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  1. Copy and paste:


    We read every single IdeaScale submission. Personally, I check it twice a day, and on Fridays, my entire department gets an email with all submissions received the previous week. We couldn't avoid it if we tried.

    No feature is ever "easy to implement". Extensive testing is required for very minor changes, in case a compiling anomaly breaks something else. Some feature you believe may be bonehead simple may be extremely difficult (or impossible) to implement, due to myriad factors. For example, POD HD's EQs not displaying in dB or Hz deals with the method in which the DSP and MCU communicate. It would require fundamental architectural changes, and preclude fifteen other feature requests.


    Hi igloo,


    I just wanted to add an idea here in response to the difficulty of implementing displaying of EQs in Hz. This is one of the highest requests on ideascale, and my reading of your post says it is a major piece of work. In case it hasn't been considered, I'd like to suggest a simple solution: At the display stage, simply store a lookup table of percentage to Hz for each EQ type. It is a hack? Yes. But, it's simple and would provide the functionality. If it's a choice between the prefect engineering solution never implemented, or a bit of a hack good-to-go with no real down side, I think the second is a reasonable choice. As a user, I don't care about the engineering as long as it does what I expect. In any case, your team may have already considered this option. I just wanted to suggest a possible simple solution here since it's such an important feature (I use an external EQ now, since I have no idea what the values on the HD500 EQ means).


    Cheers, and thanks for posting here.



  2. Welcome.


    For me the key is to think of the dream rig, especially when starting out, exactly the same way you would think of the independent components, with the added abillity to quickly and easily switch any or all of the components.


    So for your example, think of what you would do to get a good 12-string sound normally., A 12 string guitar (courtesy of the JTV), a compressor, perhaps some reverb and/or delay, an amp on low gain and low enough volume so you're not distorting the power section (unlike what you might do for an electric guitar). So, amp set to voicing 1 (american clean), triode mode. And of course, EQ-ing the amp for the sound you want. Possibly EQ in the HD500 if the amp can't give you what you want.

  3. Cheers. DT Edit is no-go as I'm using a Mac. Yep, been to those pages but they only link to the App store and then you get a message saying there no longer there.


    Check Zaps links again. DTEdit has an OSX version so you can run it on your Mac.

  4. Not sure if this will help, but you never know. I haven't tired to update, and it probably uses proprietary software to do so, but:


    I recently updated my FCB1010 firmware using a midisport MIDI interface. It gave me enourmous trouble. Latest drivers, etc. all useless. I finally fixed it by reducing the block size I believe, and possibly increasing the delay between blocks. I think it was the block size though that fixed it. Unfortunately, it's all from memory as I'm overseas. The point is, with the midisport interfaces, it seems that they are a little flaky and you may need to find a way to slow the transmission down by chunking the data if possible.


    Just a thought in case it helps.

  5. Yamaha make excellent music products.


    Line 6 has been very innovative, but their QA has been poor. There's a good chance Yamaha will fix this, hopefully not at the cost of Line 6's innovation. They usually keep most of the existing staff and management when they buy.


    This could well be a good thing for the customers. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.


    And it would be awesome if they move the guitar production facilities to Japan! (But I doubt this will happen).

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  6. There is no cable connected to this shaver converter that I mentioned.  It's just a plug head with a 1A fuse in it.  So the EU cable they sent me would get plugged directly into the back of it.  So I imagine it would be fine with a 5A fuse in it.


    The problem is the same. You have no way of knowing the current carrying capacity of internal wiring or connection blocks and could start a fire. The only guaranteed safe way is a converter plug that's rated for the voltage and current you will be carrying. Travel plug converters should be available cheaply at a local electronics shop. But again, check the ratings on the packet.

  7. It says 'Shaver Only' on it, but I'm assuming that's because it only has a 1 amp fuse in it.  If I put a 5 amp fuse in there would that be safe to use also?


    No. Do not do this. The fuse is also protecting the cable. If you try to draw 10A through a 1A rated wire, you will overheat the wire and start a fire.


    You need to use a cable which is rated at least as high as the current your device is drawing, in this case, 10A. From what I recall, the DT25 has a fuse in it (I don't have mine here). If the DT25 has a fuse in it, there is no need for a separate fuse in the power cable, but the cable must still be rated at at least 10A.

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  8. I went with the Shaller Gold 3x3:



    Drop-in replacement. As you noted in your first post, chrome is cheaper at $85 from allparts (possibly cheaper elsewhere). I tried the Gotoh but for me, I preferred the locking mechanism of the Shallers but I also preferred the size of the tuning head of the Shallers. They're physically bigger than the Gotoh heads and seemed to be more in balance with the size of the JTV59 headstock. Purely an individual aesthetic choice on that one.

  9. I don't expect new features for nothing, but I do expect bug fixes for nothing. Free bug fixes happen with all digital pedals, and do with Line 6 products as well, but it usually doesn't take 3 years.

  10. This is a waste of a firmware real people even still work for Line 6? Do they know about IdeaScale (hahahaha, right?)? You have 75% of your vocal users looking for EQ updates and new amps, and we get better functionality with over-priced Full Range PA speakers.......awesome.

    Maybe the one guy who works on POD HD these days has taken a lot of vacation this year. I have to confess, since buying the HD500 when it first came out, I've been extremely disapointed with the time it has been taking Line 6 to do things on it. I guess they figure there's more money in other areas of the business. It'd be nice to see a release of a model pack people could pay for, simultaneously with the major requests on Ideascale that should have been in the original release (values on EQs anyone). They could fix some issues, while also generating new income from the model packs. Maybe 2016.

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