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  1. I used the POD HD500 in front of my amp, for wahwah, compression, chorus, boost....

    It is possible, but you have to get the levels right. I used it with these settings:

    studio direct, all FX in path A, mixer at 0 db, pan in the middle, path B muted, master volume at 100%.

    It also is a very flexible midi-controller, if your amp can handle midi.

  2. my advice would be, from my experience:


    if you love your Marshall Amp, keep it, do NOT get a POD, use analog FX or something like TC G-System. I use my POD HD500 only as MIDI-Controller because this bad boy is a tone-sucker. In my opinion the POD HDs are not made to work with a tube amplifier, it is always a compromise.


    If you want to have the flexibility of a digital guitar rig, buy a POD and a FRFR System.


    I unplugged everything from my tube amp last week at band rehearsal (POD HD in front, G-Major in FX Loop) and it was like night and day.

  3. I don't understand this discussion. I would not buy a 1500 Euro product, if I don't like the sounds it can produce without any updates. So, try it out, buy it or not. We can not just hope Line 6 will give us the amps we are missing. For me this is like buying a new car and expecting to get a reload of gas every three months...

  4. Their are thousands of ways with the pod....

    I would try to plug into the FX Return of your Marshall, and use the Marshall just as poweramp. I had a Valvestat 8080 years ago, and I think the ampsimulations in the POD are as good as the preamp in your VS100. The 4CM is a tonesucker, I would not recommend it.

    Statr with the Blackface, the Soldanos and the new Marshall, I like them most in the POD.

    It takes time to handle the POD :-)

    And read this guide, lot of really helpful information http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/

  5. 4cm is a tonesucker, and using a Mesa Triple Rec just as poweramp sounds like wasting money. I would use the POD in front, as wahwah, booster, noisegate,... and for midi-control if needed. Put something like a used TC G-Major in the Mesas loop and you are done.

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  6. the thing is: you have to find the amp/modeler/whatever device that makes you smile. Don't buy something new every few years. No, forget that, even if you found your dream-rig, G.A.S. won't stop :-) But invest in your most desired amp and you will be happy.

    A really good amp does not get weak as other devices hit the market.


    I bought a really nice amp (Carvin V3) and speaker years ago, and until today it is my most loved device. Just plug a guitar in and it feels and sounds great.

    But I also play a POD HD through a guitar cabinet with the band, just for the convenience to have every possible sound on board.

    The POD also works as midi-controller for my amp and multi-fx, so it was a good investment.


    Analog devices are the quickest way to find your sound. So as others have said, I would get a nice amp, maybe a used one.

    The small Laney amps, like Cub 12, sound really good and take pedals really well.

  7. I use a POD HD 500 with this Poweramp through a 4x12 with Celestions V30: http://www.thomann.de/de/harley_benton_gpa_400.htm

    It stays really cold, even after one hour of loud playing, so you may put this amplifier in a small Rack with the POD Pro.


    It replaced my Carvin V3 and a G-Major, they get much love now at home.

    Does POD with Poweramp sound as good as my V3? A clear no!

    Is it as easy to dial in? No (and the V3 is not easy to dial in at all, many, many knobs).

    Does it sound good enough for me to have fun playing it? Of course! I love the flexibility.

    Does it sound good enough for my bandmates? Sure, they do care more about what I play.

  8. It is funny how customers want always more. I bought my POD HD500 for what it was at that time. Would someone buy a car and complain a year later that there are no new tires for free? ;)

    For the price, the POD is a great product. Some midi footswitches (Voodoo Lab or Rocktron) cost more than a POD 500!

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