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  1. Olá, amigos!

    Recordings and playbacks are not obeing me.

    I can´t have looping the recordings and not the playbacks!

    They keep looping or stopping both at the same time.

    Allways we want Recordings keeping play all night long, correct? And the Playbacks stopping at the end of music for to have some talk with the audience.

    But that isn´t happening with me.

    When I stop the looping, it stops for both Recordings and Playbacks. That´s tremendous boring, man!

    Please, help me!



  2. Olá, amigos!

    I think that 4 GB SD Cards also works well in it, doesn´t it?

    If not, I suggest here and now, we create a 2 GB SD Card bank, to supply all the nice people, Spider Jam Fans spreaded all around the world. Because one of my passions in life is my Spider Jam amp. The unique and inimitable Spider Jam! Long Live Rock´n´Roll!


  3. Line6 has the worst pós-selling procedures in the world.

    No information about upgrades, no visit to its offices, no good neighbouring politics.

    Only good people on the forums.

    I would like to invite all my friends to come to visit me in Copacabana Beach on Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.

    Nice to meet you too!

    God Bless Us All!




  4. Dear psarkissian,


    I´d like to visit Calabasas this summer and I want to know the possibilities to visit Line6 plant with you.

    If you could recomend a hotel nearby it will be great too.

    Let´s meet the Spider Jam fantastic team and even make a jam with my backing tracks.

    Please, my good friend, make this dream come true.


    Tight hug,

    Carlos Bluesman



  5. Dear Sir.

    Sorry for the bother, but the only firmware I found was this to JM4 Looper. 

    I don´t know if it will fit for my Spider Jam Amp.

    Afterall it cames in .bin extension, also very complicate to open.

    Please, take a look and show me the way to make those upgrades:




    You're downloading Flash Memory 2.09
    Filesize: 333.13 MB
    MD5: b36fc639eb8440b92344bc43d26fc517
    If your download does not start, click here
    Firmware v2.09 Release Notes: 
    • Eliminated slight delay when entering Record mode.
    • Fixed problem with extended-ascii characters in file names.
    • Fixed Undo issue for recordings loaded directly from SD-Card, where the last two overdubs would be erased instead of only the most recent one.
    v2.09 Firmware Update Instructions:
    • After you download the v2.09 update to your computer, please click here for step by step instructions on how to install the update. (Instructions are for v2.07, but they are essentially the same for v2.09)
    JM4 Looper Advanced Guide:
    • For in-depth info on features and functionality of the JM4 not included in the Pilot's Handbook, check out the JM4 Looper Advanced Guide here.
    • The v2.09 update will erase all the internal recordings you have made. If you want to save them, use an SD card to create backups (via the TRANSFER ALL TO CARDcommand) then copy them from your SD card onto your PC for safe keeping (using an SD card reader). You can then reload your files using an SD card at any time after you�ve completed the update.


    NOTE: an MD5 Checksum is a file validating algorithm which we use so that you can verify that files you download from this site are not corrupted during the download process. If you have problems downloading or installing the file on this page, make a note of the MD5 checksum posted above, then click HERE to download the Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility. Instructions for using this utility are on the page it is downloaded from.


  6. But, why nobody told me to make this upgrade?

    And why there is new ones with green labels wrote 2.0?

    Line 6 pos-selling procedures are very nazy.  Doesn´t inform the costumer about the news concerning to the product proudly bought.

    Well, thanks a lot, psarkissian! Hugs to Lando Karlrissian of Star Wars!

    Carlos Bluesman 

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  7. Amigos,


    Where can I find a YouTube converter or a simple MP3 converter, to WAV 16 Bits 44100 Mono, official format to play in Spider Jam and JM4 Looper?

    It seems that iTunes has stopped to provide that and I very desperated, because I´ll must to prepare a new repertoire sooner.

    From now on I am very thankfull for your help.

    Please, help me!



    Carlos Bluesman

  8. 1) You should format it in the recommended FAT.

    2) Thou shalt not write the titels of tunes with simbols: " ' ? / # * + % & $ etc.etc.

    3) Number them from 001- to 100-

    4) Safe the tunes inside a file named: LINE6 into the SDCard. Otherwise it will not open the file.

    5) And so on...

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