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  1. I've had it 3 times in about 3 weeks. It doesn't seem to matter if it's connected to my Mac with the editor running or not. It also turns out that the Line 6 guys were right - for me, the editor is largely unnecessary except as a librarian. It's easier to edit almost everything from the unit, it's just a pain to put the unit on a (sturdy) music stand. You know, moving cables and whatnot.

  2. I don't post here, but I'm really active on TGP and in uploading to CustomTone. I was going to put a new one up today and I noticed ome dude - alessandro69 - is uploading his entire patch set and claiming credit for stuff that's not his. He has a ton of mine on there. How do I know, I give mine weird names. Cult of Tears, Mad Season Plexi, Dr. Z Gossard, plus my Kings of Leon, Purple Rain. He's taken others too: RA FriedmanBE100, China Girl, 80's Time Machine.


    Jeez. I don't really expect Line 6 to do anything, it IS a sharing site, but if he's on here too, I'm calling him out as a thief. Taking others work and passing it off, without even changing up the names, is bullsh!t.


    If comments worked on CT, I'd at least like to be able to add a note. I'm pretty proud of my download count. The last time I checked it was near 80,000 across all of my L6 devices.


    People put a lot of time into these and give them away for free.... Roll your own, or give credit.


    I'm tempted to upload a blank patch called "Alessandro69 Is A Thief", but I don't want to turn CT into more of a mess.


    Sorry for the rant, but that hit a nerve. Perhaps I should just upload mine to my Dropbox and limit access to who gets them. I have a 4SS Jerry Cantrell ready to go, but it's not going on CT right now. 


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  3. I had a the same thing happen. I tried reconnecting without the sub him to no avail, but after a reboot my Yosemite Mac picked up the conncection. Makes sense as there was a driver update.


    Hope this helps....


    I did this as well, and it helped for about 5 minutes, and then went back into 'problem mode'.

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