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  1. Hi Guys, I wrote hoping someone can answer my question.


    I have a DT25 combo that i bought 2nd hand, I had to replace the stock power tubes and put a pair of JJ. I don't remember how it was before because there was a considerable amount since I played on that amp... Well, Class A mode sound louder (huge difference) than Class A/B (and it supposed that A/B are 25 watts and A 10). Anyone as any idea that what could happened? Class A/B mode sounds loud as I remember class A/B mode, but brighter... and class A/B almost a 1/3 lower than A at the same volume...


    I think that is not right... but I don't remember which mode sounded louder before...





    Sorry if I wrote something wrong, English isn´t my primary language. I'm from Chile.



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