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  1. Not at all, after reading what you guys are saying I figure I'm fortunate.


    So my question now is: 


    Are there any mods, or pedals and such, that will allow me to put my eq between my amp and cab?


    What kind of tube amp do you have and what In's and Out's does it have?

  2. No I haven't tried that

    I've got the SJam and a small 5 watt tube amp I built from a kit. Would that work?


    Got to say that reset has made a difference. SJam was sounding a bit flubby but seems to sound a lot more alive now. Maybe it's just me but seems a lot better.


    Cool glad the reset cleaned things up. Sure you could use your kit amp. It might not sound the way you want it to but the only way to find out is to try it. I've used my Jet City Picovalve which is 5 watt with my Spider Jam. I've also used my Spider Jam & DT50HD in stereo. Both ways sounded pretty good for me. If your 5 watt amp has an fx return plug your pods 1/4" output to it, if not plug in the front of your 5 watter and try to  EQ it sound as good as you can get it.

  3. Hi Brazzy


    Just a quick question

    Would the insert cable using both left and right outputs on my pod sound better/different to just using the left output




    I'm not real sure what the difference would be but I would think that since your running the pod stereo into the SJ which is ultimately mono your not going to get the full benefit but maybe your tone will sound a little thicker maybe. I would say your going to get pretty good tone just running the 1/4" Left Analog out into the Aux input. I do this all the time for a quick practice session with my HD500 or X3 Pro.


    Sometimes I'll take the output of the SJ out with a stereo insert cable and run that into the FX Return of my HD500 and it sounds pretty good when I digitally record monitoring with headphones. I also put my drummer pedal (Beat Buddy) in stereo the same way.

  4. Hey Brazzy.

    Reset worked fine, also works from headphone on Pod to mp3 on SJam again!!

    Must have been a glitch on that panels connectors, might last me another eight years!!!!

    Thanks again for your help.


    You're Welcome. Cool, glad to hear that. If I have an issue in the future I'll try the reset. How is the reset done? lol

  5. Thanks Brazzy

    Tried guitar straight into Aux but nothing, also tried just using my mp3 player into mp3 socket and again nothing.

    Doesn't sound good, do you think a factory reset would help?  Amp is eight years old maybe its starting to die on me.


    Mine's the same age and still working good. Some years ago I had to install the latest firmware 'cause the drums wouldn't play. Maybe you should try the reset and if that don't work reinstall the firmware. I had a bug recently where when I plugged the guitar into the aux input when I changed the amp models they were affecting the Aux input. Very weird and I think I toggled the "mic recording/aux recording" button a couple of times and then set it to "Mic/Aux" then turned the amp off and on to get back to normal. So given the experiences I've had it can be buggy. I don't know why. I've been lucky for a while now. I do understand that ribbon cable connections inside the amp can come loose or get tarnished over time and need to be cleaned or just pulled off and pushed back on a few times to fix. I suppose excessive vibration can loosen them too.

  6. Hi

    Tried left output into Aux but no sound. Checked levels (I think) but nothing


    No sound? Hmmmm. The only thing I can think of is that the AUX input isn't set correctly. Press on the "input settings" button twice and you will see 3 available settings. Use the wheel or the nav button to select the Aux and then use the wheel to adjust it's level. I'm usually always at +0 db which is in the middle of it's range.


    You can just plug your guitar into the AUX input to see if it's working that way too.

  7. Hi

    Going to try left ouput into aux tonight, would there be a noticeable difference in sound between this and using the twin 1/4"?




    I'm not sure about the Pod 2 'cause I never had one. I don't think your have too much problem. Remember the SJ has an input setting for the CD/mp3 jack and Aux input so keep that in mind if you haven't. Tap the "input level" button twice and you'll see adjustments can be made to the "mic input", "aux input" and "cd" input. I usually set these with the Master Volume knob maxed. When I use my HD500 with the SJ I have the SJ's master maxed, the input setting at "0" and I start with the Pod's Master below 50% and adjust up as needed. Of course your patch settings matter too but I think If you start out with a basic patch it should sound good. I'm just very familiar with the Pod 2.


    I got this from the manual for the Pod 2's%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20B%20).pdf


    • Left & Right Output – These are balanced 1/4-inch TRS connectors, and ready to rock with pro +4 dBu balanced equipment. They will also work happily with unbalanced - 10 dBV equipment and standard guitar cables. If you are running POD mono, use the Left output.


    • A.I.R. Mode – If you’re plugging your POD into a guitar amplifier to use POD as a “front end†to change the amp’s tone, flip the A.I.R. Mode switch to AMP, and set your amp for a clean tone. This defeats the speaker-microphone-room tone simulation of the A.I.R. processing. If you’re using POD in almost any other setup (plugging direct into a mixer, recorder, PA, power amplifier, etc.) you want the DIRECT position of this A.I.R. switch.


    • Output Level – Controls the overall output level of POD. Also sets the headphone level. This setting is not saved when you store settings into one of the POD’s memory locations. Changing the Output Level does not change your tone. So you can get the tone you want at any volume level.
  8. Hi

    I'm trying to use the pod 2 through the Spider jam but bypassing the amp bit so I'm just using the speaker in the jam


    The pod can sound pretty good if you just run the 1/4" L mono out into the Aux in on the SJ. I do this all the time but I've got the SJ's Aux in Tone stack/Reverb and Delay/ Compressor settings set to the way I like.


    You could also use an insert cable like this. Insert Cable


  9. If only...


    But the time for minding one's own business and keeping your mouth shut has long since passed. An entire generation now broadcasts to the world pictures of what they had for lunch, and the socks they just bought. Given this typical day-to-day behavior, you think something like this would be kept on the QT? Half the populace can't resist posting social media status updates detailing the time, duration, and qualitative assessment of the last dump the took. There's no way they could keep something as juicy as free model packs under their hats. They'd stroke out from a "Look at me!" deficiency.


    Boy you said a handful there.



    I once had a girl say to me...





    Dammiit I just couldn't help myself.

  10. Due to a recent notice that the L6 open house was happening (or happened) and (finally) some free time I went cruising to to find L6 misc behind the scenes stuff.


    Great Article from 06:



    This Helix vid was really cool, its not often to see someone stomping a Helix brutally (I did wonder if it still worked):



    I would like to see pics of the current amp room, the article above has an old one but you know that puppy has been expanded by now.


    I like how Dom drops it and starts kicking and stepping on the controls, lol.

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  11. the following is a copy & paste of an old post about the 4CM topic made by a guy called Tyler on a different forum:


    I've cracked the HD500 4CM!!!


    Postby johnsontylerj » Wed May 02, 2012 8:23 pm

    OK fellas - I've figured it out...It's way later than a month after the last post. (sorry about that)


    Here's the Skinny, I've done tests now with signal generators to get consistent levels, and been very scientific about all this.


    There are two main reasons for tone suck using the 4CM and an HD500 - and one of the reasons is a legitimate bug in the product - one is actually intentional.


    First step in config - Input assignments = Input 1-Guitar, Input 2-Variax. This lowers the noise-floor of the pedal.


    First - there is a 2.8dB difference between the Input Jack and the FX Send Jack (this is the bug). This has a huge impact on the tone. When you're using the HD500 as a pedal board before the Blackstar Preamp - the FX send switch needs to be set to "Stomp" - If it's set to "Line", you're unnaturally clipping the preamp in an unpleasant way because it's sending a signal that's 10dB LOUDER than the input signal...We all knew that.


    The solution is to place the FX loop AFTER the mixer in your FX chain - so It goes: [Effects blocks]=>[Amp Model (Bypassed)]=>[Mixer]=>[FX LOOP]=>[Remaining Effects Blocks] Make Sense?

    Then - you turn up BOTH A and B channels of the Mixer to "+3.0dB" and pan them both to "Center".

    Now if you were to test the signal like I did, you would notice NEGLIGIBLE differences in the tone. The Gut Shimmer is back, right?


    But wait - if your using a patch that has a fuzz face in it, or an analogue chorus (or a number of other FX)- and it's the first thing in the signal chain your thinking - "Why the hell is my tone still wrong - it sounds like someone turned the tone knob on my guitar down!!"


    Well, this is the intentional part of the HD modelling...It's called Input Z. Line 6 is modelling the individual and authentic impedances of the pedals and Amps being modeled. Hence an analogue chorus with a 22K pot being first thing in the chain will KILL your tone. The fix is simple - either move the effect, or set the Input Z globally to 3.5M, or 1M - there's almost no difference between the two as far as the end result is concerned.


    When you use these simple tweaks to setup 4CM you'll be VERY happy with the results. PM me if you have any other questions.





    I tried the 4CM today with my HD500 and Peavey Valveking II 20 MH with a Jet City 12S+ Closed Back Cabinet following the post "H" provided. I set up the Pod to the letter and it sounded pretty good right form the start. Thanks "H". I'm going to work with it like this for a while.



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  12. nice tones "B".. just a bit low volume level recording.. if you want you can normalize your tracks into your DAW to get a better playback volume level..


    the soldano model with its 3 channels is a good one..


    liked the first nasty part with Line 6 Drive..


    would sit well in Apocalypse Now movie (F.F. Coppola)


    Thanks for your feedback "H" I was thinking the level was a bit too low. I'm going to have to go at it again. I might have some time today. Thumbs up to ya man!

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