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    2.5 reverbs?

    I don't think I would ever expect the Helix to be able to compete with a dedicated reverb like the Big Sky. The Helix's processors are busy... very busy, I think. I think it's going to take the next generation of the Helix before we could even hope to get the reverb to that vaunted level.
  2. hideout

    New forum layout suuuucks

    This drove me nuts too but thankfully, they seem to have fixed it.
  3. Oh now you guys are getting brutal... I love it!
  4. Upstairs on the eighth floor of a four storey building, I'd suspect. Either that or at the Common Sense Department of his brain.
  5. hideout

    New forum layout suuuucks

    Ugh. That’s horrid. Makes me think of a certain company’s account activation process. Really super confusing and very poorly thought out.
  6. hideout

    New forum layout suuuucks

    Heh heheh. One thing I don’t like is that you can’t tell who posted last at a glance anymore.
  7. hideout

    Helix lt is officaly mine But!!

    Yeah, it's that $500.00 threshold for most people. I bought mine about a year after the first Helix came out so there was no other choice. I suspect that I would feel the same as you had I bought later and opted for the LT. I am very glad indeed to have the Helix.
  8. We lack curiosity? Hardly. We're just not curious about the one thing that you are curious about. To me at least, the thing you are fixated on is completely irrelevant. I get the sounds that I want and my curiosity lies in experimentation - trying things. Unusual combinations and effects chains that are impossible to do in the real world, for example. I'm not curious about whether or not the default settings of the extra amp parameters are accurate or true to the real amp because of all the reasons people here have already said. Think about it for a minute. If you're modeling an amplifier, wouldn't you want to start with the device as-is? Now, I'm not sure if Line 6 owns all of the ams they model (somehow I doubt that) but even if they did, they would have to physically mod the amp first in order for the default settings to be inaccurate. What possible reason would they have to do that when doing so would basically render that amp a totally different beast than what it was? Doesn't make sense. As for you not trusting your own ears, well, no amount of data will help alleviate that. Your ears will remain as fickle as they are now and you'll still experience the same "love it today, hate it tomorrow" bit. If that is not the case, then the issue is psychological and I stand by my statement that what you're fixated on is really not important with regard to how the Helix sounds. Back to your curiosity comment, without said curiosity, none of us whom are happy with Helix now would have gotten to this level of satisfaction. You need to be curious about the inner workings of the device to get the most out of it. Heck, you have to be curious just to even want to try an amp modeler. You have to want to ask "What if?" If that isn't curiosity, I don't what is.
  9. hideout

    Repurpose Unused Snapshots

    I think it would be cool if we could combine snapshots and stomp switches in a row. I also wish we had an A/B option for each snapshot footswitch. Like this. That way, if you're Helix is always in the Snap/Preset mode like mine, you could have 8 snapshots for each preset. I wonder, would it get unwieldy if the preset foot switches also had 2 presets from which you could A/B? What do you guys think?
  10. Well, ain’t this just fittin’? Yesterday I was singing its praises today, just before a gig, my Helix is producing nothing but distorted sounds no matter what I do. This sucks!!
  11. hideout

    Well, just as I was waxing poetic about it...

    No problems there. The staff where I play know how to keep the riff-raff from touching anything of mine.
  12. hideout

    Well, just as I was waxing poetic about it...

    Last night's incident will be forever ingrained in my noggin and will make a habit of checking that button first. I seldom fail to do a "preflight" check before I turn things on so checking the Phantom Power after the Trim and Level knobs will be added on to my habits.
  13. hideout

    It might be my imagination...

    But i don't care. It sure seems like the overall sound of the models in 2.53 is smoother. I wasn't looking or expecting any drastic changes but just happened to notice that it was slightly different and in a good way. Maybe I'm crazy... but I don't care - I like it!
  14. hideout

    Well, just as I was waxing poetic about it...

    Well, if it happens again, maybe but I don’t think it’ll be necessary.
  15. hideout

    Well, just as I was waxing poetic about it...

    Ugh! Thanks but never mind. The phantom power button was accidentally pushed on on my mixer. Gonna have to watch that sucker in the future! Thanks again, guys!
  16. hideout

    Strymon Big Sky altering amp sound

    Man, I'd love a Big Sky but I can't bring myself to bring yet another thing to hook up at my gigs. I have a Digitech Polaris and it sounds quite good not Big Sky good but quite pleasing to play through and it stays in the studio. The other thing is that its sound is only appropriate for a few things so I end using it so sparingly in the studio that it's just not worth bringing to gigs. But I love that sound.... aaahhh!
  17. hideout

    Getting a fuller sound?

    Yup, that's preamp distortion for ya. Me No Likey.
  18. hideout

    It might be my imagination...

    Not sure you would notice the difference in a recording. It's as I'm playing through the Helix that I notice a difference. Yes it's subtle. I wasn't looking for a difference, I was just making sure my patches were unaffected in a way that was not to my liking. They weren't. That's when I noticed the difference and even though I can't precisely put my finger on it to describe it accurately, I like it!
  19. hideout

    It might be my imagination...

    Maybe... but it helps and I'm having a great time!
  20. hideout

    Helix Dynamics - attack

    In what way is it "always the same"? Is it that when you play softly, the amount of dirt is the same or is the volume the same or both? If the dirt stays the same whether you are picking hard or softly then a compressor in front of the amp won't help. Put it after the amp block. If it's the volume that stays the same, play with the Sag and Bias controls. Less Sag will give you more dramatic differences in volume but... this is all happening in the digital domain and thus you actual perceived differences in volume may not be dramatic as what you would experience with a tube amp. That last part, to me, is not a negative. I like to control and squish the dynamic difference between the softest and the lowest parts of my sound because it's more practical. In a live situation, you got other instruments playing and not all of the players on stage are immediately in tune with other players' dynamics and will continue to bash on at the same volume no matter what (I hate that but hey...). So what happens is that without compression, all the softer things you do and all the dynamics in your playing gets completely buried. With a properly set compressor, you can sound like you're playing softly but still be heard.
  21. hideout

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    So... what's the consensus? Thanks.
  22. hideout

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Thanks, man!
  23. hideout

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    :rolleyes: I mean, are there any issues, serious problems, glitches, whatever?
  24. hideout


    It would seem that when it comes to upgrading the helix, Ambiguity is the root of all evil.