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  1. Whats with all the JTV scratch and dent sales ive been seeing on MF, SW, and others......  for me specifically the JTV-89F.


    I want one, but I am a tad nervous with these guitars popping up, are they returned or coming from factory like this???


    I have the jtv-59 and 69 and love em.  just curious if there is something wrong with the 89 floyds?


    thanks in advance!!!

  2. Hi there!


    I'm about to build a rig, and i was thinking going from thePOD HD 500X to a Crown XLS1000, to two 2x12 cabs with vintage 30's.

    Having a dunlop wah, and an ernie ball volume pedal, and start adding some other pedals if I wanted, like a JP chorus, or an Ibanez TS9.


    What do you think about the setup? Will it sound any good?


    I play progressive metal :D and looking forward to playing live a lot, in small but also medium size gigs

    Sounds the like a great plan to me dude

  3. Hello all, I currently have the Dream rig with DT 25 amp.  I think a great addition to the amp would have been a button on the face of the DT 25 labeled Save.


    If you are playing and need to make a quick change to your settings while standing up with a guitar strapped around your back currently you need to make a change and kneel down to save a change on the fly,  If there was a Save button on the amp you could make a quick change and hit save and it could possibly communicate with your pod to make your changes very quickly and permanent to that particular bank.


    Just an idea I thought I would throw out there.






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