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  1. 53 minutes ago, phil_m said:

    I'm not sure what an "idle beep" is, but getting additional noise while having the HX Effects connected to your computer via USB and to your amp at the same time is pretty common. It's a ground loop caused by the USB connection. There are ways to lift the ground, but given that you only have the noise while editing, it may be just be one of those things you live with.

    Thank you for your reply!  I actually don't even have to open HX Edit just plugging in the noise is instantaneous.  Could you please explain the possible ways to lift the ground.



  2. Hello,


    I have my HX Effects connected via 4 cable method to EVH 5150 III and I wanted to connect it to my computer so I can make editing easier, but when I do I get a idle beep through my cabinet speakers.


    Is it the HX Effects or computer and how can I fix it?




  3. I guess I am going to try putting my overdrives in loop 2 as loop 1 is occupied with 4 CM.  Thank you for the reply! Anyone else?

    2 hours ago, Epoxydog said:

    I am using a Dr Z Maz18 and I run everything into the front end of the amp. I've tried all the options, and have stuck with using both loops in HX for my pedals.   Loop 1 is for EP booster and SP Compressor and Loop 2 is for Friedman BE-OD and KLON Centaur Silver.  I don't notice anything but a slight input bump when going thru HX with my overdrives.  Your mileage may vary. 

    I guess I am going to try putting my overdrives in loop 2 as loop 1 is occupied with 4 CM.  Thank you for the reply! Anyone else?

  4. 4 hours ago, kensmith5 said:

    Helix Native user here and I love it. Like most people I'm downing sizing my live pedalboard and have an HX effects on the way to replace mostly delays and reverbs. I have my tone dialed in and drive pedals that I absolutely love going into the clean channel on my Rectoverb 25. Are there any issues running the drive pedals and others straight into the HX then straight into the amp? Would I be better off to run the HX into the effects loop of the Mesa just for delays and reverbs? Thanks


    Thank you Ken for opening this thread I have a very similar question!  Although, I am using the 4 cable method with phaz and flanger in front and Delay Reverb and Looper after.  I also have a pedal overdrive that I have dialed inn so I unplugged cable going to guitar and plugged that into OD pedal and output of OD into HX.  It got a bit noisy Please advise. 

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