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    Helix Dynamics - attack

    In what way is it "always the same"? Is it that when you play softly, the amount of dirt is the same or is the volume the same or both? If the dirt stays the same whether you are picking hard or softly then a compressor in front of the amp won't help. Put it after the amp block. If it's the volume that stays the same, play with the Sag and Bias controls. Less Sag will give you more dramatic differences in volume but... this is all happening in the digital domain and thus you actual perceived differences in volume may not be dramatic as what you would experience with a tube amp. That last part, to me, is not a negative. I like to control and squish the dynamic difference between the softest and the lowest parts of my sound because it's more practical. In a live situation, you got other instruments playing and not all of the players on stage are immediately in tune with other players' dynamics and will continue to bash on at the same volume no matter what (I hate that but hey...). So what happens is that without compression, all the softer things you do and all the dynamics in your playing gets completely buried. With a properly set compressor, you can sound like you're playing softly but still be heard.
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    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    So... what's the consensus? Thanks.
  3. hideout

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    Thanks, man!
  4. hideout

    So, where are we at now? 2.53?

    :rolleyes: I mean, are there any issues, serious problems, glitches, whatever?
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    It would seem that when it comes to upgrading the helix, Ambiguity is the root of all evil.
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    Off topic but very cool John Mayer

    He's getting more credit than Peter Frampton did in his day. Frampton was highly melodic and tasteful IMHO but guys (mostly) dismissed him because he was a "pretty boy". I think there was also a lot of male resentment that women swooned over him. I see the same attitude towards Mayer but is more muted.
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    Can't seem to view this page on my phone.

    They must be reworking the mobile version as my laptop has no issues with the site.
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    Helix direct to PA settings

    One more question; Could you describe your signal chain?
  9. hideout

    Helix direct to PA settings

    Maybe ive missed it but I don’t think so. The one thing that’s conspicuously absent in your responses is whether or not you’ve played with the high cut on the cab sim. You’ve talked about high cuts on the global EQ and the parametric EQ but not the cab sim. Nor have you mentioned trying different mic types and positioning in the cab sims. This is crucial. If you’ve ignored this portion of the Helix it’s no wonder that you’re having trouble. No amount of fiddling with the EQ, global or parametric, is going to help. Changing mic types can affect your overall sound in ways that no EQ can. There are phase relationships and sonic characteristics in microphones that are simply not attainable via EQ. Also, the amp model in combination with the cab sims IS an amp emulator. So I’m going to ask point blank. Have you adjusted the high cut or tried different mics and positions on the cab sims? If not, I’d say there’s your trouble.
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    Full amp impulse response

    Are you essentially asking for the Helix to do what the Kemper does? It can’t do that. If not, what you’re proposing might be an interesting experiment.
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    Oh No - HX Effects Boot Error

  12. hideout

    How long is the firmware update supposed to take?

    Feels like the vetting process for these updates isn’t very thorough.
  13. hideout

    How long is the firmware update supposed to take?

    Hoo boy... this is making me nervous. I want to try 2.5 but maybe I’ll wait. As I’ve done in the past. The new reverbs are enticing but I’m not sure it’s worth the risk. Maybe this is why Roland/Boss pretty much never put out updates to the GT series. My Helix is working perfectly in 2.3 and I need it working at all times.
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    Love the Lonestar

    Far too many people do!!!
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    Anyone Else Underwhelmed?

    I don’t think that doubling up on the power amps is necessarily a bad thing. Real tube amps have to get fairly loud to get to the power tubes’ sweet spot. Using the Helix’s power tube emulation can mitigate this and you can have that feel at any volume. That’s a plus, I’d say.
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    Interesting article...

    Sounds like you'll soon reacquaint yourself to playing for fun again. I too have been playing professionally for many years (30+ in my case).
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    Interesting article...

    I wonder if he's tried the Helix yet. Dr. Z on modeling tech
  18. hideout

    Interesting article...

    I am talking about playing for my own enjoyment, not practicing. I practice with my guitar unplugged mostly.
  19. hideout

    Interesting article...

    I’m not looking for that holy grail of tone. The Helix gives me most of what I want tone wise. The Princeton, as I said, has its sweetspot. I just can’t use that sweetspot if I want to use a drive pedal as well.
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    Interesting article...

    The thing that kept me from keeping mine is that that one sound isn’t nearly enough even when I’m just playing at home for my own enjoyment.
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    Interesting article...

    Well, as much as I do love tubes, their limitations really get in my way. I sold a Blackface Princeton RI some months ago and every now and then I reminisce about the way it sounded. Then I remember that it really only had one wondrous sound... ONE. I didn't care for its cranked sound nor the way it worked with pedals. The sheen that I like to dial in for my clean sounds made the overdriven sounds way too buzzy for my liking so the only way to make it workable was to sacrifice some of that sheen to smooth out the overdrive sounds to some degree. This made both sounds a compromise and this is a maddening proposition to me. Here's this amp that has an amazing sound that I like but I can't use that sound if I want to use pedals in front of it. Since even the lowly Boss GT-5, this compromise has, for me, ceased to exist. No those devices weren't quite there sonically but the instantaneous nature and flexibility of even those early pedals pretty much paved the way for me to move on from using tube amps. The Helix has a far superior feel to its amp simulations compared to other devices I've used but it still falls the tiniest (and I do mean tiny) bit short of the glory of the Princeton's one amazing (to me) sound and psychoacoustic effects. I'm sure this would apply to any great sounding tube amp... BUT, the degree to which modelers like the Helix have come to close that gap makes the loss pretty much negligible, at least, to me. I think that maybe the psychoacoustic (amp in the room) thing may be the last remaining hurdle.
  22. hideout

    Just cant craft a bad sound?!

    Well, that and the fact that Roland/Boss never really put out any firmware updates even though some of their gear were capable of receiving them.
  23. hideout

    Just cant craft a bad sound?!

    Indeed. We can now do things that would simply be impractical, if not impossible with real gear. I’ll take this kind of control and flexibility over “real†gear every time!
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    Helix Screen Error - Need Help

    The 1k tone is just a Test tone to verify that audio signals are being sent. It’s also used to calibrate audio levels.