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  1. I personally don’t care line6’s choice in log curve on the Helix. Hence I have submitted an idea in Ideascale for variable log curves. In this department, I miss the GT-8’s log curve.
  2. Just goes to show ya. We all hear things differently. I find that the Helix can be both bottom heavy and too bright and fizzy - if you don’t make good use of the low and hi cuts. The EQ is quite capable also and I have no issues with either excessive lows or highs. As for the Helix not behaving like the GNX4 to your guitar’s volume control, well... it’s a Helix, not a GNX4.
  3. This sounds suspiciously like you had the Cab Sims turned on while playing the modeler through an amp.
  4. hideout


    Have you tried a combination of slap back echo and a room verb?
  5. The little circle is superfluous and an annoyance at best.
  6. hideout

    Power Cab 112

    Speaking of FRFR, has anyone tried the me Bose S1 Pro?
  7. hideout

    Power Cab 112

    Ok, I’ll give you that but bringing in yet another device like a Torpedo... nah. I’m still waiting for a lightweight stereo powered FRFR. Then I’m in.
  8. hideout

    Power Cab 112

    Well, except that a tube amp absolutely positively needs a load (a speaker) connected to its output. No ifs ands or buts about this. Thus, you’d have to bring your regular cab as well as the Power Cab. Not solving anything there.
  9. Well, they’ve managed to get rid of the annoying black bar but in its place is a somewhat less annoying yet still irritating black circle with a question mark. Guys, it doesn’t need to always be visible to be useful!
  10. hideout

    Power Cab 112

    It all depends on how efficient the speaker is. The 1000 watts from any powered speaker doesn't guarantee that it will be four times louder than the 250 watt unit.
  11. The most perfect description of the Helix’s tuner to date!
  12. I am simpatico with the OP here for 2 reasons. 1) smelling that new electronics smell when you first open the box and remove the plastic covers is part of the experience - especially when you’re opening something as significant and expensive as the Helix. 2) It was sold as a new sealed item by the retailer. If the protective plastic strips and the smell of new electronics were both gone then to me it means that it had spent an inordinate amount of time outside the original packaging and been been used by someone. Carefully yes, but still used. It should have been sold as “B-Stock” at a small discount as a matter of principle.
  13. It’s a disaster caused by stupidity or at least, inatentiveness.
  14. Hmmm... They featured its "whammy" effect on this video. Single note only but if it can do polyphonic pitch shifting better than the Helix, that's a very attractive feature for some folks.
  15. And sometimes, ain't nobody got a choice but that.
  16. Hmmm... but... that's a reasonable approach... what's the point in that? Then he can't fret about whether or not those default values are accurate or not.
  17. That black bar off to the right on my phone is highly annoying! I can’t make it go away! WTF?!
  18. Yup. The low to medium gain sounds and response on the XT-Live were at best, sub-par compared to the GT-8.
  19. I agree. I was a GT-8 user and love the Helix. The feel and response as well as its sonics are what really tipped me towards keeping it. That said, I had no trouble shaping the amp models to get sounds I wanted in the GT. No they weren’t as good as the Helix but they weren’t horrible. The feel and response however, and although they were far superior to the XT-Live, was still not like the Helix. A long time has passed since the GT-8. I don’t believe that nothing has changed or improved in Boss’s modeling technology. I’m gonna reserve judgement until I actually play with one.
  20. hideout

    2.5 reverbs?

    I don't think I would ever expect the Helix to be able to compete with a dedicated reverb like the Big Sky. The Helix's processors are busy... very busy, I think. I think it's going to take the next generation of the Helix before we could even hope to get the reverb to that vaunted level.
  21. This drove me nuts too but thankfully, they seem to have fixed it.
  22. Upstairs on the eighth floor of a four storey building, I'd suspect. Either that or at the Common Sense Department of his brain.
  23. Ugh. That’s horrid. Makes me think of a certain company’s account activation process. Really super confusing and very poorly thought out.
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