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  1. My fully charged Line6 battery measures 8.45v on the two terminals, and 8.35 when I connect the negative to the third terminal When I do the same thing on the Mavica I get 8.30v on the two terminals, but 0.01v when connecting the negative to the third terminal. So my conclusion from those observations is that the Mavica lacks the terminal connection with the resistor. Next step would be to dissasemble the battery, followed by a small explosion. Let me get through my gig this afternoon, and we'll see about it tonight. Open to any suggestions.
  2. The line6 battery measures 7.75 v The Mavica battery measures 8.30 volts The line6 battery is on the left. Notice the shape of the pins are different and seem to be larger. The third element on the Mavica battery are larger, but both seem flush with the bottom of the battery. http://chibnik.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/L6BatterySmall.jpg
  3. The position of all three electrical connections appear as close to identical. In my office move I seem to have misplaced my multi meter, so I am unable to test it. The labels are similar. Both say 7.4v with the Mavica having slightly more mAh (300) and sligtly higher Wh (~2.25) When I find the meter I'll measure the voltage and post. I suspect there may be another Mavica battery that matches. I'll probably keep hunting now. In for a penny, in for a pound.
  4. After several hours in the charger the light started flashing indicating that charging was complete, or nearly so. I removed the battery from the charger and put it into the JTV but, alas, pressing the battery test button yielded no lights. The Line6 battery showed lights when I replaced it. The Mavica battery feels a little loose in the body of the guitar - not as good a fit as the Line6 battery. I plugged a 1/4" cable into the guitar but could not get the electronics to start - model lights remained dark. The line6 battery and 1/4" cable produced the expected function - lights, etc. Therefore, I can conclude that the batteries are incompatible. I knew it was a gamble going in, and I'm only out 8 bux so I guess I'll bring lunch to work for one day.
  5. I took a chance and got ordered one of these - it arrived today. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NP-F550-NP-F330-NP-F570-F750-F930-F950-NP-F530-Battery-For-SONY-Mavica-Camera-/261197047245 The battery came fully discharged, but slipped into both the guitar and charger without issue despite the difference in tracks beneath it. Currently the battery is in the charger with the light lit solidly and no unexpected heat or aromas. I'll probably leave it on overnight and test it out in the morning, so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. I give my JTV89K in blood red a five out of five. I got it at a discount from zzounds - restock saved me $200 over the regular price. Setup and finish was spot on. Had an issue with the battery which L6 replaced promptly, no questions asked. I use it with my HD500 (also a restock at a 20% discount) and my DT25 which I got a crazy good price on. Before this I tried a ton of modeling amps, tube amps, pedals, tone pedals, etc. The dream rig gives me a ton of sounds and flexibility in a relatively straight forward package. The HD500 takes a bit of time to learn, but there are a ton of resources including this forum, customtone and a bunch of third party support (vetaville, meambobo) I dont know why everyone doesn't play a JTV.
  7. My update experience was an uneventful success. The night the upgrade was announced I upgraded the JTV89 with the HD500 and Monkey. The update ran smoothly, with no issues. Have not meddled with Workbench - will probably wait until the HD interface update. I've got so little time to play with rigs, I'd rather just jam. Really digging the Lester sounds. I use them a lot - never had an LP due to the neck feel and weight, but used it a lot with the 1.9 and treadplate, and now the 2.0 models are really pleasing. Overall, I'm really happy with my whole dream rig - I get a lot of playing pleasure from it and find it to be very comfortable and fun to play. A little heavy but maybe it will strengthen my back. The only thing I dislike is the reverse headstock, but that's just a preference thing. The only other guitar I play regularly is my VoyageAir TelAir and that's cause of portability. Johnnyayy - I never thought to tune down a full step but could see that being a really convenient aproach given the tuning flexibility of the JTV - a nice idea to get more bendability with heavier strings. Wonder if the L6 guys thought anyone would do that.
  8. On my HD500, Section 3 is inputs (I think yours is too if the choices are Guitar + Variax) You want section 4 - Outputs. Choose Combo Front. On the Inputs, you want to select Guitar for Ch1 and something different (Aux, for instance) for channel 2 to avoid too much signal going to the HD500 and it sounding messy. This Line6 Video explaining HD connection options might be helpful:
  9. The FX Loop is probably on the back - post a picture of the rear of the amp. Otherwise, you can go right into the front, and set the HD to "Combo" in the output section of system properties.
  10. I don't have much experience tweaking the Variax beyond sending custom tunings from the HD Edit software. My focus has been solely on getting tones I like through the DT and a FRFR. Line6 has a channel on Youtube with a lot of videos. Its not comprehensive, but its a good place to start. Here are some videos related directly to Dream rig (I went to their channel and then searched for Dream Rig) http://www.youtube.com/user/line6movies/search?query=dream+rig Also, go to CustomTone.com, choose HD500 and search for DT and you'll get lots of tones specifically set for the Dream Rig (perhaps without the Variax model setting.) That should help you get I wish that LIne6 would work with David Willis of ProAudioDVDs to do a dream rig training video. I think he would do an excellent job and provide clear instruction to get newcomers started. I'll post it to their idea source.
  11. I was able to get this working on iOS 6. Do you have a headphone/Monitor plugged into the SonicPort? I think that the sound comes out of the SonicPort, not the iPAD. FWIW: I wish it came out of of the iDevice because then I could bluetooth it to one of the many amp / speaker combos available.
  12. rchibnik

    Hd500 Vs Hd500x

    gregap_42 never confirmed how much he paid for it - he may have gotten it at $400. We're just assuming he got screwed because its fun to bash GC, but maybe he got a good deal.
  13. I tried to get a price match from zzounds.com but the best price they were able to come up with was $930. Still a good deal, but your Musicians Friend deal is amazing! Basically you got the guitar for $400? I could totally see doing a transplant for that much - maybe into my VoyageAir TelAir. Unfortunately, I just bought a new guitar, so my family good will on guitar purchases is used up. Makes me wonder if something is up with the 89, related to the POD HD upgrade forthcoming at NAMM ... Guess we will have to wait and see.
  14. Thought I got a good (GREAT) deal on my 89 when I got it for $1100. Tempted to get another (amortize my cost, have a backup, etc) but they appear to be back ordered. Dont really need another, its just such a great deal.
  15. Interestingly, Line6 is not listed as an exhibitor at Nashville NAMM this summer. They could certainly make announcements at that time - I would expect them to announce at another time when it wasn't so "noisy". Or maybe its a good time to announce because all the press has their ears open for announcements. Either way, I will stick w/ my HD500 - I can't justify an upgrade at a net cost of $200-300, assuming a resale of my existing pedal. I could see my way to supplementing my equipment collection with an Eleven Rack - that's an attractive package with a Protools 11 upgrade...
  16. Strange behavior. Could be a problem with the software but sounds unlikely - I mean, saves a JAM file but not a WAV. You've already successfully flashed 2.09 - maybe try an older firmware? Reformat the 1GB card in the amp, rather than on the computer? Here's a free JAM to WAV converter http://www.vettaville.nl/page.php?id=85#902
  17. Spider jam only compat with 2gb cards. Find some on eBay and stock up. You might be able to format your 4gb as a fat16 2gb on your windows computer. That might give some joy Can't believe no update from 2.09. Isn't that from 2010?
  18. Works fine. Amplitude does not give you many amps for free - but it looks like a sweet program once you buy the add ons. Sounded great through my PA - SonicPort did not add any noise to the equation.
  19. So being a Line6 Junkie (couldnt figure out how to change my screen name) I got a SonicPort even though I have a Apogee Jam - they are similar products. I like the Sonic Port better because of its iPhone5 compatibility with the lightning port. I havent been able to get this to work, but it would be an ideal setup for me: Guitar to Sonic Port Sonic Port to iPhone iPhone to Amp via Bluetooth (using an ION BlockRocker - very nice product.) However, it seems that once you connect the iPhone to the SonicPort, the SonicPort becomes the output. So I connect the SonicPort to the amp via 1/4" cable. Is this correct - is it possible to use the iPod for output rather than SonicPort? Overall, Excellent product - works exactly as described right out of the box. Up and running in seconds. Guitar input is very clean due to the connectivity through 30-Pin or Ligntning connector (avoid devices that use the microphone input on the headphone jack.)
  20. I did check the switch but it had no effect. With a little more fiddling I got it to work - near as I can tell, the volume settings were too low. I guess I could be more lame - could have forgot to plug it in. Thanks for your help.
  21. I usually connect my HD500 into my DT25 via L6Link. Last night I brought just the pedal to a jam figuring I would plug into the PA but can't get any output out of either of the 1/4" output jacks. HD500 is definately getting signal from the guitar via VDI (tuner works) and the 1/4" cable to the PA definitely works (tested it with the 1/4" jack on the guitar.) Tried it again this morning using my PA with the same results, either through 1/4" output jacks or the Balanced output without getting anything from the PA (again, VDI to HD500 tested ok - tuner works) and 1/4" cable from guitar to PA gives output. I couldnt find anything in the output setting of systems, or the PIlots guide suggesting that an output setting be made. I suppose its possible that the HD500 is broken, but kinda doubt it - I figure its got to be some setting that I'm missing that will be obvious to someone here. Thanks in advance for your help
  22. Seems like SonicPort is only for iOS as no USB cables are included - only 30 pin and lightning.
  23. Thanks - gortur and Phil. I'll give it a try using the HDEdit software and see how that works and post my results. I'm at work, so dont have my HD rig (had to draw the line somewhere after two guitars in my office.)
  24. Its a pity that they didnt use the same software in the POD, but who knows what challenges they faced in packing so many features into an affordable product. The other thing I would like is a longer loop duration - it doesnt give me enough time to record a slow 12 bar, like Stormy Monday, in the alotted time. The other scenario I use it for is very short loops creating an ambient background over which to play. This scenario requires the decay - too many layers becomes muddy.
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