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  1. Hi Toonmarty. Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. The problem may be similar in that I can modify models using the Variax Workbench software but it wont write to the guitar memory. instead I get an error message and the modified patch displays some random symbols when reconnected to the Workbench software. I have gone back and reinstalled the Variax firmware and the patch affected resets to the original patch so it seems that some data is being written to the guitar . Have resigned myself to this as a problem that wont be cured. I will have to use the modified patch as connected to the Workbench software. I don't know if this is a firmware/compatibility OS issue. I have followed the instructions from a number of suggestions and still failed. I even went as far as using an old PC with Windows Vista 32bit OS and the original disk that came with the workbench hardware. This worked previously on the machine but now has the same error so I'm starting to think this might be an issue of the compatibility of the Variax Firmware in relation to the versions of Java/The version of the workbench software. Sorry I can't be of more help. I appreciate just how frustrating this can be. If ever you manage to crack this problem, I would love to hear from you. Kind regards Andy
  2. Hi folks First of all thank you for coming back to me on this. Sorry, I should have been more specific. The Variax 300 is connected up via the Line 6 USB Interface (clear plastic hexagonal unit ) that came with Workbench v1.0. I huave tried varying the USB ports and same result. Same for the changing the cables (both and ethernet cat 5). Same results. One thing I did notice is that the patch that I did amend showed up at the refresh with some weird some odd symbols in the text title - as if corrupted in some way so there must be something getting through. Also using the L6 Monkey I was able to update the Variax 300 firmware and patches. Reset it to version 3.10 and the corrupted patch was reset to the original value. So something must be getting through the USB interface unit in the direction of the Variax 300. Took it back to basics. Got an old laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit OS and uninstalled all Java content and Line 6 apps. Using the original disc that came with the Workbench package I installed the L6 Monkey Workbench V1.0 and Java V1.4.2.07 from the original disc. This worked on this system previously . Not anymore. Does this suggest that the USB driver update is no longer compatible with older versions of Java and Workbench or the 3.10 Variax firmware is not compatible with older versions Any advice appreciated. Andy
  3. Hi all Hope somone can help. I own a variax 300 and have managed to install the non HD version of Workbench on a Windows 10 machine by using the troubleshoot compatibility function and have set it to correct for Windows Vista (where it did work). I am also running an older version of JAVA (32 bit version 1.6) and have updated to the latest USB firmware. I can get it to recognise the USB interface and Variax and can load the patches to the Workbench. However, when I try to send any revised patches back to the Variax I get the message Has anyone else seen this kind of thing before? It's like the Variax has timed out. Also the message header is relating to a MIDI issue. Why - as there are no MIDI connections in the process? Any help greatly appreciated. Love my Variax but this is driving me to distraction!
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