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  1. How do you get the Firehawk FX to recognize when a pedal has been plugged into the exp 2 jack?

    I've tried Line 6 exp pedals, M-audio exp pedals and a Behringer volume/exp pedal.

    Looking at the manual, it seems like it should recognize it once plugged in. Im running 1.30 on firehawk and the remote app is 1.3.3, build 068.

    The scenario I want is: Exp 1- wah only (when toe switch is activated) and Exp 2- volume always.

  2. Really started this thread just for discussion for future reference. But having said that I'm seriously thinking of buying a Headrush strictly for the looper.

    It hits all the right marks for a performance looper; Long available loop time, variable Loop decay, the ability to "Punch-in" undo of last layer and add to that on-board effects.

  3. I think phil_m makes an important point that "Stereo" is not necessarily the same thing as "dual mono".

    So, is the ping-pong delay a dual mono effect?Using this logic any stereo effect placed before a ping pong delay set at full wet would sum to mono, Yet this is not the case,only the reverbs do this... Frankly I don't understand his aurgument at all. I have an eventide H9 (Not dual mono) when I run direct out of Helix stereo L/R using a Ping pong delay into the stereo inputs of the H9 set to a reverb algorithm full wet, I still clearly and fully and hear with crystal clarity the back and forth delay. 

  4. I think I follow what both of you are getting at. Shouldn't a stereo effect that has stereo inputs and stereo outputs retain stereo separation whether it is 100% wet or not? In my head at least, wet versus dry just refers to the amount of direct signal being mixed with effected signal. It seems that even if only the effected signal is being passed through the block(100% Mix) shouldn't it still maintain stereo separation all the way from the block's input thru to output?

    That's exactly the way it should be to my thinking as well. A stereo reverb shouldn't nullify a stereo image at the output. But I have a feeling this is intentional, It was the same way with the old PodHD STUFF TOO. 

  5. It seems to me this is working as it should. If the the mix (wet/dry balance) on the reverb is at 100%, there is no dry signal and therefore no panning. If you decrease the mix towards 50%, the panning slowly reappears.

    But the reverb should process the input, whatever is at the input should be reflected at the output,even if the mix is at 100%. If what you're saying is true then full wet = summed to mono at verb input.

  6. No mistake about it, using the STEREO panner, hard square wave before the STEREO glitz verb w/ the reverb mix set to 100%, there is absolutely NO stereo panning going on.
    In fact if i play a note without the verb engaged the sound is hard bounced back n forth BUT, when i engage the glitz as stated above the panning effect is nulled, completely bypassed.

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  7. To clatify, it appears the inputs of HX verbs are summed to mono but the outputs are stereo. So if you have a ping pong delay going into a new verb with the verb mix at 100% wet you will lose the ping ponging of the delay though the verb will be stereo.

    Not to sound bitchy but if this is the truth...it sucks.

  8. When using the new HX reverbs in Helix I noticed that if I have say, a ping pong delay before any of the HX verbs if I turn the wet mix to 100% the ping pong delay gets summed to mono.

    Why is L6 doing this again? This was one of the reasons I hated Pod HD stuff.

    Anybody else getting this?

  9. Can anyone recommend or provide a scenario for expanding yhe I/O on the Helix.

    Digital expansion would be best if available.

    I'm looking in to setting up my Helix as the "Heart and Brain" of my studio, so that I can consolidate my all of my studio rack gear, external loopers, etc...

    Basically, I want to be able to shuffle any output to any input or buss any sound to any input. All synced via Helixes Midi clock.

    Anyone here doing this sort of thing? Ideas much appreciated.


  10. This would be my scheme for a Helix TT; No on board screen, Helix Native or IOS deep edit control ONLY. AD/DA Conversion from Helix, Same dual processors, Stereo effect loop (like LT), midi in/out, Small, standard complement of controls on unit face (like Amplifi TT), Option for Floorboard expansion and maybe integrated wireless as on Spider V . 

    All in a smallish little desktop box.

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