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  1. I am running my Helix with a Blackstar Series One 45 using the 4CM and I am not noticing these issues. What I did was create a rhythm channel that is just a send/return to my amp and a noise gate. A very simple patch. I would try something like that and see what you get. Maybe just create a patch with a send/return to your amp and see what it sounds like. I also believe you can set the send/returns to line or instrument level. You might want to test that as well.

  2. I just got my Helix and love it. I have a gig on the 30th out of state so I have been looking frantically for a road case. I ended up buying this one for $115.




    It's quite well made for the price and it fits fairly well. With the Helix inside there is about a 1 inch gap around all four sides. So I bought a 1x4 and attached foam to each side and now the Helix fights just right. Not bad for around $125.






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