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  1. Hey guys! So here's the deal. A long time ago I had one of the original Variaxes. And it had the whole "plink" thing going on. So I returned it.


    Few years later, my dad gets the JTV-89 fixed, and it's absolutely perfect.


    Then, by the time I can afford one, they've discontinued it and replaced it with the 89F...and I can't stand floyds. So I got the 69...and absolutely hated it. Horrible neck, horrible bridge (coming from Ibanez's, of course I would feel this). So I sold it, at quite a loss.


    Now I'm on the hunt again. I need the modelling for work, and I need a good solid 6 string for my personal projects.


    So, firstly can you get the fixed models *anywhere* any more? It's basically perfect for me.


    If not, what is the 59 like? I'm not too keen on massive chunky necks, but I'd possibly be willing to live with it if the mag pickups were good for metal, and the palm muting sounded good on it.


    And failing that...89F. I'm seeing threads about "weird noises" on the 6th string. Is this still an issue? I'll go Floyd if I absolutely have to but not if there's a chance I'll get a dud.


    Thanks for your help guys!

  2. I believe your problem is ACID. It might be that it doesn't support total plugin recall (or for some reason just not with PF). But either way, you'd be way better off sticking to Reaper or just about any other program! I still have to use ACID for work (tagging ACID WAV loops) and it makes me sad every time I load it up haha.

  3. I say almost pristine because for a short while my left-handed (and upside down) guitar playing dad was borrowing it and there is a second strap pin on the lower horn. Of course it can be removed but tbh the pin looks nicer than the hole. No paintwork was cracked in the drilling of the second hole so you could quite easily cover it up, paint over it, or just leave it.


    Otherwise the guitar is in excellent condition. I have the original gig bag (although it was never gigged) and all cables, including the Variax interface and a battery. I also took the liberty of surrounding the pickup mounting springs with foam so it will no longer chime like a bell if you attempt to play choppy/staccato rhythms!


    I'm looking for £480 but I will take sensible offers. Collection would be preferable, but courier is an option (for a fee), or even driving to meet halfway. I like to drive.


    Hit me up if you're interested. I can supply eBay feedback/references if necessary!







  4. The biggest breakthrough for me with getting the cabs to sound clear is to turn resonance down, or off. At the default setting of 50%, the differences between the various cabs and mics seem greatly over-exaggerated, with cabs like the XXL being pretty much unusable. With resonance at anything from 0-10% the difference for me has been night and day.


    Some other tips you might want to look into for rhythm patch creating is to cut some of the bass before it hits the amp. Typically a rhythm patch for me goes something like:


    Tube Screamer (Drive 10%, Bass 35%, Treble 50%, Tone 70%) -> Noise Gate (Decay 10%, Threshold, varies) -> Amp

    I find this way that I can get away with having a bit more bass in the amp itself (which gives the cab a bit of body) without it being fuzzy or messy. Obviously a lot of this is also going to depend on your particular guitar/pickups/playing style/etc.


    Hope some of this helps!

  5. Is there a reason you're specifically trying to run it through a real amp? Not saying it shouldn't be possible to get a good tone but it strikes me that all the emulation going on in the HD + the myriad of complex interactions between the circuitry of the amp is perhaps over-complicating things.


    I only ever play the HD direct (that is, straight to FoH and then out through a monitor wedge). I've also had great results using hardware like the Laney IRT-X, which is a FRFR amplifier with signal pass-through, cab emulation (for using real pre-amps) and a bunch of other stuff. It sounded huge.

    The only thing that made it sound lollipop at first was the cabinet resonance. Turned it off and it was a lot smoother and rounder at volume. I would highly recommend that you persevere with the HD! It's a great piece of kit. I think the key is in simplifying your setup and as others have said, approaching it from the ground up. 

  6. Hey man thanks for the reply - I can actually get the HD to reset the phase of beat sync'd effects when I press start/stop on my sequencer. The problem is that it lags behind it. Also the tempo on the POD is every so slightly different to the tempo on my sequencer; for example 160 BPM DAW = a jittery 159.8 BPM HD.


    I suppose maybe a temporary work around would be to use Program Change messages to temporarily switch away from the preset and then back to it at the start of the section I need beat-sync'd. That might work, maybe?

  7. It does - you just need to instruct your DAW to transmit MIDI clock information. In Cubase this is in Transport -> Project Synchronization Setup but you might need to consult the manual for your sequencer to find this option. 


    I've got mine to work, although it lags behind the click somewhat, which I can't quite figure out how to fix. Maybe you could offer some insight Phil (sorry to hijack!)

  8. Hey guys! Trying to sync my HD Pro effects to the tempo of my DAW (Cubase 7.5) using a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 interface. It's sync'ing...kinda. But if the tempo in my sequencer is 160, the POD is displaying 159.8 and kinda jitters between numbers around that. Also it's behind the click quite significantly, to the point where using the pattern tremolo is kind of impossible.


    Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?



  9. Hey guys! I've got an HD Pro which, until recently, hasn't really been used much. However it's now an integral part of my setup, so it's a little worrying to see that the display is now beginning to flicker intermittently. What would be the process for getting this repaired? I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty :\

  10. Hey Dave, thanks for your reply! Yeah as I said in my edit I think I've tracked the problem down - when I adjust the pickup height the tone and intensity of the ringing/chiming changes. I've managed to get it to the point where it's not much more noticeable than would be the sound of trem springs but it's still not ideal. Only happens on mags as well, so it's happening in the bridge humbucker.

  11. Hey guys, finally got some time to get acquainted with this guitar and firstly, on the whole, I absolutely love it. The models are great, and I've got some awesome sounds going. I haven't encountered any problems exceeeept a low B/E string volume (as I commented in the proper thread for it) and also a metallic ringing sound when I play through the mags with any degree of distortion. If I tap the pickup surround it's especially noticeable, so it's coming from there. Any ideas what i can do to alleviate this? Thanks!


    **Edit: found that the note of the sound changes depending on the pickup height, so it's a spring or something that's resonating. Ideas?

  12. Yeah, new 69 user here and I can say that while some models are a little more sensitive to muting + high gain than others, I'm getting great results with Firebird and Tele with Widerange humbucker so there's nothing inherently wrong with the design of the guitar that means it can't do palm muting. Does seem to be a guitar-to-guitar thing and I count myself and my dad as lucky to both have good units. I hope you get this resolved dude. I'm absolutely blown away by the Variax but it's for that exact reason that it sucks so much when it doesn't work out.

  13. The saddle height will depend on where you have set the trem plate.  The JTV69 comes from the factory set up with the plate floating allowing you to pull back on the trem (raise notes) as well as dive bomb.  The saddles with the factory set up are not raised much at all - just enough to follow the radius of the guitar necks and frets to avoid buzzing.


    If you don't want to use the trem or never want to pull back on it to raise notes - then you can lower the trem plat so it is flush with the guitar body - but then you will have to raise the saddles a fair bit to give your strings sufficient height over the frets so they don't buzz.


    Your saddle height and action will depend on how you want your trem set up.   


    If you lock the trem out with something like a tremo-no - then you can treat it like a hard tail and you will be able to achieve lower action - but if you want to use the trem then you will have to compromise and allow a little bit of extra height to allow for string movement when you engage the trem.


    Ahh fantastic - yeah I didn't know quite how to set up the bridge on this as I couldn't find mention of it in the manual or PDF's. So I can just adjust the trem posts and have the bridge flush? Might do that as I don't really plan on using the trem at all. Damn things are more trouble than they're worth ;)


    As a side note, I'm absolutely loving this guitar. It's making me play in ways I never have before and the palm muting on it is soooo much better. I feel like my HD Pro "makes sense" now. It's almost a dream rig!



  14. Update:


    Just gone an email from GAK.....


    "Line 6 have sent your guitar back to us as no fault found. They say it is working to spec."




    nightmare, I really had hoped they would fix it.


    i have asked GAK what my options are ... really very disappointed.


    Oooft, really sucks man. I'm sure if you were to demonstrate the problem to GAK with recordings they would agree it's not acceptable. If you can find an 89 fixed anywhere I'd highly recommend it. My dad's doesn't exhibit any of these problems. 

  15. OT? Not a problem.

    As far as I know, both 89 and 89F are still available. They both show up on our

    website, unless they're just not available there where you're at. Have you tried the

    guitar shops on Denmark St in London? Macari's, Westside, Rose Morris and London

    Pro Audio Centre might be a place to start. Or check Line 6 dealer listings for your area.


    I have a black 69, Cherry and Tobacco 59's. They're great. I know what you mean

    about the fixed bridge thing, the 69 is the only guitar I have (of all my guitars) with

    a tremolo on it.


    When I pick up my black 69, I think of that photo of David Gilmore with his black

    NOS Fender Strat, then I go into playing some Floyd tunes.


    Have had any of the problems mentioned here, but then, I plug in direct to the board

    or go through my older aged POD's prior to the HD500 and 500X.

    Hmm yeah it was Guitar Amp & Keyboard. They did say it was discontinued but like I said, not majorly bummed. The trem on the 69 feels really smooth, but so much less hassle than a Floyd. I have an RGD 2127z and I love it but the zero point trem is too much to be dealing with like...5 minutes before stage with a broken string haha. Only thing I wanna do with the 69 is lower the action. Otherwise feels/looks lovely. And it makes a change to my RG's.

  16. Just out of interest can you give any insight into why the 89 fixed bridge was discontinued? My dad has one and it plays great, especially palm muted. I went to buy one and was told they're no longer sold, so I had to get the 69. Only managed to play a couple of chords on it today before I had to leave but fingers crossed there are no "plinking" issues from what I can tell.


    I always find it interesting how so many players want fixed bridges while so many companies push trem models. I had a hell of a time finding an Ibanez that had a good combination of pickups and specs *without* a bloody trem haha. Sorry, but OT. Just wondered :) won't lie, I did really want an 89 but the 69 is an incredibly attractive guitar so I'm not exactly bummed.

  17. My dad's got the JTV-89 and I've got a JTV-69 coming tomorrow so I can only answer some of your questions!


    1) I can tell you that the palm muting is vastly improved compared to the original Variax (I had a 500 for about a week before I sent it back!). I'd say that if you want real "bite" you're still going to be better off with the mag pickups, but the Strat and Tele models do sound great when played rhythm style, especially in the neck position.


    2) As has already been mentioned, there will always be the odd glitch as it is digitally modelled but for the most part, nothing that's going to spoil your playing experience, and in a mix you'd be hard pushed to notice. Some models are better than others, and if you really want to get deep into this thing you can download Workbench HD and move the pickups around until you find the sweet spot for good palm mutes (closer to the bridge and angled slightly seems to make a difference).  


    3) Only played my dad's JTV, and only for short periods of time. Haven't noticed any problems though. Will report back when I've got mine.


    4) Can't comment on the 59P but the 89 is a very solid guitar. Without the modelling it's just a nice guitar to play. I expect the same would be true across the range. 


    5) Yes but the gap has gotten significantly shorter since the last update.


    6) Can't comment, but the stocks in the 89 are pretty damn meaty.

    Hope this helps. Can't wait to get mine! With the HD Pro it's just an experience beyond compare. So inspiring. 

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  18. The way I tend to work is:


    Guitar directly into soundcard, tracking with soft-amps

    Route dry guitar out through SPDIF into HD Pro (so audio interface is the clock source)

    Record re-amped tone over XLR or 1/4" line inputs


    Originally I did say that SPDIF doesn't work when connected to In/Out simultaneously but, out of interest, I just tried it again and what do you know...it works. The only thing I did differently this time was started with the HD Pro set to its native (?) sample rate of 96khz, and then worked down to 44.1. So far it's holding sync.


    *Edit: yeah okay this is badass. I literally haven't been able to get a POD to do this, not even the X3 Pro. Maybe it was buried in a firmware update or something? Might be because I'm running everything through a power conditioner and using a ground loop eliminator between the 1/4" outputs of the HD and my audio interface. Either way, not complaining. 

  19. My main issue with the HD series is that it feels like it was made by a different company, or a different team. Does that make sense? The X3 Pro, for instance, was an exceptionally well designed and well thought out piece of gear. Not to mention it looked great too ;) But ya know, it had some incredible features;


    Different output settings for 1/4" and XLR

    Run a cab without a pre-amp for using real pre-amps in the loop

    Tone lock for second tone

    Dry guitar over USB for both tone paths

    POD Farm, obviously

    Dual instrument and mic inputs

    Excellent dual tone system


    Why, when designing the HD, would they not START with these features and expand from there? There's no good reason not to include these things. There are also a few things that feel poorly implemented on the HD, but the biggest culprits would be:


    No kind of clip indicator between modules

    A convoluted dual input system

    No phase or delay controls in the cabinet section

    No ability to run two cabs from one pre-amp

    No ability to link editing parameters for tones 1 & 2


    Don't get me wrong, I use the HD500 live and it's saved me a lot of hassle. I also still use POD Farm 2.5 almost exclusively for recording, so there's no way I'm leaving Line 6 any time soon. But the HD just doesn't feel entirely like a POD to me. In the years since I got the HD Pro and HD500, I never really warmed to it like I did my X3 Pro. And more than anything it feels like it has a lot of unrealised potential if only L6 would take the time to listen to how their users want to use it.


    Only my opinion, obviously. But yeah.

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  20. Interesting - I haven't been using my HD much lately (prefer POD Farm) but I saw there was a firmware upgrade so I turned it up, flashed, played it and noticed there was a rather large amount of latency from my HD Pro (different model, I know). More than when I used POD Farm with my Komplete Audio 6! Wonder if the problems are related somehow? Feels like I'm picking through something thick and stodgy. Very weird.

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