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  1. On 6/12/2022 at 11:34 AM, jalifid11 said:

    So I'm having an issue with the current build... I performed the update as instructed on my Helix floor.. Did the factory reset after the install... Reinstalled my back up , and now the unit freezes when I change patches (not snapshots, once I'm in the patch I'm fine).  When I leave the patch and choose another one further down or up in the bank, the entire unit freezes, and I have to power cycle to get the unit functioning again.  It's happened to me several times now.. I even went through the entire process of updating again, reinstalling the back up, and the unit still freezes when I change patches... Help...


    Did you get this problem resolved?


    I may be having a similar issue. And this is on Helix #2 (3.15), purchased 5 months ago. I've used it a few times without incident and then today at soundcheck it froze and I had to reboot. My older Helix, purchased 6 years ago and now permanently stationed on our tour bus, seems fine after the last servicing. I think it's still at 3.11.


  2. 1 hour ago, datacommando said:


    That's very bizarre - better contact Customer Support and raise a ticket. Sorry cannot suggest any other option.


    Hope this helps/makes sense.


    Thanks Data! Did that last night after dragging it up to my hotel room after the show and trying every single suggestion I could find.

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  3. On 3/24/2021 at 6:40 PM, chugchug said:

    Hey all,


    Brand new Helix LT owner here running into a really frustrating problem.


    After opening my LT for the first time, I connected it to my Mac (running OS SIerra), and attempted to update through the Line 6 Updater. About halfway through, it told me that the update failed.


    I did read the prompts prior to beginning the installation that said I would receive error messages and helix would reset, but mine never did. Instead, it's stuck on an update screen that reads "Updating UI MCU Firmware, please wait. Do not power off the unit."


    I waited about 40 minutes from this point to decide that something was wrong, so I started powercycling, attempting factory resets etc and nothing! It just returns to the same update screen. I'm incredibly frustrated. Has anyone dealt with this issue?


    Same thing happened to me yesterday at soundcheck, Sea World Orlando. Had to run to GC and buy another Helix. This is after running it every day for a week, playing through it, and turning it off at the end of the day, just to make sure there would be no problems on the first gig in 15 months. This is after updating to 3.10 almost 2 weeks ago (yes, I went through 3.01 first) Definitely not my first update, as I've owned my Helix for 5 years now and have relied on it for touring for the entire time.

  4. Same thing happened to me yesterday at soundcheck, Sea World Orlando. Had to run to GC and buy another Helix. This is after running it every day for a week, playing through it, and turning it off at the end of the day, just to make sure there would be no problems on the first gig in 15 months.

  5. If You don't have a lot of experience with these types of multifx then I would start very simply. Start with an empty patch and just start going thru amps until you find something you like. Make a few presets with that amp. Find another amp you like and do the same thing. You will be calibrating your ears to the sound of Helix amps. After that, add a reverb or delay after the amp. Put an overdrive in front of the amp. Experiment!

  6. I'm getting microphonic noise anytime I simply touch the vibrato arm. Of course it's very loud when using high gain sounds, but it's also nearly unusable with clean sounds, as using compression accentuates the noise. Anyone else having issues with this? Is this normal? I realize that it's only when using the models, due to the piezo pickups hearing anything connected to the bridge. 


    It's curious that I can't find any other threads about this. Anyone found a solution? I'm thinking about a tube of foam that could fit tightly over the business end of the bar.





  7. FWIW, I bought Helix almost entirely with the express idea of having S-Gear in a pedal form that I could play live with. Before Helix I had made some rudimentary steps toward trying to interface my computer with a Boss GT-10. It worked, but the ability to control effects in S-Gear would have necessitated midi routing thru the computer. Add to that, problems with latency, and just the unsexy idea of a computer on the floor next to my pedalboard took the wind out of my sails for that approach.


    I've been using S-Gear for recording nearly since it was released. No one ever asks if I'm using an amp or not. It's taken about 6 months, but I'm getting the Helix closer to the S-Gear sound and feel. The Litigator model really helped.

  8. I was hoping (probably unrealistically) that the swell effect would have a long enough attack time that it would perform duty as the automation effect I wished for on Ideascale.




    For the average "swell" effect I realize that 20-30 seconds is overkill, but it would work for gradually bringing in a parallel effect chain. 


    I'll keep wishing...

  9. Wow! Sorry to hear that, HO. I assume you opened a support ticket.


    I'm going to try and muddle through the next 2 weeks of gigs with a duff scribble strip. I'm attempting to copy my presets to another batch of slots and and modify them to always have the same function on the bad scribble strip, so I know what it is. For now I'll just leave the preset under that strip empty. I'll rethink the swapout/repair after the 1st of the year when things slow down.


    FYI, after speaking with a person at one of the repair facilities in my area (who said turnaround time could be as long as 4 weeks due to waiting on parts ?!) I'm thinking that Line 6 needs to make sure all their repair facilities have plenty of scribble strips on hand. 


    I'm placing a lot of faith in this device as well, putting it in checked baggage on a half dozen flights over the next couple of weeks. It's already logged over 6000 miles, probably.

  10. Scribble strips figured heavily into my purchasing decision as well, I know how you feel. This is probably a bad scribble strip and you most likely will end up having to contact Line6 for repair or replacement. However, it might be worth not just doing a global reset but also reflashing the firmware first to ensure it is not a corrupted firmware issue.



    Thanks, Honest! When you say "reflashing the firmware", do you mean re-loading version 2.10?

  11. Have not seen any other reports of this yet so it is most likely physical and coincidental. I would definitely try backing up and reflashing the firmware or even rolling back to experiment and find out though.



    This morning in my hotel room I backed up my presets, etc., and did a switch 9&10 reset. The problem is still there, even on factory presets, regardless of the FS configuration. I have another gig tonight, so I'm not that keen to try a roll back. It's more of an inconvenience than anything, but scribble strips was the deciding factor when I bought it. I use them a lot.

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  12. I voted on this a while back. In the meantime, I discovered that you can get an LFO type filter sweep sound using Sweep Echo. Just set the delay at 0 and the mix at 100%, and then play with the speed, depth, etc. controls. Works for me to simulate the synth patch on Seal's "Crazy".

  13. Great idea! I've used S-Gear for years to record guitar tracks. I rarely mic an amp anymore. After I got the Helix I started using it for recording but it didn't occur to me to use it as a "stomp box pedalboard" in front of S-Gear. Thanks for that!

  14. Hey y'all!


    I tour with a national act and I recently committed to a Helix/Variax rig. Most of our touring these days consists of fly dates, usually about 3-4 shows per week, and then everyone flies home. I rarely see our own backline, which lives in a trailer that is pulled by our tour bus. Gone are the days of going out for 6-8 weeks on the bus, since everyone has families. A lot of our shows now are 3 piece acoustic as well.


    For me, checking a suitcase, guitar, and pedalboard is the only way to go. I've hated playing thru at least half of the rented backline amps that we get when we do a band show, and long ago I made the commitment to go direct when we do acoustic shows (I always play electric with either lineup) I'm relatively new to Helix, but not to multiprocessors. I've generally been a Boss GTx guy, but when I heard the Helix, I was in. I had been thinking about a Variax for a while (one of our crew guys had a 700) so now I can replicate all the guitars, tunings, and even have some acoustic instruments. 


    I've only done a half dozen acoustic shows with the Helix so far, but I'm loving it. No problems so far with checking the Helix on the plane. It appears to be tour grade, but a good case is a must. We had some band shows booked this week in Florida but yesterday everything got cancelled because of the hurricane. I've been feverishly programming for the last few days and the Helix/Variax combination does almost everything I need it to do. Hoping for some eventual firmware updates that will complete the picture for me. I was really looking forward to using the Variax for the first time also.


    And anyone who has toured a lot knows that as nice as it is to play the cool vintage guitars onstage, I sleep a lot better knowing that they're safe at home and not subject to baggage handlers. Plus, if anything happens to the Helix/Variax, there's usually a GC nearby.


    Hope that helps!

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