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  1. hideout

    Fishman amp in front of Helix

    I think it’s just something that’s easily ignored.
  2. hideout

    Helix vs Axe-Fx III

    I don’t disagree but it’s pretty difficult to go to a store to check out a Fractal. And actually, because of that, I automatically disqualify the Fractal. No try, no buy.
  3. hideout

    Fishman amp in front of Helix

    And therein lies the beauty of the Helix. oh and don’t forget about the Helix’s Aux Input. Plug the acoustic guitar there.
  4. hideout

    Fishman amp in front of Helix

    Or you could go, Acoustic Guitar > Helix Input Helix FX Send > Fishman Input Fishman FX Send > Helix FX Return Helix Ouput > Fishman FX Return. In this way, you can place the Fishman's preamp anywhere in the Helix's signal chain.
  5. hideout

    2.82 Update

    This should be the first thing mentioned when reading about this update. I was updating from 2.70 to 2.82. My update experience went through with out a hitch! I don't really understand the need for this instruction before you download the update though - I actually forgot to do it but that didn't seem to be a problem.
  6. hideout

    2.82 Update

    The only issue I had was some errors when selecting Snapshots but that’s about it. Just be sure you follow the instructions to the letter. Go Slowly and Pay Attention!
  7. Still amazing. Still consistently sounding great. Still don't need anything else for gigging.
  8. hideout

    Fender mustang foot switch compatibility

    What kind of connector do they use? They might be but only partially. If they use a TRS connector, I think the Helix considers those to be an expression pedal. Not sure how the Helix would deal with a Foot switch connected via TRS. I believe those foot switches are also latching and not momentary contact. That might be a problem too.
  9. hideout

    What Is Your Method For Dialling In An Amp On Helix

    Yup. Pretty similar to what I do. The main difference might be that I go for the sounds I’ve heard on recordings. I’ve always taken this approach to guitar sound which is why most amps disappoint me.
  10. hideout

    A&C block vs. Amp block + Cab Block - resources used

    They have that feature in Adobe Lightroom where you can select which parameters to copy. Not sure why it can’t be done for HX Edit.
  11. hideout

    Ah the Helix... three and a half years in...

    Yup. I feel dat! Oh sure, there are pedals such as those made by Strymon that intrigue me but there's nothing out there that keeps me from gigging.
  12. hideout

    A&C block vs. Amp block + Cab Block - resources used

    We could really use a "Copy Block Settings" as well as "Paste Block Settings" feature in the editor. Just like they do in photo editing apps. Obviously, this would only be applicable to the amp and cab blocks.
  13. hideout

    2.82 Update

    I instinctively tried this but had no success. What did work was to delete a few effects blocks and then hit the "Undo" button until they're all back and then hit "Save". I had not tried it but maybe just deleting one block and then undoing it would have worked just as well.
  14. hideout

    2.82 Update

    I was going from 2.70 to 2.82.
  15. hideout

    2.82 Update

    Oops... Anybody else having this issue? It would seem that 2 of my presets are affected by this.
  16. hideout

    Why helix hardware sounds better than the plugin??

    The sound quality Helix Native is subject to the quality of your audio interface's A/D converter.
  17. hideout

    Snapshot reselect - 2.8 update feature

    I still wish they'd implemented my idea of Two Phase Snapshots. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Two-Phase-Snapshot-Footswitches-Mode/857489-23508
  18. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    I just don’t want to have to roll back. Life keeps me pretty busy so I want to upgrade and stay there. I’m sure a stable version will come. And as I like to say, for me, there’s nothing missing in 2.70. I just don’t want to be too far back in the firmware versions.
  19. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Not taking any chances
  20. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Well, I don't need that.
  21. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Thank you, sir.
  22. hideout

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    As a Mac user, I am very curious to see if other Mac users have had issues with the update. I’m admittedly quite nervous about doing it and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m quite happy with my Helix at 2.7. Actually, I was quite content with the previous version and not in any way taken advantage of or used any of the additions in 2.7.
  23. Well, I may only gig on weekends now but there's no way I could do it without the Helix. I live on an island and getting off and back again, especially in the summertime, just to get the Helix fixed is not an option. The update and the Helix can get borked by a simple USB cable or USB port? Nooo thank you. It ain't broke and I'm still very happy with it the way it is at 2.7... no update for me.
  24. hideout

    Expression pedal bug

    Now, I am definitely waiting for the next maintenance update as I'm still happy with 2.70. Do not need the headache.