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  1. After months of learning the Firehawk and all its 'ins and outs' and capabilities I have finally gotten around to figuring out a preset storing system on my device.


    I am a bit of a stickler and I didn't want to lose the factory presets. Let's be honest, they may not sound fantastic in every situation, but alot of the implementation and FX blocks are great for inspiration. What I did was save every single factory preset to "My Tones" with this naming structure


    "Z - 1a HD Rhythm"


    Z at the beginning keeps it at the bottom of the my tones list out of the way of my real tones, but I can easily recall it at any time later for inspiration (not having to do factory reset to get them back, etc)


    Now that I have the factory presets backed up, I started saving my real personal presets in the many firehawk banks. It took my months to decide what kind of saving structure made sense to me. I approached this not from a cover band/performance perspective, but from an 'owner of many amps' perspective.


    Each bank is an amp. Each preset is a variation of that amp for a certain guitar that I own. So for example the bank structure for 1 would be "Fender Deluxe Reverb"


    1a. F Deluxe R Tele

    1b. F Deluxe R Strat

    1c. F Deluxe R LP

    1d. F Deluxe R SG


    I carry this on for all the various amp models I really want to play


    2a. F Bassman Tele

    2b. F Bassman Strat

    2c. F Bassman LP

    2d. F Bassman SG


    I will do this for as many banks forward as I need. I can see myself setting up Fender specific banks, then into Vox, then into Marshall's, then into the higher gain stuff. Any time I know I can bank up and preset "3" will be the Les Paul always. This will allow me to grab any guitar and play any amp tailored specifically to that guitar/pickups/output.


    I figure if I get into a band situation in the future I can use this is as the basis of my tones when I play, but then as I get into more setlist specific situations I can copy tones and create likely banks for actually songs. For example using Tom Petty Running Down a Dream:


    1a. RDAD Rhythm

    1b. RDAD Crunch Tone

    1c. RDAD Lead Tone



    This will allow me to tailor the patches to the exact similar tones or delay trails for what those songs are. 


    Any feedback is appreciated! I Know this kinda thing is very subjective and opinions vary wildly. 

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  2. I doubt it. But don't some already exist just under a different name? E.g the 5150 is called Panama in the Pod metal pack, on FH it is called Mississippi Criminal. In this example, the FH version is much better anyways...

    I thought the model packs were HD amps (metal pack, vintage, etc). The Mississippi criminal on the FH is not an HD amp

  3. What someone needs to do is create a new Line 6 account and just upload all the factory presets to the cloud so that you can just download them whenever needed (instead of having to factory reset your device to get them back)

  4. I emailed Line6 About this update when it dropped and this was the official reply:



     Thanks for your support ticket inquiry. The release notes are posted along with the flash version download. It states that this update includes various new bug fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations in overall usage. There are no more details beyond this. Let me know if you have any further questions.
     Kind regards,
    Jason-Line 6 support"

  5. Hey HD500(x) players.


    I am writing to you from the Firehawk FX team. I figured it was advantageous to post in here as it seems way more active than Firehawk FX, and due to the fact that the architecture of the modelling is essentially the same.


    I got my FHFX in April and since then I have pretty much loved the crap out of it. Been really trying hard to transition into digital and craft tones that are very solid sound, organic and 'real'. So far I have created lots with the Marshall Lead 100, Ac30, tweed man, etc...


    However, the one amp that eludes me is the JCM 800. In the FHFX its showing as a "HD" amp but my god this thing sounds HORRID. I really don't understand how it can sound so bad. Compared to all the other amp models it sounds like pure tinny crap. I have tried so many various settings and nothing really seems to work. I know that with the 500X there is the model pack with the remastered 2204 model. I am not sure if this is the one in the FHFX ( I am gonna say probably not! )


    Any tips with working this amp model? Even with the amp volume slider on 100, it lacks CONSIDERABLY in the body department compared to my other amp models which are only at like 40 or 50 on amp volume.

  6. Simulating tube amps suggest to crank volume to obtain best tone. 

    For example using Soldano SLO clean emulation + classic distortion (SOLO 100 clean on FHFX) I set volume @ 57% and master @ 35% for rhythm and I have another preset for lead, same amp + classic distortion with volume 80% and master 77% .

    Overall output allows plenty of volume to boost in case of need.


    Only issue here is that the volume slider on each patch (under the amp) has zero impact on tone. Its literally just for balancing the sounds of patches. Even line 6 states: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/firehawk/different-firehawk-volume-controls-r736


    The Channel Volume is like a Master for just the amp, and it is stored with the patch. It adjusts the output level without affecting the tone. This is the control you use to level your presets relative to each other. 


    So driving the 'volume' on the amp block technically does nothing for the tone according to this.

  7. I have been getting more and more into my FHFX. One thing I am getting into now is amp or channel volume. Up until now I seem to have all of my patches cranked in this regard - usually 80-90 percent volume.


    I have been reading up on this. The hd500x guide I always refer to (http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/tipsAndPitfalls) says they keep this generally conservative at 40-50% amp volume. When I first got the fhfx I seemed like my patches were lifeless or fake sounding when the volume was this low but maybe I am missing something here in terms of overall output or headroom? I guess I could always boost the overall output (red ring) to bring things up in my FRFR and having patches around 40-50 amp volumes means more room to play with matching patch volumes rather than if everything was cranked at 80-90.



  8. Hrmm I dunno guys. Seeing that the firehawk fx FORM factor is literally identical to the HD500X which I am assume many would agree (2 rows of footswitches, same general size, same amp models for the most part, fx, etc), and generally speaking companies release products on a trajectory that are somewhat improvements or features over the last, its hard to envision the product classification that is the firehawk fx.


    "lets make some thing just like the HD500X, with colored LED's and mobile device control!".... are those enough 'features' to make it fit into its own specific product niche? I'm starting to think no. Also given the fact that is includes all the same amp models as HD500X, etc. I think a bunch of people would agree that the firehawk would be like, the next step towards the helix. But its not.


    I could see the firehawk fx having all the same stuff as the HD500X (same amps, ability to split signals, assign way more instances of FX, etc) AND THEN mobile device control to be the next logical step in its product offering. But again, its not. 


    Add in the somewhat disappointing lack of support or improvements on the FHFX and you have something, in my opinion, that feels like a step back (especially considering the HD500X was released years prior).


    Just my 2 cents. Carry on :D

  9. Yes it is complicated, not well thought out at all.


    Hence my tip is to load up the tone from MyTones on the app, then edit and save


    But what if the tone is NOT in my tones - its just on the actual Firehawk hardware. Do I need to force save it to my tones to get it there, to then follow your recommendations?


    Its hard to explain via the internet, but what if I load up the app, and go to the TONES section (at the top you have my tones, cloud, firehawk, etc) if I select the tone from the Firehawk top bar does that count? Or is that still the same as just loading up the preset with your feet/doing it manually with the actual device hahahah sorry!

  10. So when you say load up my tones ... do you mean load the tone from the FH FX in the app "instead of the app or specifically the tone absolutely needs to be saved to my tones section.


    This is unnecessarily complicated lol

  11. We all know helix has the ability to do snapshots, definitely one of the great features of that hardware. Could the firehawk FX 'simulate' a experiencing by allowing a user to add multiple FX to a single foot switch? 


    Lets say I am in a Marshall rhythm guitar type patch and I need to hit a lead boost. If the Firehawk FX had the ability to put the stomp pedal and delay pedal on switch 5 for example, switch 5 would then activate a big lead boost sound that turns on both the stomp and delay at the same time. Hit the switch again to head back to the base tone. 


    Would something like that work? I am just creating a discussion here :)

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    No trying to be a jerk....but cracks me up how folks automatically assume a forum is equal to a support desk, when it's clearly stated what things are done and where on the site.


    The Forums - or "community driven support desk" as it was put- was fairly accurate to certain degree only because the line 6 forums are noted as  "Explore our forums where tens of thousands of other users talk about Line 6 gear and help each other." (quoted from (http://line6.com/support)...and that's where we are now...but then again, I think for bugs and other issues that snarky comments or remarks provide little more than mild amusement,  you might want to also hit up technical support...


    To contact technical support directly you go here: http://line6.com/support/tickets (yep, it says it's a "A place to contact our expert support staff directly." at http://line6.com/support/technical-support )



    To inquire about ideas  and things you'd like to see different about the firehawk- it's likely a support ticket ain't gonna do it....neither is a post on the forum....but if you drop it at the "Line 6 ideas" area, folks can vote on it and hopefully get a feature added at https://line6.ideascale.com


    I've sent every single issue i've ever experienced directly to Line 6's support desk. However, that alot of times is not really helpful. Then you get into blasting every other possible option out there (this forum, FB groups, etc) to try to get a response.


    I'm not the only person who makes snarky comments about the state of the forum, or board, or anything else. It's a sentiment shared by many.


    But thanks!

  13. This is definitely a bug or weird behaviour then. No matter if I am editing tones from device, or from My Tones, etc. if I choose to 'save to my tones" and as long as the patch has the same file name as any pre-existing ones it should just overwrite or update it - further troubled by the green indicator on the app that says "your my tones has been updated" (or something similar). Save my tones AS would be the whole function for creating a copy or potential other variant of the patch.


    It gets annoying for when you are really working with the Firehawk and trying to dial in your gig tones and your my tones list just ends up getting all these mass duplicates, and you are not sure which one is which - then you have to get into deleting them and are not sure which one is the most recent or the true one you want to have backed up.

  14. Has anyone else noticed any strange behaviours with writing tones to my tones? I am prompting the fire hawk fx to "save to my tones" which I would assume would over write any pre-existing tones (compared to save to my tones as) with that exact same title - however it often creates duplicates or sometimes three or four variations.


    Anyone notice this? I feel like if there's any slight difference in the patch - even if you use save to my tones it will create another version

  15. Yes, I have the same problem. God knows if someone who's related to the line 6 bug-fixing team ever gets some of these errors noted here on this forum.


    I'm gonna say thats a big fat no. SO much easier for L6 to set up a community driven support desk - let the users help themselves :P

  16. After finally getting comfortable with my unit to the point I could live places, I've now been experiencing the same issue :( firmware 1.30 my plexi patches and other ones as well have a reduction in volume or gain after turning off the tuner - damn line 6 please fix this kinda stuff. I can understand being done with the product now that helix is out but basic functionality like this shouldn't be an issue

  17. So when using the iOS device you can 'double tap' on something like Delay mix to engage the function to assign it to the expression pedal. I wanted to assign the amp drive to the expression pedal but it appears that you cannot assign any amp parameters to the pedal. Does this seem correct? Just wanting to make sure!

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