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  1. the slight difference in sustain could be due also to the fact that the 700 doesn't have magnetic pickups attracting the strings

    which, consequently makes me think that different JTV pickups configurations may slightly affect the sustain of each specific JTV model, in addition of course to their height adjustments..


    It's also got a different bridge/tremolo, different woods, different strings, different nut, and is a different guitar. All of these also affect the sustain.

  2. I didn't ask for genuine parts to be carried by the local hobbystore. I'm requesting spare parts from Line6. The repairer in my case is the national distributor of line6 products. If they can't handle it I'd have to ship the guitar abroad, and then we're looking at repair-costs of $500-1000 or even more for an instrument that was broken as it left the factory.


    As I said, Line 6 doesn't sell spare parts, apart from those available in the online store (batteries, etc.) Your local Line 6 repairer can order in whatever parts they need, but you have no direct access to these. The only way to get this JTV repaired is to go through your Line 6 repairer unfortunately.

  3. Unfortunately, Line 6 uses a lot of custom parts for these switches and potentiometers. The only way to get this fixed is to get a Line 6 repairer to do it. There are essentially no spare parts available for the JTVs (apat from batteries, etc.), and your normal electronics shops don't carry these specialised parts.


    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You should be able to convince your repairer to get the part in rather than hold onto your guitar for 3 months however.

  4. To the OP, don't do it! The JTV batteries are expensive, and only last 2-3 years if maintained properly. If you leave the battery discharged for any extended period, there's a decent chance it'll be dead when you try to use it again. $50 more please.


    I have 700's and I'll be leaving them the way they came so Line 6 can't keep putting their hand in my pocket. You can also get the power adapter from Line 6, or power it off a VDI cable into a POD HD500/X. My JTV59 is powered off my 700 power adapter so I don't have to keep forking out for batteries.

  5. I ended up with a Variax 700 after initially intending to buy a Fender V GUitar. I went to GC to try it out, and the modelling was just awful. The store rep recommended I try the VG-99, which I did and it was definitely better, but still not up to scratch. I went home gearless and did a search on the internet and came across this variax thing I'd never heard of. A guy on youtube did an acoustic demo and it blew me away. I got a second-hand one and have been very happy ever since. Now, whether Line 6's results are due to the piezo pickups, rather than Roland's Magnetic pickups I'm not sure, although I suspect it has a lot to do with it.

  6. Now it's a month! 


    Seems like either Line6 isn't putting forth the resources to keep current customers (who have bought into the Variax and the PodHD line) satisfied, or if they are putting forth the resources, this issue is turning out to be a real pain to fix.


    Sure! Its nice to go ahead and release the upgrade for all the Variax players who don't use a Pod, but I'd think that we who have been loyal to both would be at least an equal priority. I've owned an XTL, an X3L, 2 HD500s and now I'm looking toward an HD500X and a couple of L3Ms to go with my JTV69, so no, I don't think I'm expecting too much if I'm a little impatient for this problem to be solved.


    I hope we don't find out that there is a hardware limitation that was overlooked, and is a deal breaker.


    Does anyone know if this limitation is inherent in the HD500X?


    I'll definitely not order an HD500X until I know that I can connect my JTV through it to workbench, and that there are no limitations to the functionality of workbench, edit, or the usb recording interface since I use the HD500 extensively with my DAW.


    I understand the disappointment but as has been said, development takes time, and every JTV was sold with a Workbench interface, so I don't think it's unreasonable of Line 6 to provide the update with the expectation that owners would still have them. I'm sure it is something they will eventually provide however (access using POD HD500/s/PRO). One month is a very small timeframe in the development world.

  7. Indeed Sir,


    And one thing I learnt early on in my career is that the final price has more to do with what people will pay then it does on manufacturing cost. God knows I pay a huge mark-up every time I buy coffee (a friend of mine started a small coffee shop and is astounded at the mark-up he can charge customers).


    Oregon: I must get there some time. I live in L.A. at the moment, and have not made it as far as Oregon so far, but I have heard it's beautiful. I picture lots of trees, but that may be just in my head.


    Now, where did I put that wine?


    ps: I can't believe I just mis-spelled Oregon twice. Apologies.

    pps: just to clarify, some of those comments you quoted were actually by spmartin, not me.

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  8. I can live with new strat with some tweaking on my sounds and string volume but don't tell me it's normal that small E string is so thin and empty

    just that cut at 1:35 makes me feel sorry about new strat


    Come on don't tell me it's an improvement :(


    In this demo, it sounds to me that a significant part of the difference is that v2 seems to be recorded at a slightly lower volume than the v1.9. Part of v1.9 sounding more "beefy" is this difference in volume. Only part to be sure, but it definitely seems to be the case to my ear.

  9. I'm going to respond and see if we can keep this breezy and fun.  That being said...   :)


    You operate from a handful of incorrect assumptions:


    1.  "...similar batteries"  Naturally, this is debatable.  There is a VERY wide range of quality in cells.

    2.  "Obviously they're making a profit, or they wouldn't do it."

          a.  I think they *are* making a profit.  At $50.  I was speaking to them quite possibly losing money at $20

          b.  You assume a profit motive.  I assume a support motive.  They are not an accessories company.  They don't need to make money on this.  

    3.  "Line 6 has no brick-and-mortar costs for their online..."

          It's complicated, but they need to compete with their own channel partners "fairly."  Meaning they can't ask Sweetwater to stock the battery and then undercut them.  Sweetwater probably buys the battery from L6 for around $25 and expects to make their margins.


    As I've pointed out elsewhere, my comments are not driven by ego or "blow-hardness" but by real-world experience.  I run product marketing for a company (known brand) that sells devices that run off similar batteries.  I probably am personally responsible for a couple of miliion batteries out there in the world.  (ouch)   If you were local, I'd buy you a beer and proceed to bore you with tales about things that might surprise you--like how expensive an accessories business is to run, etc.  


    Again, just providing a friendly voice of insider knowledge, not trying to be rude or a know-it-all.  Hope that's helpful.  If not--well, click "thumbs down" and move on.   ;)




    I'm going to try to keep this short: the only reason I disagree with you is you keep making statements as fact that are simply not so. (And it's derisory to say "I operate from a handful of incorrect assumptions". I don't operate from any assumptions at all. You use this as a way of establishing yourself as the arbiter of truth).  "I'm quite sure"....well no, you're not. You have no idea what their cost basis is. Or maybe you are quite sure, but you shouldn't be. You are not the only one with real world experience, nor the only one with product management experience. I too at least have both (although admittedly, not in the battery space). If you didn't present your opinions as fait accompli then we wouldn't need to have these chains. I'm not trying to be argumentative, but when you make statements of opinions as facts, and I disagree with the so-called facts, or incorrect representation of models, then I feel I have no choice but to try to provide a dissenting voice.


    If something is an established fact, then I'm happy to accept those, but everything else is opinion and should be presented as such. But I wish us both, and everybody else well. I'm just trying to keep the discussion balanced and absent of mis-information to the extent possible. I value everybody's opinions, but get irked when anyone says "well, just believe me: this is the way it is" (not that you quite put it like that).


    I'd happiiy have a beer with you anytime, although I'm more of a wine drinker. :)


    Peace my brother.

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  10. I'm quite sure that they would be losing money if they sold a battery for $20.


    Highly doubtful they'd be losing money given Chinese companies can sell similar batteries for $6. Obviously they're making a profit, or they wouldn't do it. And it's not like Line 6 has brick-and-mortar costs for their online battery shop. Nope, a tidy mark-up is in play here.


    That being said, $50 seems to be around the going rate for Genuine Sony Batteries for their camcorders, so it seems like this is the price-point that the market will sustain for these things. Mind you, I haven't bought a second battery due to the cost so I guess they missed my price-point (plus I use either the HD500 or the power-pack generally, with the battery there in case I can't get power).

  11. This is far too minor a point to debate with you. You are quibbling about terminology when I had pretty much agreed with you previously and was just pointing out that idea scale is inherently biased by power users and so couldn't be looked at as anything more than a single data point with a whole lot of caveats. If you disagree with this, I suppose you can reply here, but I'm guessing the other people reading this thread would rather we took this offline. :)


    Well, I don't agree it's a minor point. I also agreed with you but essentially, you somewhat dismissed the poll by saying it was just representative of "the chosen ones". I think the poll has more worth than that.

  12. Right, that's why I said "and their ilk."  I would paint this group with the same brush as beta testers in terms of their biases.   Point of my statement was you have to ask all customers, not just the ones that went to the trouble to seek you out.  The kind of people that participate in online bulletin boards aren't indicative of the broader market--they are "power users."  Their opinions are great, but they can't tell you what the market as a whole will do so you have to make sure you're looking at a sample that covers more than just these types of customers.


    I'm not disagreeing that there will be a bias. Beta testers are a very specific group, often hand-selected by the manufacturer. "and their ilk" would still fall into the "hand-selected" group, and worse, has a negative connotation. This is not representative of the structure of IdeaScale at all. So, while I agree with the intent of your post, this part of your argument is fallacious. I do agree that this is biased and does not necessarily represent the broader market, but no statistical sampling ever does, hence degrees of confidence.

  13. Nice.  


    Though we should keep in mind that things like IdeaScale represent a REALLY skewed perception of reality.  Beta testers and their ilk are great for identifying new opportunities, but downright dismal for determining priorities.  


    Ummm, they're not Beta testers. Anyone who has an interest in Line 6 product direction can register and vote.

  14. Following, would be a list of choices that would include having access to non-HD models, but would also include other features that were being considered. My hunch from reading this board would be that there are at least a dozen features that would rank ahead of non-HD model access.


    Just my $0.02.


    This information is effectively available to us at ideascale, where:


    Nylon String:                         115 Votes

    New Models:                           43 Votes

    Old Acoustic Models on JTV:    8 Votes

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  15. That being said, I would make sure the voltage is a match and chemistry is a match and the battery is capable of the same or higher current draw.  Also, don't forget to buy a charger...




    I've checked the voltage. They're both 7.4. The current draw is not really relevant for batteries. The mAh is similar so it will be fine.


    That being said, I wouldn't try it without checking the electrical connections are the same on both. But it is plausible that this may work.

  16. snhirsch and Charlie_Watt are correct.


    BTW, in my quest to be frugal, I began wondering where to get some backup batteries cheaper than $50 each. This one looks suspiciously like the Line 6 version. Almost identical specs, shape etc.


    I am sure they did not pay to design a proprietary battery for their guitars. Probably just found a reliable source in China, and built the guitar around it. At the price of the one linked above, I should just get it and see if it fits. No much downside if the electrical specs are correct.


    Not identical, but the voltage and mAh looks good, but there appears to be a difference in the packaging in the back. Not sure if it would fit a JTV or not. Plus, one would want to test the connections before plugging it in to anything.

  17. As would I. There are things I like about the new firmware, but in several models I prefer the 1.9 variants.



    Theres alot of admiration of the Emperor's new clothes here.


    Totally incorrect and somewhat arrogant analogy.


    I happen to prefer the new models/tones. That means that we have a difference of opinion, and it doesn't make either of us right or wrong. I respect your opinion; please don't belittle mine.



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  18. I still think making your own guitar from scratch on the Variax is ridiculous no matter how you spin it.

    You do not have the same tools as Line 6 to create pickup and body convolutions/algorithms correctly.


    Like I said, maybe adding a bit more depth in what you can edit would be alright, but that depends if the current coding will allow that without having to rewrite everything again.


    I say just add more bodies and pickups. That's honestly all we really need. SG, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, stuff like that.

    It all depends on how much memory is left on the JTV to be used though.



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