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  1. hx stomp: headphones output connect to amp


    You recently wrote in about this post. I have a question for you about your setup. Can you help?


    I currently use a Vox AC30 with the HX Stomp XL connected via 4CM. I would however really like to be able to play at lower volume and also not use my tubes just to mess around. So recently I've been thinking about getting a small modeling amp like the Catalyst.


    Ok I also have a dusty pair of studio monitors. They sound pretty good but don't use them (yet/much). I have hooked them up to the HX Stomp outputs in the past just to do it, but they are not ever used this way. Then I got to thinking, could I simply connect the monitors to the headphone output? In my case I'd need a splitter cable out of the HX Stomp and I think I have one somewhere.


    It seems like you do this and it works well. Is that right? Any tips? If this were to work, I could avoid getting a new amp and just use the Stomp as my modeling practice amp, right?


    Many thanks!


    1. spaceatl


      A headphone output is nearly the same as a line output. Since the impedance of the monitors is generally 10K for input, this works just as well and even better in some cases than a line output.


      Sorry for the delay in responding. I did not see this until now. All the best!

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