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  1. Because we were busy making music maybe...?


    Y'all who record a lot are really gonna like this Native thing. 

    I'm sure we will  --- if we're ever aloud to have it :-(

  2. I think where you're going wrong is that you are not pressing the knobs to select different guitars for the snapshots. If there are no brackets you are selecting for the whole preset. With brackets (by pressing the knob) you are selecting for the individual snapshot

  3. In the same place as you select per preset you then get 'preset variax model' this is what sets your variax for the preset. If you press the corresponding encoder knob brackets come either side of your selection - you can then select different ones for different snapshots within that preset. I'm doing it right now- spank 5 into hiwatt switching to lester 1 into plexi within the same preset with the snapshots.

  4. I honestly believe the only way they can protect against people returning the hardware once they've registered and bought native at discount is for the discount to only be redeemable after a minimum time period (for example 30 days) has elapsed from the point of sale/registration. They've been very quiet about any detail regarding how this will work other than to say what the discounts are. I'm actually concerned they'll initially come out and say only USA customers even qualify for the $99 price- which would be EXTREMELY disappointing.

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  5. So the current variax modelling has been around now for a significant enough time that it is surely due an update. The Revstar range of yamaha guitars look fantastic- what are the chances of a Revstar chassis for the next variax with improved hx quality modelling? And soon please

  6. Regarding the CPU load of Native, based on Reaper's CPU meter, an instance of Native seems to be inline with other VST instrument plug-ins I have (SSD4, for example). The trickiest part I've found is getting the settings on my interface optimized for latency for input monitoring. How many instances you can run simultaneously will depend on a lot of things, but I've been loading tracks up with Native and other effects (I tend to use an instance of Slate's VMR Virtual Mix Rack plug-in on nearly all my tracks, for instance).


    Anyway, I think Native is going to be a game-changer for many people...

    It's latency I'm most worried about ruining the feel of playing compared to the HElix hardware. Reaper currently say 4.8ms latency but that's without a modeller running so I don't know how that will feel.  I've only ever recorded with hardware modelling or a real mic in front of a real amp so I have no idea how well this plug-in way works in comparison.

  7. Helix Native 1.00 will indeed be artificially limited to match the DSP usage of Helix, but this is per instance. You can always just open a second Helix Native plugin.


    Of course, this isn't very elegant, especially for plug-in users who have no interest in hardware preset compatibility, so sometime after launch, we'll add the ability to remove this limitation.

    Any news on when said launch will be? Spring ends tomorrow and I realise we've already been told not to expect it then but how close are we?

  8. I've been putting together a collection of my favourite patches in the Helix for release and they're sounding pretty good. I did however want to get an idea what they would sound like plugged directly into a big PA at very high volume.

    I booked some time at a music store here in SA and used their PA room for a few hours. I plugged into a double JBL VX900 system consisting of twin 18's and twin VX900 tops. We set the channels flat, global eq off and went for it.


    The idea was to get great tone which was accurate and transparent straight from the Helix. We managed to achieve this fairly easily as my patches that were created in the studio came across quite well in a "front of house" scenario.


    I was completely blown away. We ran a camera to try and record some of it but the levels were very loud and the camera mic battled. I did manage to keep some of the footage and put together a short clip to demonstrate my patch called "Plexi Crunch". It's not a mild crunch. It's more like a Plexi on steroids.


    The audio is straight from the PA and no processing was applied.






    Hi Peter how's progress on this? I remember seeing something about buying your album and receiving the patches free- can you point me in the right direction? Always happy to try reasonably priced patch packs.

  9. I tried my variax on vdi first time today and was surprised to find the tuner works exactly as I would want it to. Somehow with all my guitars into guitar in I don't have that experience and it jumps all over the place. Unsure why the difference.

  10. Obviously I'm not talking about the many fine members of this forum who already own the helix. This applies to people who don't have it but would happily go through that kind of process to get the fantastic helix tones for only $99 regardless how dishonest it would be.

  11. The sad truth of the matter is without a system in place to protect against such abuse it is certain to happen. They've said they won't require Internet access once the software is installed and active except for during the 15 day trial so who knows what they could do to restrict access after someone sells or returns their hardware.

  12. Well, that's a lot of trouble and effort for a $99.00 piece of software, isn't it?

    That's his point, the software is $99 to helix owners only, helix lt owners have to stump $299 and non owners $399. So the question is what prevents a non owner buying a helix then paying $99 for native before simply returning the hardware? Worth it to save $300 don't you think? So I guess there must be some system planned to prevent such abuse. A possible solution is they might require you to have registered your purchase for a minimum time that exceeds retailers return window. Line 6 have yet to clarify how any of this works they've so far only stated the prices.
  13. BTW it's all one take, with just the guitar - no overdubs or multitracking, just a quick and dirty recording into audacity this morning to demonstrate my patch, hence the slips. The overlapping parts are created with a 1000ms delay and the particle verb creates the pad behind the guitar.

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