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  1. There's an excellent article here about guitar pickups:


    Basically, a Humbucker has a lower resonant frequency than a single-coil. So, cut the high frequencies, and boost one of the lower frequencies as the first stage in your signal chain. My guess would be boost around 3KHz, and cut everything above that, but I don't have my equipment with me to try it. Good Luck.

  2. I haven't tried this, but I suspect that you could get away with a pretty small amp on-stage, and also go through the PA. By having at least some of your signal coming from the same place as the other guitarist, our ears might well be fine with it. The PA is then used as your main power, but effectively reinforces the on-stage amp. This would allow you to keep the portability of the HD500 to some degree since a small amp (maybe even say 10 or 15W) would still be fairly portable. I'm guessing at the size, but this is how the sound reinforcement is done at the Hollywood Bowl (although technically on the reinforcement, there is a slight delay as our ears perceive the first sound we ear as the direction it is coming from, then it is reinforced deliberately slightly later by speakers to the sides). Might be worth a try anyway, and if you do try it, report back.

  3. I'm also a little concerned in the original YouTube video L6 posted yesterday about the 500x, L6 compared the POD HD 500 to the iPhone 4 with the HD500x being the iPhone 4s....that leads me to believe if I'm going to stick with Line 6 for my rack FX and amp modeling, I'll need to buy a new device every year just like I do with apple (although I get the iPhone's for free since I simply trade in the older iPhone....hmm something to think about Line 6 a trade in program right???)


    Hi Colin,


    For the record, you most certainly do not get the upgraded iPhone for nothing. They sign you up to a new contract each time. The iPhone is effectively paid for by taking payments out each month. It's simply a way of doing financing, and making the end-user think they get it for nothing. Part of your monthly bill is for Apple, part for your telephone company. The rates are cheaper if you already own the phone.


    I am however a tad disappointed that Line 6 seems to have a separate firmware release for the HD500x. The differences are so small compared to the HD500, yet with it's own firmware relase I am concerned that over time the HD500x will get updated, but the HD500 will not. Like it hasn't be all year, despite indications at the beginning of the year we were about to get some exciting new features. Definitely a concern. I'd just like to see some of the most obvious things fixed, especially the ludicrous % frequency. I like the sounds, but come on, fix some of the simple. There's some crazy stuff in there. I just hope I don't see the fixes in the HD500x, and not in the HD500. That will definitely make me worry about line 6's concern about their customers. And while I'm ranting, whatever happened to JTV acoustics and JTV Basses? Line 6 said they were definitely in their thoughts 3 years ago. I guess that's still the case. Not sure what's happening over there, but things have been slower the last year or two (maybe everyone was busy working on their sound-stage stuff).

  4. Technically, they are different beasts so it's not really possible to convert one to the other. The XT has many more amp models, so how would you 'convert' those? You could possibly write something that did an approximate conversion, but it wouldn't be very accurate. Unfortunately, this means any tones you want will have to be created from scratch, or using an existing customtone as a starting point. I haven't looked at XT tones for a while, but if you could load them up in an editor and look at them, you could approximate them yourself using the HD editor, then tweak as necessary.


    Good Luck.

  5. At the end of the day, Line 6 is a business. I can see no incentive for them to provide an upgrade. Technically, it would be a pain, and people here are saying they'd only pay $40 for it. I don't know much about these DSPs, but if they're not pin-for-pin identical, you'd need a new motherboard, not just the DSP. Plus possibly ancilliary components. Plus a new case cover or stencil to make it match the HD500X (since it's upgraded), plus new leds and corresponding layout for the switches. Well over $40 without labour, and without their profit margin.


    I think they should just do what they're going to do, and release the HD500X and those who want it, buy it and sell your HD500 on the second-hand market. Everybody wins.


    My 2c.



  6. Hi Sheri,


    P(ower) = V(oltage) x I(current)


    So at 200W, 120V we have 200 = 120 x I,


    giving us


    I ~= 1.7 Amps.


    To double check, the slow-blow fuse on the back of the US DT25 says to use a 2.0Amp fuse (1.0Amp for the 240V models).


    Therefore, you can use any power transformer in Aus that delivers 2A or higher. It must provide at least 2A or theoretically, you could start a fire.


    This would do nicely (rated at 250W/2.2A):


  7. Hey sheri,


    Oh well. It was worth asking. I'm impressed that Musicans Friend will ship to Oz now. They never used to. And free shipping on an Amp from overseas. Nice!


    re: 110v. I have some 110V equipment in Oz. You just need a power converter. I got a really nice one from Jaycar which I use all the time. It's a bit of a pain, but it means I don't have to be concerned if I want to buy US stuff.

  8. I can't remember exactly, but I know the manager got in trouble 'cause h eunder-charged me. I'd still call them and ask them their price though, as they're usually very competitive, and maybe they can ship to Melbourne. At the very least, you may be able to use it to bargain locally.

  9. FWIW, I got my DT25 through Mall Music at Warringah Mall. They special ordered it, but I always find their service and prices excellent. Plus, that means you have an Australian warranty if anything goes wrong. I am in no way affiliated with them, but after Allens-Billy Hydes started ripping everybody off, I found their prices so much better.

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