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  1. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    I agree. It would also help to have a frequency response chart for these speakers so that we can get a better idea of how they actually reproduce input signals.
  2. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    One concern I have is that it's supposedly "Flat Response" but they also say it's "Tuned for guitar"... huh? Ya can't have both, folks.
  3. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    Connecting any powered speaker to a powered subwoofer, at least the ones that I've seen, shouldn't be a problem at all. As far as I know, they all have a built-in crossover so that their XLR outputs would have the appropriate frequencies being sent to the main speakers. In this scenario, you do not need that subwoofer contouring button. I know that a lot of powered speakers meant for PA use have a 'Subwoofer' setting but that is there if you choose to route the output to the sub via submix output on the mixing board. It keeps the mains from putting out too much low end and muddying up the mix. This has the advantage of giving you more control over the low end content and adjust it to better suit the room. However, most small 4-8 channel mixers do not have this feature.
  4. hideout

    Headrush FRFR

    I'm curious as to how well it would perform as a powered PA speaker as well as one for your modeler.
  5. hideout

    Can Helix be used as a serious Audio Interface?

    Agreed. I would also add that (and I posted this elsewhere before) I wish Line 6 would port the Helix to UAD as a UNISON plugin. THAT would be killer! Love my Apollo Quad!
  6. hideout

    Can Helix be used as a serious Audio Interface?

    I cannot recommend the UAD Apollo enough. No, its mic preamps are likely not leaps and bounds better than those on a $500 interface but its ability to let you track through plugins live is a godsend!
  7. hideout

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    Dang. Seems a bit limiting.
  8. hideout

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    I wonder if you could power it with a USB charger? Have you tried that?
  9. hideout

    BeatBuddy with Helix looper using MIDI

    Not sure that the Helix's looper can send out midi messages but I could be wrong. As far as I can tell, the Helix's looper is merely a convenience feature and is very very basic. I continue to use my Boss RC-10XL because of that. Well, that and the fact that I'm very used to the RC and don't need to form new habits for a different looper. If the Helix's looper had more capacity I might have a different opinion.
  10. hideout

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    Because as Steve Jobs once said, making something that’s very complicated easy to use is very very difficult. This is also compounded by how engineers think. They have zero clue, nor do they seem to care about how non-engineers might use the things they design.
  11. hideout

    Are the Helix 1/4" outs balanced?

    It’s likely that the mixer you connect to have individual phantom power switches. That’s rare in most smaller mixing boards - especially the ubiquitous 8 - 12 channel variety.
  12. Accurate AND stable! Love it!
  13. hideout

    Stay safe

    I second that!
  14. hideout

    Bass combo as a helix “frfr”

    I think it it should work quite well. The only thing you might have to do is cut the low end a bit. Since it’s designed for bass, it’s designed to accentuate the low frequencies more so than the others.
  15. hideout

    Does Helix effects loop work like real amp?

    I don’t get how separating the preamps and power amps would reveal anything about what’s going on behind the scenes in the amp models. That makes zero sense to me.
  16. hideout

    Does Helix effects loop work like real amp?

    However, lots of us have signed up and voted up the idea for separate preamp and power amp models in IdeaScale. Please join and upvote it! Thanks. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Independent-pre-and-power-amp-blocks/748793-23508#idea-tab-details
  17. hideout

    That's it???

  18. hideout

    That's it???

  19. hideout

    That's it???

    Well, since you seem to think you know more than they do, why don’t you mozie on down to their development lab and take over the amp model development department and get some new amp models out the door? The simple fact of the matter is, no one but the Line 6 guys and gals knows what it takes to get amp models done. So unless you are intimate with the details of how they create our wishes, you’ve got nooo credibility here and yeah, you sound completely entitled.
  20. hideout

    I want a Helix Riser!

    It doesn't necessarily have to be wireless. It should work with a USB adapter and cable.
  21. hideout

    Any UAD2 users out there?

    I think the Helix ported over to the UAD Apollo series as a Unison Plugin would be completely killer!
  22. Indeed! A tape saturation effect is something I’ve hoped for for a long time now.
  23. Anyone out there know of the Helix maintains its user preset memory with a lithium battery like ye pedals of olde?
  24. hideout

    Helix preset memory - does it use a battery?

    Just curious myself. I just continue to be surprised by what remnants of old tech the bean counters force manufacturers to use to save a penny. Even when the newer tech has come down to reasonable prices, the glut of old tech that is cheaper still are foisted upon us. Case in point, transformer based external and internal power supplies.
  25. hideout

    Best Way to Connect to Small Speakers

    I like the Audioengine A2s but at their price point, you may as well look at actual monitors.