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  1. To avoid confusion, they should really call It Block Level or Output Level not Channel Volume. That would just make things a lot easier to understand. Nomenclature, Line 6, nomenclature!
  2. Ah. Just as I'd suspected. I asked because of the way the OP had written it in his post. The word order made it look like the Master Volume determined the block's output. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. So what's the signal flow? Is the Master before the Channel Volume or after? It would make sense to me if it is before the Channel Volume. Otherwise, what's doing what?
  4. Where in the preamp block? As far as I know, the Helix doesn't have separate preamp and power amp blocks. Is it between them or after?
  5. hideout

    Helix arriving soon

    Wow. Thanks for all the great advice, my friends!! Slurp...
  6. hideout

    Helix arriving soon

    Hmmm... There's a song in there somewhere...
  7. hideout

    Helix arriving soon

    You think I'm not drooling now? Lol
  8. hideout

    Helix arriving soon

    Bwaha! Funny... but not helping. :lol:
  9. Hi, all. I just got word that my own Helix has shipped and is on its way. Any suggestions as to what I should do first?
  10. Well, if you look at the diagram on the Helix's screen, you can see how the signal chain is set up. You can pretty much put anything anywhere except for in between the preamp and power amp. Generally, people like to put Mods, Verbs and Delays after the amp and cab like they would in a recording studio. That, however, yields a more 'refined', cleaner sound and it won't sound like what you'd get if you plugged those same effects into the effects loop of an amp.
  11. Yes. This is a feature that a few have asked for and it's already in Line6 IdeaScale. It would be nice to have a virtual effect loop between the modeled preamps and power amps. This is in keeping with how a spring reverb is situated in a real amp or the chorus effect in the JC-120. If it's important enough to you, go vote it up there - http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Separate-preamp-poweramp-cab-blocks/551666-23508
  12. Don't scare me with stories like this. Mine's on its way.
  13. Hmmm... I'm suspicious of the fact that while some claim that the tape fails to hold properly, others claim to have difficulty removing the tape. Leads me to think that some did not clean the surfaces well enough causing the sticky tape to fail.
  14. Interesting. What's their main flaw?
  15. Well, if you're not so handy as the OP is, this seems like a very nice option. Love the mounting system too. https://reverb.com/item/670514-temple-audio-design-duo-24-24-5-x-12-5-pedalboard-w-soft-case-temple-red
  16. I don't really understand the need for this. Is it just to elevate it further? Could someone please explain?
  17. So, what does it mean when they change the status of your idea submission from "Active" to "In Review"?
  18. I'm soon to be in the same boat, Spikey. I hope to have the same experience as you.
  19. I usually like to go to the extreme settings just so I know what I'm getting and then back off from there.
  20. So I take it that the Volume knob is as programmable as the rest of the Helix's controls? Couldn't we assign the Preset volume to this knob?
  21. Preset Volume. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Shortcut-to-Preset-Volume-UPDATE!/806548-23508
  22. Great tip!! Seeing as the Volume wheel is programmable, I'm going to amend my IdeaScale suggestion. Instead of creating a shortcut to the Preset Volume, make it available on the main Volume Wheel.
  23. Please upvote this if you agree. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Shortcut-to-Preset-Volume/806548-23508
  24. I think they only have so many resources. I mean, you can't really expect them to hold back a product that's ready just so that they can do a simultaneous release of it and the editor. That would be lost revenue - not good. Also, I believe that the development of the Helix was likely an "All hands on deck" effort. I think that the Helix would be less than the product that it is today or its release would have taken a lot longer if they'd tried to develop and release both the Helix and the editor as well. I don't have mine yet and can hardly wait to get my mitts on one. Thus, I'm happy to prop mine on a table when it arrives until the editor comes along.
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