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  1. I'm sure there are other products that will do it, but I got a free VST called NadIR.  Once you load it on your track, you navigate to the IR you want to load first.  But once it's loaded, clicking on the path will bring up a little menu where you can quickly pick any other IR in that folder.  Then I just make note of the ones I liked the best and load them in the helix. 

    Thanks @mfalkler. I will check it out.

  2. Yep, those are all separate IRs.  Each IR is like a snapshot of the response of a certain mic on a certain speaker on a certain cab, at a certain distance, angle, etc.  So all those files are reflective of all those variables. 


    I only have the free pack from Ownhammer, but my download had a Line6 folder included.  Even if it doesn't, I think you can use any of the wav files in there - Ownhammer separates them into folders for convenience of the people using the different modelers.  (Somebody please correct me if that's not right).


    It's a lot to load in to the Helix just to weed out ones you don't like.  If you do any kind of recording on your computer, you might be able to try what I did.  I recorded a quick noodle in my DAW and added an amp simulation but no cab.  Then I used an IR loader to cycle through the ownhammer folder and see which ones I liked best.  It's still a lot to go through, but it's quicker and less of a commitment than loading them on to the Helix to try them out.  Generally if I don't like the way they sound in my DAW, I won't like them in the Helix either.

    @Mfalkier How do you change IRs in DAW for quick review? I use logic pro x and would like to know more about doing this your way as it seems less time time consuming comparing it to direct reloading on Helix. Thx.

  3. Hey guys,


    I apologize if this is something that's already been discussed, but I wasn't able to find what I was looking for.


    I want to start using 3rd party IRs but I don't know what to get and where to start. So many mic, cab, and 44-96khz options to chose from. It would take months to go thought all of those offered. 


    My main amp is Vox AC30, and that's what I'm used to, but Im not opposed to any amp that would help me get good clean, crunch, and lead tones.


    When I've seen OH collection it was overwhelming, and I have no idea where to start. The same with other 3rd party IR providers.


    If anyone is willing to share some thoughts and give some guidance to a newbie on IRs, that would be great.


    Any good ones for any particular style (rnr, blues, clean, hard rock, etc.) that you might recommend? 


    Thank you all for your help.



  4. There are no "secens" on the Helix. It's a feature in the AxeFX units. Basically, each "scene" is just a collection of settings values for all of the blocks in a patch. Changing scenes just instantly changes all of the settings (including a blocks bypass state) in the patch. Since this doesn't actually change patches it allows for delays and verbs to spillover when you change scenes.

    Thx @theKennyG

  5. Oh, for sure! I should have included that it's not likely we'll see spill-over between patches because it'd most likely require a hardware change to facilitate. I also agree that "scenes" functionality would probably cover this for most users. I'd LOVE to get that!!

    @theKennyG Can you please explain the scene mode/function as I've never used M13 that has that? Thx.

  6. Thx @mdmayfiled. We use EV ELX as our PA speakers in conjunction with Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2. I love those speakers. 


    Yes, it is the best way to try them out and hear them instead of pulling an impulse buy. :) I was just wondering if anybody knew, or had experience, with those on GC. 

  7. Hey guys,


    I just saw this deal on the GC, and I was wondering would this be a good option for Helix personal monitor? 




    I do have Behringer Eurolive F1320D that I gave to my singer to use. If you think that this one would be better, I will use that one. It's a bummer that I still didn't get to try this Behringer with Helix.


    I was even thinking about Shure in-ear PSM 200 or 300, but I have no experience with wireless monitoring.


    Anyway, all your suggestions and ideas are welcome.


    Peace and RNR.



  8. Hey guys.


    Last night I was able to get a good sound out of my AC30 and Helix. I ended up going from Helix to 1/4 out to Return on my AC30. 


    Anyway, I started with a blank template, and added a preamp. I listened to all of them and played a bit with each using my Tele Hot Rod. Some great ones were there, both for clean and dirty.


    When I found a one I wanted to start with–it was a WhoWatt 100–I added LA Studio comp at the beginning of my chain. Set it up a bit, and I got great clean sounds that I could have played with alone for some time.


    After that I added, Valve Driver, Triangle Fuzz and Noise Gate.

    What I put after preamp was Chorus, Simple Delay, and Plate Reverb. 


    Played with settings a bit, and I got something that I will use at practice tonight.


    Now my next step will be to try to recreate the same thing and output it to the PA, and make it sound (at least pretty close to) to what I'm getting out of my amp right now. 


    Any suggestions how to do this? 

    Should I create everything the same on the 2nd path, but just add an amp or speaker, and send it to XLR.


    I'd like to get to the point that @Bikedude mentioned where I wouldn't need my amp to carry round, but still have an option of going to the amp as well.


    You suggestions are, and have been, greatly appreciates.



  9. Thank you guys so much. All the suggestions sound good.


    I will have some experimenting to do this evening and try to have something working for tomorrow for a band practice. 


    I will post what I find in the next few days, and please keep posting if you have more suggestions or any visual representations (screen shots of the Helix screen path setups.


    Thank you all very much.

  10. HI there,


    I got my Helix few days ago and until yesterday I was in exploration mode using headphones. It was very cool to hear some of those amps behave and feel like real tube amps. Thumbs up.


    It was a pretty good sounding with some patches, and I expected to get somewhat similar results with my real tube amp. Yesterday I decided to give it a try with my AC30 amp, and PA–both tried separately. So, this is where my story begins, or any other newbie story.


    A little background.


    I use to use my pedals and mic the amp when playing live (when necessary). It aways felt too cumbersome to have multi fx pedals. They are cool and should be easy, but I used to spend hours (with GT 10) trying to edit sounds on it instead of just playing my guitar.


    This was true until I saw Helix. I really fell in love with simplicity of editing, and all the options of using it together with both amp and PA at the same time or take it to studio.


    1. So, last night I tried hooking up Helix directly to Normal channel of my AC30, and sound was pretty harsh. I was watching some Glenn DeLaunne videos and in one of them he said that it was fine just to plug it in front of the amp and use it that way.


    The result wasn't really pleasing. The sound came out as harsh digital, with some ice pick highs. Some patches were more usable than others, but that was the overall feeling. 


    I was playing Gibson LP Traditional + (all stock).


    2. When I plugged it in the PA result was pretty different. 


    Everything sounded too low, and bassy. I used the same channel on my board where I used to mic my amp. I know that I will have to work on the EQ a bit on this channel but it wasn't even close to what I expected.


    I tired turning off subwoofer completely but that still didn't get me a good clean sound.


    Today I bought Glenn's Custom Patch Set for Helix, and I will give that a try and see how does that play with my setup.


    Anyway, I'd really like to get some help with direction on what to do to set it up properly for both practicing and gigging.


    My goal is:

    1. To be able to get nice sounds out of Helix using my AC30.
    2. To be able to get nice sounds out of Helix using my PA.
    3. To use Helix to record into Logic X.
    4. To be able to take Helix to studio without a need to lag my super heavy AC30.

    How do I get there?

    Do I need to decide between using AC30 and PA and just take that route?

    If I use it PA, do I need to have a good monitor (in ear or floor–I have Behringer's Powered 250W monitor)?


    BTW My PA is Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2, set of EV ELX112P, and EV Powered subwoofer. Guitars are '59 Tele Hot Rod reissue, Gibson LP Traditional +, and Gibson LP Traditional with Floyd Rose.


    Sorry for a long post, and I appreciate you reading this far, let alone helping me out. :)



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