks like an octopus with all the cables…. but, you could also use your POD HD500 to control nearly everything from the HX Stomp per MIDI. Not an easy decision :-)


    For me the biggest difference between the POD HD and the Helix is "less tweaking". With POD you have to dig deeper to get a good sound, Helix just has them with less tweaking.


  7. Can I use L6link and FX Return from the DT50 at the same time?

    The idea is: control the DT50 per L6link from the POD HD, and switch the HX Stomp through MIDI from the POD HD.

    But, signal flow would be

    Guitar - HX Stomp - DT50 FX Return.


  8. I would always prefer hardware vs software. Just plug the guitar in and jam along. And I like knobs and switches, not clicking around with the mouse.

    But I would get/keep both, Helix and Native, just for editing later on the computer.

  9. I can only answer from a HD500 perspective. A lot depends on the poweramp, with a tube poweramp I would use the Helix preamps, with a neutral poweramp I would use the full amp models. The 2x12 can only sound like it does, a closed 2x12 will never sound like an open 1x12. How loud do you play? Will the tube poweramp be cranked?


    I would use the full amp models with a neutral poweramp, no cabinet modelling (because you use a real cabinet), line level from Helix into the poweramp.


    I was never satisfied with my HD500 through a digital poweramp and a 4x12, and then I bought a used DT50 head :-)

  10. crossthestyx, if you are still not happy with your tone through the guitar cabinet, maybe get a used DT25 or DT50. They are a perfect match. Sure, you may even consider a regular tube amp, and the DT50 is a heavy beast to lug around, but if you like to have the flexibility of the POD, for me these are the two best solutions:


    POD with FRFR (and don't get a cheap one)

    POD with DT25/DT50


    I haven't tried a POD through the new Powercabs from Line 6.

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