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  1. Yes, they were both connected. It worked fine up until the point where the amp went into Recovery Mode. That was exactly what I was setting up on the AMPLIFI, a cabless, ampless setup to run the Firehawk through.
  2. Well, I fixed my problem by starting the amp in recovery mode (probably not needed but did it anyway) by holding tap and tone while turning the app on, then I pressed the bluetooth button and paired with my phone (i had previously removed the old pairing). Then I went to the AMPLIFI Remote and updated the firmware. That was it, it works again.
  3. I had problems with that when I updated my AMPLIFI yesterday, instead of updating over usb I re-paired with Bluetooth and ran the update from my phone. Btw, did you try and put the amp in Recovery Mode? Hold down tone and tap while you turn on the amp should put it into Recovery Mode.
  4. Hey, I was setting my AMPLIFI 150 up as an amplifier for my new Firehawk FX board. I had both the AMPLIFI and the Firehawk FX paired to my phone and I was switching between the Firehawk app and the AMPLIFI app to set stuff up. I had set up a sound with no effects, no amp and no cam and it was working fine. Then I was steaming a song (to the AMPLIFI) to match a tone to that song, but suddenly I didn't get any guitar tone out of the AMPLIFI (but still the steaming music). I decided to cold boot the AMPLIFI, so I turned it off and then back on. After that the AMPLIFI was in Recovery Mode with the 4 flashing LEDs. I was not updating anything on the AMPLIFI at this point, only steaming music. Any idea what might have happend? Regards, Sune
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