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  1. I am ALWAYS getting the VDI caught in the HD volume pedal, no matter what I do. I would LOVE to have a VDI wireless setup. I suspect they are using at least two of the pairs - one for the signal going from guitar to the pedal, like a typical guitar signal, but likely digital, but maybe its a straight analog. The other is some kind of talk back to the guitar, sending instructions for tuning and model. The POD to Variax is probably not a constant signal, but an instruction on patch change that the Variax listens for. Then again, maybe its sending a heart beat type signal. Anyway, the system is relatively closed, so we may never know. Like you, I'm a software developer, and so find it fun to speculate.
  2. This is commonly requested feature, but regrettably not available. While the cable is a CAT5E with the same pin configuration as Ethernet, the VDI protocol is not packet based like Ethernet. Instead, Line6 uses the four pairs for bi-directional digital signals. It gives them a lot of flexibility, and provides a reliable connection to move a lot of data. Maybe they'll come up with a wireless protocol ... I hope they will. The maximum length, according to Line6, is 50'.
  3. I was under the (possibly mistaken) impression that the HD500 looper was the same software as the DL4. Specifically I am wondering if there is a setting to make older sounds volume decay in a way similar to the DL4. So I record a phrase, then overdub a second phrase, then a third phrase, and the earlier phrases decay in volume as the later phrases are stacked on. Without this, the arrangement gets muddy. No other looper besides the DL4 seems to do this - I was hoping the POD looper would also exhibit this behavior but it doesnt seem to.
  4. Glad that worked out for you. Only slightly off topic, I've had a lot of success with the set lists provided by people like Joost-Vergoossen who is a Line6 demonstrator. There is a set list floating around called 16 x 4 Full Amps and 16 x 4 Pre Amps which I used as the basis for building tones. There might be an updated one for the newest firmware with all 22 amp tones. You can tune these to provide specific Variax Presets. This older thread has some great information: http://line6.com/support/thread/46526
  5. According to Line6, 50' is the max length of CAT 5 cable for Variax, so cutting it down is kinda mandatory.
  6. Does anyone know what the max length of a VDI cable before the signal deteriorates? I couldn't find it in either the JTV or HD500 manual. I suppose I could just test it myself with a long CAT5e but if anyone knows that would be helpful. For about $40 and a half hours time you can make three 25' cables. That's a pretty good deal.
  7. Love the red braid. Got nice boots too. $20 for 75 foot cable is a good deal. Is 75 feet too long? The one that comes with the guitar is not really intended for playing - i think they mean it for updates. I bought the Line6 cable from a music supplier - $30 was a pretty good deal. Purchasing all the pieces would cost at least $30. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Have you tried: http://line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500/ Here's a "You Shook Me" tone: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/211260/ Not specific to JTV - You can customize the tone and set the guitar model to SG or LP. I've had a lot of success starting with the tones on customtone - I typically tweak the tone making sure the presets are consistent (overdrive on FS1, Chorus/Swoosh on FS2, Delay on FS3 and reverb on FS4) and make sure that the default pedal is Volume. Then I create one with and without a cab depending on whether I am going to PA or DT25.
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