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  1. Have you tried doing a reset or reinstalling the firmware? I'm not really sure what the problem is. I've had mine since '08 and it's still going strong but I haven't gigged with it.




    Firmware update:




    Factory reset: Spider Jam: Hold down the settings/tone button as you turn on the power and hold the button for 5-8 seconds.

  2. Thanks, how is the expirence with a 600ohm an hd500x?


    Do you need to turn a lot your volumen?

    Maybe Im going for the DT990

    I really like the 990's and I turn the pods master to max when I practice with those phones. The 990's are really comfortable and they're open backed. I got them as a gift some years back and really like them.


    The lower ohm DTs are probably pretty good too.


    The Bose AE are good too and sound great but the DTs just feel good cause they have a lot of room for my ears to breathe.

  3. Yup. This happens to us all, because perception is not a mathematical equation, nor does it have the precision of a Swiss watch. With the exception of cases where the device itself is genuinely malfunctioning, there are a million and one things that can make it SEEM as though the patch sounds different from one day to the next...but it's got nothing to do with the hardware. It's all about the software in your head, and what happens between your ears and your brain. Good mood, bad mood, headache, ingrown toenail, had a fight with the wife, kid wrecked your car, the weather sucks, you won $100 on a scratch-off, the guy at work whom you've despised for the last 30 years keels over in his cubicle...the patch is exactly the same as it was yesterday, but you're not.


    That was COOL! Ha

  4. I use my HD500 1/4" out into the SJ's Aux. I use studio direct mode on the pod. I'm not sure off hand if I have the switch next to the pods pedal set to "Line" or not but you can try both. Also you can try the different pod modes like "Combo Front" or the others just depends on what you hear and like. Don't forget the SJ has settings for the Aux input like a compressor, reverb, delay, EQ and volume level. I usually start with my pod "on" with the master down and then turn on the SJ then crank it's master volume all the way then start to open up the pod's master to test my level.

  5. How are you plugging into the Spider 4, is it as clean as can be? The Spider Jam 75 I have has an AUX in. Which output mode in the pod are you using?


    I found this while searching:



    Re: Hooking up the POD HD 500 to Spider III 75 watt amp?
    by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-05-16 17:02:25.1600

    I don't know if this trick works on the Spider III as I haven't tried it, but for the Spider IV and Spider Valve MkII if you hold down the Tap button as you power on it puts the amp in test mode which bypasses all the DSP stuff and you can then feed the HD500 output into the front of the amp and treat it as you would a power amp.  I had reasonable success setting the HD500 output mode to Combo Pwr Amp as I recall with the Spider IV 150.  if that trick doesn't work, you can make up a special cable or use a 1/4" to 1/8" jack plug adapter and you can use the CD/MP3 Input (but the Spider III will still need a dummy jack plug into the normal front input to activate the CD input).



  6. The Classic Distortion is definitely usable but I don't know what the purpose of the filter control is. I'm suspecting that is what is contributing to that really snarling, nasal tone that just screeches.


    But is there a way I can use the pedal but really tone down that screech?


    Which amps are you using it with or is it doing it with all the amps you try? Do you put an EQ before your pedals and after your guitar? What does your entire set up consist of?

  7. The A,B,C,D switches can be used as midi controller In the POD HD 500x. It works all fine in the midi assign menu, BUT! After saving and exit from menu the HD 500 dont send midi signal. After enter to the assign menu again, the A, B, C ,D switches works. Its all works fine only when I see the midi assign menu on the LCD. Is there any option, what I dont know, or is it an error in my HD 500?


    That's how my HD500 works. Only when I'm in the MIDI menu.

  8. All I can attest to is that some strange glitches, bugs and hardware issues can happen with it. Anything from sudden volume issues to footswitches not responding properly and other things but overall my HD500 still seems to work for the most part and I still have the original power supply. On the other hand I don't gig with it so it doesn't get roughed up, subject to other power sources or exposed to the weather. It does however have many hours on it and has never been taken apart. I can say the same thing about my X3 Pro.

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  9. Im getting the 50 version..lot of videos where i was pleased with the DT sound was about the 50 version , se maybe there is this magical thing about EL34 tube. Im also getting he 50 version for being absolutely sure to be able to use it what ever the situation is (live /rehearsal ). Hope i will not be defeated with low power mode. Does is sound good ?? shall I have two different versions of the same patche for LOW volume and normal volume mode ?? or using pre amp version with low volume mode adds power amp simulation to the sound ??


    I use low power mode at home and it's strong. Sounds great. Your patches might be different with the mode switch so make them appropriately. Test out your sound whenever you make changes like different guitars, different rooms and outdoors.

  10. Why does Line 6 limit my computers? What is the point of buying line 6 products if I can't move them to other computers? I have an HD 500x, and an interface and a HD 300, I want to use the edits and get updates etc. I get messages saying I have too many devices, how is this possible?


    Either call them or do a support ticket asking them if they can help you with your situation.

  11. The HD500 USB connector seems not much more fragile than most but was intended for recessed mounting, as on this Epson scanner: attachicon.gifScanUSB.jpeg

    Flush-mounting on a foot switch box begs for trouble, IMO, particularly when semi-permanently USB-connected to an iMac.

    Adding a block to virtually recess connectors provides roughly 1 oz prevention by first tracing left-most 7 connectors on paper:  attachicon.gifblocktrace.jpeg

    then drilling a block of 5/4 inch wood to match and duct-tapng it to the HD500 bottom:  attachicon.gifHD500block1.jpeg

    This block helps make power connection by feel:  attachicon.gifHD500blocktop.jpeg


    ​​Very good idea. Thanks for sharing it. I see your point about the USB in the HD500 and x model were designed for recessed mounting. The USB in my Toneport UX2 was way better IMO and it's a flush mounted version as well. I'm not sure why they did it that way but I'll say it was cost saving for the manufacturer's.


    I've been handling mine with extreme care when I use it, lol.

  12. Hey!


    Happy to say the amp is working again as it should. Just plugged the amp this morning (while doing the reset again) and it was working at normal volume. Did the l6 link again but there were no output issues this time. Everything seems ok :) This is the best amp i've ever tried, can't belive how good it sounds, specially paired with my HD500x. There's a Vox AC30 in our rehearsal place and did some comparison just to find that DT 50 is really there.


    Would love to know the fix to that output problem, since i found some people having the same issue, but in my case it was just letting the amp rest all the night. Maybe some problems when pairing the amp and the HD500x for the first time, but who knows..


    Edit: Yep CraigGT, it can blow your walls. Played it today with Master at 20% in topology II and it almost made me bleed :lol: Dt-25 was my first choice but then saw those DT50 at that hot price and it was a no-brainer :)


    Glad you got it working. You have to admit this little glitch can put a damper on the fun part, lol.

  13. Hi Everyone, im an old time Line 6 user but new to DT amps.


    Here is my problem. I just received today a brand new DT 50 112 (yes, i know its discontinued, but for some reason some DT 50's appeared on Thomann recently at a very low price. All of them sold quickly as you could guess) Out of the box and direct to my guitar it sounded just perfect. Problems started when i decided to L6 link to my Pod HD 500x. Volume was quite low, and after some settings here and there, i realized that even at full level in Gain, Volume, and Master Knobs (in both amp and HD 500) it sounded weaker than my old Mustang IV at 5. Then i switched back to direct input and the volume was still quite low, in fact the amp sounded louder in Full LVM than normal, which is enough evidence to notice that something is going wrong inside the amp. Tried to do a factory reset but nothing changed. All tubes seems to be working. Preamp tubes have a very dim light (as little as a spark), but don´t know if this is the normal thing since im new to tube amps.


    I want to think its just a firmware problem, but I'm fearing to send it back to Thomann with just one hour of use :( Quite sad because at first it sounded just perfect. Its a killer amp!


    Thanks for your help




    You should do a support ticket and/or call Line 6 tech.

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